What Does A Fully Funded Scholarship Mean?

Many universities offer Scholarships and fellowships to deserving students based on their merit and financial need. Colleges do this to provide meritious students an opportunity to grow in their academics and careers. This also helps them to diversify the crowd of students pursuing their education at their university.

Scholarships come in many different forms. Some offer the complete tuition fee, some offer partial funding and some scholarships are fully funded. Partially funded scholarships offer a percentage of the costs required to complete your degree and not the entire amount. 

On the other hand, A scholarship that takes care of all costs associated with tuition fees, housing, transportation, and daily living throughout the entire duration of the program is called a Fully Funded Scholarship.

With a fully funded scholarship, international students don’t have to worry about any of the costs associated with pursuing their higher education abroad and focus on their academics instead of trying to find a part-time job to meet their financial requirements while pursuing their studies.

Top 15 Fully Funded Scholarships 2024

In this blog, we are providing you with a list of the Best 15 Fully Funded Scholarships that Indian and International students can apply for. These scholarships are offered by various Governments, Universities, and Foundations all across the world. 

1. Yale University scholarship 

Yale's need-based grant aid for undergraduates, known as the Yale Scholarship, is a non-repayable gift. If an Indian or international student qualifies for Yale’s need-based grant for undergraduates, the Yale Scholarship amount received is mentioned in the Financial Aid Award Letter. On Average, this scholarship provides upto $50,000.

2. MEXT Scholarships

The MEXT Scholarships cover the student's tuition fees + offer a monthly stipend ranging from ¥117,000 to ¥242,000, depending on the type of MEXT Scholarship. Students of all nationalities can apply for this scholarship which includes Indian students as well.

These scholarship programs aim to attract outstanding individuals from foreign countries, such as India, to study in Japan as international students. The goals of these scholarships include fostering mutual understanding with other nations, building human networks, enhancing the educational and research capacities of Japanese universities, and making global intellectual contributions.

3. Fulbright Foreign Student Program

The Fulbright Foreign Student Program is available for those pursuing Master's or PhD degrees across all the courses offered by the university. 

The scholarship offers full funding, covering tuition fees, airfare, a living stipend, health insurance, and additional benefits. It is open to applicants from all countries along with Indian students, except citizens of the USA. 

4. Monash University Scholarship

Monash University provides the Monash Humanitarian Scholarship for international students intending to enroll in their undergraduate programs. The scholarship covers the entire tuition fee, and recipients also receive an annual allowance of $6,000. It is open to Indian students and international students, excluding those from Australia.

5. Stanford University Scholarships 

Undergraduates applying for aid eligibility with their admission application can apply for this need-based financial aid program. Under the Knight-Hennessy Scholarship, students receive three years of funding for any Stanford graduate degree, covering tuition, living expenses, and an annual travel stipend

Indian students and international ones can receive a relocation stipend, and those in the second and third years can seek extra funds for academic activities. The funding applies to the specified degree program, but the scholarship winners can request additional funding for another graduate program, though it's not guaranteed. If a program exceeds three years, funding aligns with the standard commitment of the relevant department or school. 

6. Chevening Scholarship

The Chevening Scholarships offer full funding, including flights, accommodation, and course fees, recipients can focus on professional goals and enjoy a transformative experience in the UK for a year. 

The UK government's worldwide scholarship program, known as Chevening, is supported by partner organizations and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO). Recipients of the scholarships must be exceptional students with leadership potential. 

7. Netherlands Government Scholarship

The VU Fellowship Programme (VUFP) is a scholarship initiative based on academic merit that covers tuition fees. It is eligible for students from non-EU/non-EEA countries who are subject to higher tuition fees. This scholarship can be combined with the Holland Scholarship Programme (HSP), which serves as financial support for living expenses.

Moreover, they provide the Orange Tulip Scholarship (OTS), specifically designed for students from India and Indonesia. Applicants are required to apply for OTS in conjunction with both VUFP and HSP.

8. Gates Cambridge Scholarship

The Gates Cambridge Scholarship covers all study expenses at Cambridge and provides extra funds. The main elements include the University Composition Fee, a yearly maintenance allowance of £20,000 for up to 4 years (for Ph.D. scholars), two airfares, visa costs, and Health Surcharge

Discretionary aspects include academic development funding (up to £2,000), Dependent Children Allowance (up to £16,548 for two or more children), fieldwork support, maternity/paternity funding (up to 6 months), and hardship funding for unexpected difficulties. 

9. KAIST University Scholarships

KAIST University provides a range of scholarship opportunities for Indian students and international ones, including the prestigious Presidential Science Scholarship, National Excellence Scholarship, National Scholarship, Low-Income Family Scholarship, Financial Aid Scholarship, External Scholarships, and more. These scholarships are designed to support students in various financial situations.

Many of these programs not only cover full tuition fees but also extend support for living expenses. By offering a diverse array of scholarships, KAIST aims to ensure that students from different backgrounds have the opportunity to pursue their education without the burden of financial constraints, fostering a diverse and inclusive academic community

10. British Council Women in STEM Scholarships

The British Council Scholarships for Women in STEM supports Master's degree pursuits in STEM courses. This fully funded scholarship covers tuition fees and other benefits. 

