We're Hiring!

Ready to fly with us?

Positions open


We will be happy to have you here if


You are Self-motivated

We will never tell you to finish your work. The motivation should come from inner you


Work matters to you more than money

In a start-up, work is always more than the money offered. So, you should be more enthusiastic about work than money


Dedicated to work for a start-up

It is lot different to work for a start-up than for a MNC. More responsibilities. More jokes. More love. You have to take WeMakeScholars as your girlfriend

What it is to work with us?


Everybody is a part of a team.

No b*llsh*t hierarchy- No boss, no managers. we all work together to achieve a common goal


You are your own boss.

Everybody here has equal rights to take their decisions


No cubicles to jail you!

We all prefer to sit together and brainstorm. It is a good way to share love as well



Equity for those who promise to stay with us forever.


Let your brain roam.

We are always open to new ideas from an intelligent idea to a silly one- suggest anything, we won’t laugh at you, promise!


Grow together!

We all will grow together with the company

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