Education Loan for the UK

✓ Up to 1.5 Cr Education Loan

✓ At a stating interest rate of 8.55% P.A.

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An Education loan can offer up to 1.5 Crores at an interest rate starting from 10.25% per annum for your education in the UK. The education loan provides coverage for tuition fees, cost of living, down payment required for CAS, and many other academic expenses. You can choose either secured or unsecured education loans to study in the UK. 

Unsecured or without collateral education loan for the UK

You can avail of up to 45 Lacs for Higher education in the UK, with a repayment period of 15 years. For unsecured loans full simple interest or partial simple interest is to be paid during the moratorium period as they are generally offered by private banks or NBFCs.



Loan Limit

Up to 1 Crore 

Expenses covered

Tuition fees, Accommodation charges, Cost of living, Down payment for CAS/ATAS, Cost of books, uniforms, Laboratory, and Library fees 

Eligible courses

Master’s, MBA, PG Diploma, Ph.D., Professional/ vocational courses, UG 

Interest rate

Starts from 11.5%

Moratorium Period

The total duration of the course + 6 months/1-year 

Repayment Duration

Upto 15 years including the moratorium 

Repayment policies

Simple or partial simple interest is to be paid during the moratorium period 

Eligibility Criteria

    • Applicant should be a citizen of India 
    • Applicant should be 18 years or older 
    • Should have received admission by qualifying for the required entrance exam 


Tip: Try to apply for top universities in the UK to get the most out of your unsecured education loan. Higher loan amounts are offered to students enrolling in top universities 

To check if your university is on the prime list of any of the banks or to know more about your eligibility for an unsecured loan request a callback or fill in the common application form.

Top Banks that offer Unsecured Education Loans for the UK

  • ICICI Bank 
  • Axis Bank
  • IDFC Bank
  • Incred 
  • Avanse
  • Auxilo 
  • HDFC Credila 
  • EliteScholars
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How to get an unsecured student loan for the UK?

Step 1: To get started on your loan process, request a callback from us or fill in the common application form for an education loan.

Step 2:  You will be contacted by a financial officer from our team who will ask for your basic information. Provide them with the requested details. 

Step 3: The financial officer will perform a thorough analysis of your profile and provide you with the details of all the lenders you are eligible of getting a loan. Choose one lender from the provided list.

Step 4: Upload all the documents from the list of documents given to you on the WeMakeScholars secure document portal. 

Step 5: As soon as you are done submitting your documents you will be logged in and the result of your application will be told to you within 2-6 days.

Step 6: Sign the loan agreement and receive the sanction letter from your lender.

Issues faced by students when approaching the banks directly for an unsecured loan

  1. Alternative options are left unexplored when a lender is approached directly 
  2. When the interest rates are not negotiated for, the students end up paying a lot more than they need to 
  3. The process of applying for an education loan is not clearly explained, leaving the students feeling confused
  4. No post-sanction assistance is provided by the banks 

Benefits of going through WeMakeScholars for an unsecured education loan

Here are some benefits you get when you process your unsecured education loan with us!

Transparency: When a lender is approached directly, the students are provided with an opinion that is biased towards the services provided by them. In order to get the full picture of the pros and cons of the lender you need a third perspective, which is WeMakeScholars.

Automatic 0.5% reduction in ROI: As WemakeScholars is a government-funded initiative, an automatic reduction in the ROI of 0.5% is offered on your education loan.

Negotiation: We negotiate on behalf of you to get your ROI reduced. There have been many cases where the ROI has been reduced from 14% to 12% upon negotiation. 

Cashback: You will receive a cashback of 3K from us after your loan amount has been successfully disbursed. 

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the education loan disbursement process? Let us help you navigate it with ease.

Documents required for an education loan without collateral for the UK

Below provided are the documents required to acquire an unsecured education loan for Seeking higher education in the UK



Basic documents 

1. The WeMakeScholars education loan form filled in with all the required details. 
2. Identity proof - PAN card and passport
3. Proof of residency (Any of the following): 

      • Voter ID Card
      • Bank account statement
      • Passport
      • Electricity Bill
      • Aadhar
      • Ration card
      • Telephone bill

Note: If the permanent and current address is not the same two different address proofs are required.

4. The 6-month bank account statement of the co-borrower (Salary or Personal)
If the co-borrower is, 


1 year of salary credits 


1 yr business transactions

5. Personal Asset & Liability Statement 

  All the documents should be self-attested.

