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Searching a Scholarship or Internship

  1. How can I search a relevant scholarship / Internship for me?

    You can get the list of most relevant scholarship / Internship by filling out all the parameters in our search filters. We take basic details such as your nationality, desired level of study, country where you wish to pursue your study, your subject, etc. After taking these basic details, our Advanced Filtering AlgorithmTM will bring you the exact list of scholarships / Internships which you are eligible for. If you wish to further filter your search, you can type keywords.

  2. Why am I seeing expired opportunities?

    There are many scholarships & Internships which open every year. Expired scholarships are the ones whose deadline for application is already over. But if some of these expired opportunities interest you, then you can keep a track and apply for them during the next round of applications (Not all scholarships or Internships keep on repeating every year, but most of them will).

  3. What if I have a query regarding a particular scholarship / Internship?

    For each scholarship, there is a discussion board provided. If you have any basic query related to application form, you can make use of the comment section below to get answers from peers or fellow scholars.

    If you think you have some major queries regarding that opportunity, please make use of email official function provided for that respective scholarship. This function let you mail your queries directly to the official providers with the click of a button.

  4. How to search for exchange programs?

    Exchange programs can be found in the internships section. Please fill all the filters and in the duration section, choose 3-6 months.


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