Top 10 fully funded scholarships that will cover all your expenses

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Scholarship is a dazzling word! It attracts all ambitious youth for their dreams and goals are plenty, but resources limited.

When you are looking for a scholarship, it actually also mean that you are looking to be appreciated for a bright future.
And that’s what a completely funded scholarships do.

So here we have the TOP 10 scholarships that are proficient in giving you all the support they need in starting with your study abroad journey and add a much-needed sparkle in life.


1. Fulbright scholarships (US)


Click here to apply to Fulbright Scholarship

It is pretty interesting program for international citizens who hold whether Bachelor’s degree or equivalent degrees.
It completely funds the entire program financially as the scholarship is sponsored by the U.S. government.

Fullbright programs host researches and studies in all fields from 155 countries around the world!
It is mainly provided to increase mutual understanding and reduce cultural gaps between the people of the United States and the people of other countries.

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2. CommonWealth Scholarship (UK)

Click here to apply to Commonwealth Scholarships

This is one of the best scholarship commissions in UK.
It is basically for everyone. It provides completely funded scholarships in PhD researches, Master’s study, academic and professional fellowships. For developing and developed countries’ people.

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Click here to apply to STEM Women’s Undergraduate Scholarship

3. STEM Women’s Undergraduate Scholarship (US)

STEM scholarships are more of specific program that provides scholarships to women in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math education.
If you are a girl who is looking forward further studies in these fields then STEM definitely is your scholar! Go for it!

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4. Amsterdam Excellence Scholarships (Amsterdam)

When a place is willing to facilitate everything for you to engage and develop. Believe in yourself and start working hard, there are many opportunities out there!

AES here provides each year fully funded scholarships for international students and further studies seekers from all over the world in mostly all fields:

  • Business administration,
  • Education,

    Click here to apply to Amsterdam Excellence Scholarships

  • Training,
  • Engineering,
  • Environmental Sciences,
  • Fine and applied arts,
  • Law,
  • Mathematics and computer sciences, Medical and health sciences,
  • Natural sciences, Social and behavioral sciences,
  • Transport and communication.

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5. Public Service Commission (Singapore)

Singapore now is one of the countries that provides considerate fully funded scholarship opportunities in all kind of fields.

Click here to apply to Public Service Commission

PSC is not only looking for excellence, leadership skills and community engagement kind of candidates but it seeks original and refreshing applicants who are willing to actually share something new.

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6. Turkish Government Scholarships (Turkey)

Click here to apply to Turkish Government Scholarships

Well yeah! There are fully funded scholarships everywhere!
We just have to keep our eyes wide open and keep searching, you will definitely find your place.

Turkish Government gives chance for international students from all nationalities to study in Turkey. Up to 4,000 students are awarded each year.

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7. ABSA Bursary Programme

fully funded scholarships

Click here to apply to ABSA Bursary Programme

Bachelors and masters scholarships are provided by ABSA in South Africa.
In Banking related fields, such: Business mathematics, financial, industrial and process Engineering, BMI, Investment management.

The scholarship fully overs the tuition fees.

Whats interesting in ABSA Bursary scholarship that it enables full-time students to pursue a career upon qualifying. Its building up a well constructed path for you.

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8. ADB-Japan Scholarship Program (Japan)


Click here to apply to ADB-Japan Scholarship Program (Japan)

We can certainly call Japan an independent planet!
Higher education in Japan differs from other developed countries big time! Education their means you are going to another planet.. regarding everything!

And if you are looking for a fully funded scholarship and literally fully funded!!
Then kindly apply in ADB Japan scholarship program.

It aims to provide an opportunity for well-qualified citizens of developing countries to have post graduation in fields of:

Economics, management, science, technology, environment, agriculture, health and development related fields.

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Click here to apply to Rosztoczy Foundation Scholarship Program

9. Rosztoczy Foundation Scholarship Program ( US )

Rosztoczy Foundation scholarship covers all tuition fees for students who come to US but it is specified for young bright students and scientists from Hungary.

The scholarship duration is for 1 year.

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Click here to apply to NZ Regional Development Scholarships

10. New Zealand Regional Development Scholarships (New Zealand)

In New Zealand Regional Development you get to apply at any field of your interest to complete two years after gaining new skills in your subject area.
So what is your subject area?

All expenses are fully covered.

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It is July already, do not miss applying for 2016 programs like most of the people does. Save the links above and make sure you start surfing them by the end of this year.





And feel free to ask for detailed blogs about any program you are interested at. Stay tuned!

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