The British Council, in collaboration with the University of Stirling, has introduced the Women in STEM scholarship program targeting women from South East Asia. This opportunity is extended to female postgraduate students in the Institute of Aquaculture, emphasizing financial need and a commitment to inspiring future women in aquaculture careers. 

11. Amsterdam Merit Scholarship (AMS)

The University of Amsterdam presents the Amsterdam Excellence Scholarship for the academic, available to Indian students pursuing a Master's degree in various subjects offered by the university. Sponsored by the University of Amsterdam, this fully funded scholarship is valued at 25,000 euros, encompassing both tuition and living expenses

This opportunity is specifically accessible to non-EU nationals which includes Indian students. For the September 2024 intake, the university plans to award only one or a maximum of two Amsterdam Merit Scholarships (AMS). The selection process for these scholarships will be overseen by the Research School Directors from the diverse two-year research Master programs within the Faculty of Science

12. Public Service Commission

The PSC Master’s Scholarship is designed for undergraduates at any stage of their studies who aspire to pursue a Master’s degree upon completion of their undergraduate program or for recent graduates with up to 3 years of experience in the private or non-government sector. This scholarship is fully funded, covering tuition fees and providing a stipend. Eligibility is limited to citizens of Singapore.

13. ADB-Japan Scholarship Program

The ADB–Japan Scholarship Program provides comprehensive support, including full coverage of tuition fees, subsistence allowance (including housing), book allowance, medical insurance, travel expenses, and research subsidies. Eligibility for the program is extended to individuals from ADB borrowing member countries who have been admitted to an approved master's A course at a designated institution.

Prospective candidates should be under the age of 35, in good health, and possess a bachelor's degree or its equivalent with a distinguished academic record. Additionally, applicants must commit to returning to their home country upon completing the program's studies, to contribute to its overall development.

14. Turkish Government Scholarships

The Turkish Government Scholarships are available for Bachelor, Masters, PhD, and Post Doc degrees across various subjects offered by Turkish universities. Indian students can apply for this scholarship using the provided link. Sponsored by the Government of Turkey, this scholarship encompasses full funding, covering tuition fees, stipends, and additional benefits. It is open to applicants of all nationalities, excluding Turkish citizens. 

15. Global Scholar Award

The Global Scholar Award at Marquette University is open to Indian and International undergraduate students, excluding the U.S. Applicants can apply by January 15, 2024, for full funding covering tuition, housing, food, and student fees. The exclusive scholarship, recognizing diverse perspectives, is awarded based on academic excellence, interest in global cultures, and the potential for significant contributions to the Marquette community. 

Up to two outstanding international freshmen, beginning in the fall semester under the F-1 visa status, receive this honor annually. The award is renewable each year, contingent on maintaining high academic standing, and recipients are encouraged to engage in global initiatives on campus and in Milwaukee communities.

Country-Wise Fully Funded Scholarships For Indian Students 

You can find the best fully funded scholarships for Indian and International students, in the table below:

Country Scholarship name 
USA  Global Scholar Award 
UK Chevening Scholarships India
Canada  3M National Student Fellowship
Australia  Leakey Foundation Research Grants 
Germany  Daad Foundation Scholarships

Fully Funded Scholarships For International Students Without IELTS

It is always better to have an IELTS exam qualification or a qualification equivalent to it, proving your proficiency in English. As you you must be able to comprehend the lectures, classes, and study material which would all be taught through the English medium. 

But is not mandatory. Many universities all over the world accept students from various nationalities. This means they are generally open to students regardless of their English-speaking abilities as long as they can understand what's being taught in the classes. 

Here are some of the universities that provide scholarships to students without an IELTS requirement:

  • University of Delaware: TOEFL or IELTS scores are not required to apply for conditional admission
  • The University of Queensland: Completed senior secondary schooling in a designated country where the medium of instruction is English
  • Brock University: A requirement is a minimum of three consecutive years of full-time study (excluding ESL) where English was the main language used for teaching and assessment. Strong grades in English and other humanities or social science courses in secondary school are also necessary.
  • Carleton University: You need to provide official transcripts as proof that you completed an undergraduate or graduate degree in the past three years at a university where English is the primary language of instruction. 
  • Quest University: For admission to Quest University, certifications like the All India Senior School Certificate (CBSE) or Indian School Certificate (CISCE) are accepted. Alternatively, strong results in Year 12 State Board Exams may be considered on an individual basis.

Fully Funded Scholarships for MBBS 

Scholarships are the best way to get the funds required to fund your MBBS. Generally, public banks are the only financial institutions that give out education loans to students pursuing an MBBS and they are very stringent on your country of choice to pursue your MBBS. 

In cases like that, Getting a fully funded scholarship becomes many students’ saving grace in times of need.

Here is the list of fully funded scholarships you can get for MBBS:

How To Get A Fully Funded Scholarship

You can apply for a scholarship through our scholarship portal. Our database consists of more than 26,000+ scholarships from various governments, universities, and foundations all across the world. You can filter for the scholarships based on your nationality, Course you want to pursue, Type of funding, Field of interest, etc. 

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