Applicant academic documents

1. Marksheets and certifications received in 10th, 12th, and degree

2. Proof of enrollment into the institution 

3. Cost/ Fee structure of the course 

4. IELTS/GMAT/GRE Scorecard. 

5. Print-out from of the university ranking  


Financial Co-applicant Income documents 



If Salaried:

1. 3-month salary slips 

2. Form 16 of previous 2 years 

3. ID card of the employer 

4. ITR of previous 2 years 

If Self-employed:

1.  ITR for the previous 3 years 

2. Profit & Loss account and Balance sheet of last 3 years 

3. Business address proof 

Other Documents


A letter confirming that any extra amount (which is not covered by the education loan would be covered by the co-applicant. 

Additional docs 

1. An invoice for expenses such as travel, laptop, etc has to be brought if a loan is being asked for it. 

2. Receipt for any transactions made in advance.

3. Any remaining loan statements from the preceding year.

4. Letter explaining the gap. Sample- on Rs. 100 stamp paper. 

5. If relevant, a letter explaining the lack of a co-applicant’s Income tax return


Repayment Plan for Unsecured Student Loans in the UK

Considering that the interest rate starts at 11.5% for unsecured loans and full simple interest is to be paid in some cases, the table below shows the possible EMI payment schedule. 

Loan amount: 25,50,000

Rate of Interest: 11.5%

Repayment tenure: 10 Years

Grace period: 6 months 

Repayment cycle


Interest portion

Principal portion

Loan Outstanding

End of 1st year





End of 2nd year





End of 3rd year





End of 4th year





End of 5th year





End of 6th year





End of 7th year





End of 8th year





End of 9th year





End of 10th year






Secured or without collateral education loan for the UK

You can receive funding of upto 1.5 Crores at an interest rate of 10.25% for your academic expenses by going through secured loans, which are mostly offered by public banks, you don’t have to pay any interest during the moratorium period 



 Loan Limit

Upto 1.5 crores 

Expenses covered

Tuition Fee, Accommodation charges, Cost of living, Down payment for CAS/ATAS, Cost of books, uniforms, Laboratory, Library fee 

Eligible courses

Master’s, MBA, PG Diploma, Ph.D., Professional/ vocational courses, UG

Interest rate

Starts at 8.55% 

Moratorium Period

The total duration of the course + 6 months 

Repayment Duration

Upto 15 years 

Repayment policies

Payment of interest during the moratorium period is not mandatory 

Eligibility Criteria

    • Applicant should be a citizen of India 
    • Applicant should be 18 or older 
    • Should have received admission by qualifying for the required entrance exam 

Types of Collateral

Immovable property: House, Flat, Non- agricultural land 

Liquid security: Fixed deposit, Government bonds, LIC policies 

Value of collateral (In case of a collateralized loan)

Immovable property - 1.25 times the loan amount 

Liquid security - 1.1 times the loan amount


Banks that offer secured education loans for the UK

  • State Bank of India 
  • Bank of Baroda 
  • Karur Vysya Bank 
  • IDFC Bank 
  • Axis Bank
  • ICICI Bank
  • IDFC Bank
  • HDFC Credilla 
  • Incred 
  • Avanse 
  • Auxilo

How to get a Secured education loan for the UK?

Step 1: To get started on your process of getting a secured education loan, contact us by requesting a callback. 

Step 2: You will be getting a call from one of our financial officers who will then send you a common application form. Fill in the form with the details requested.

Step 3: The financial officer will analyze your profile and provide you with details of the lenders you are eligible to get a loan. Pick a lender. 

Step 4: Submit all the mentioned documents in your document checklist to the lender branch nearest to you

Step 5: The result of your loan application will be told to you in 15-20 days.

Step 6: Sign the loan agreement and receive your loan sanction letter 

Issues faced by students when approaching the banks directly for a secured loan 

- Public banks generally take a very long time to process an education loan (Around 2 months! )
- Because most of the major public banks are less technologically advanced most of the process has to be done in person 
- When you process your loan directly through a public bank, you will end up taking numerous rounds to the bank 
- Banks do not have the proper knowledge on how to handle multi-city cases.

Benefits of going through WeMakeScholars for a secured education loan:

Our organization is an initiative started by the government of India, Ministry of IT and electronics which strives to help students pursue their dream of studying abroad. All the services provided by WeMakeScholars are free of cost!

