International School for Advanced Studies

Via Bonomea, 265, Trieste, 34136 Province of Trieste, Italy

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State-supported Graduate Institute

The International School for Advanced Studies (Italian: Scuola Internazionale Superiore di Studi Avanzati, SISSA) is an international, state supported, post graduate teaching and research institute with a special statute, located in Trieste, Italy.

Instituted in 1978, SISSA's aim is to promote science and knowledge, particularly in the areas of Mathematics, Physics and Neuroscience. Each year about 70 Ph.D. students are admitted to SISSA based on their scientific qualifications. SISSA also runs, in collaboration with the University of Trieste, a master programme (Laurea magistrale) in mathematics.

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Motto: per seguir virtute e canoscenza ( follow virtue and knowledge)

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