Convenient Process: From filling in the application form to receiving the sanction letter most of the process can be done online when you process your loan through WeMakeScholars.
Lesser processing time: when you go through with WeMakeScholars you can get your entire loan processed in a short span of 15-20 days.
Expertise: As WeMakeScholars helps education Loans get sanctioned all across india, we’ve dealt with complicated cases of all kinds. So no matter how impossible you might think your case is, we can help you get it sanctioned.
Multi-city cases: The cases where the permanent and current addresses are not the same, they are usually rejected. But we can get it sanctioned for you as we have expertise in dealing with multi-city cases. 

Documents required for an education loan with collateral for the UK

In order to avail of a secured student loan you need to have all the applicant and co-applicant documents mentioned above in the documents required for unsecured loans along with the following property documents.

1. Property Title Deed 

2. Registered Sale Agreement / Gift Deed / Will

3. The original receipt of registration for the above-mentioned agreement

4. If applicable, a Letter of allotment by the Municipal Corporation / Authorized Govt. Authority Like MHADA, CIDCO, HUDA, DDA, JDA, GIDC, etc. 

5. Link documents for 30 years or Past chain of sale deed establishing title or EC is required.

(If you own the property for more than 30 years, then the previous sale deed is enough.)

6. The newest property tax bill and Latest electricity bill bearing the same address 

7. A Copy of the municipality-approved building plan or plot layout.

Each city has its own list of document requirements. To know more about the city-specific documents required for a collateralized loan contact us by requesting a callback.

Don't let paperwork stand in the way of your success - let us provide you with a custom document list to help you get the loan with ease.

The repayment plan for Secured education loans in the UK

Considering that the current interest rate for secured loans starts from 10.25% and that you do not have to pay anything during the moratorium period the Amortization schedule would look something like this 

Loan amount: 55,00,000

Rate of Interest: 10.25%

Repayment tenure: 15 years 

Repayment cycle


Interest portion

Principal portion

Loan Outstanding

End of 1st year





End of 2nd year





End of 3rd year





End of 4th year





End of 5th year





End of 6th year





End of 7th year





End of 8th year





End of 9th year





End of 10th year





End of 11th year





End of 12th year





End of 13th year





End of 14th year





End of 15th year






Let us make your education loan disbursement process seamless with our post-sanction assistance.

Expenses covered for education loans in the UK

In order to receive CAS/ ATAS a down payment of around 1-3 Lacs is to be paid by the applicant/ student. 

If you want to pay this amount from the loan the amount has to be disbursed before the VISA application. 

Financial requirement 

  • You would need around 1,334 Euros for living in London 
  • You would need around 1,023 Euros for living outside of London 
  • This is a rough estimation of the amount you would need to last 9 months in the UK

All of these expenses can be covered by either taking out an education loan or receiving funding through scholarships. Below mentioned are some scholarships you can avail of to receive funding for your education in the UK. 

Scholarships for studying in the UK

 Name of the scholarship

Coverage offered by the scholarship

GREAT Scholarships

10,000 euros for a one-year postgraduation course/ one year of master’s 

Chevening Scholarships

Complete funding for 1 year (includes tuition fee, monthly stipend, travel costs, and other miscellaneous expenses) 

Commonwealth Masters Scholarships

Complete tuition fee, travel expenses, stipend, and other miscellaneous expenses for 1-year master’s course


Scholarships offered by specific institutions 

  Name of the scholarship

Coverage offered by the scholarship 

Dr. Manmohan Singh Scholarships

Complete tuition fee, expenses for airfare, Monthly stipend for living expenses, VISA expenses 

The Global Study Awards

A maximum of 10,000 euros is offered 

Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships

Accommodation, living expenses, and travel expenses for usually up to 2-3 months  can be extended up to 1 year 

Felix Scholarship

Tuition fee, travel expenses, maintenance grant against living expenses 


Scholarships offered by specific universities 

 Name of the Scholarship 

Coverage offered by the scholarship

The University of Westminster

Up to 2000 Euros 

Coventry University

Up to 3000 Euros 

Gates Cambridge Scholarships

University composition fee, maintenance allowance, one-way travel expenses, VISA expenses, Health insurance costs 

Edinburgh Global Research Scholarships

Complete tuition fee

University of Sussex Chancellor’s International Scholarships

Up to 5000 Euros 

UAL Vice-Chancellor’s Postgraduate International Scholarships

Up to 50,000 euros 

Bristol University International Office Scholarships

Up to 26,000 euros only towards tuition fees is offered 

The University of West London International Ambassador Scholarships

Upto 2000 euros


Special education loan schemes in the UK

SBI education loan for the UK 

SBI offers upto 1.5 crores on secured or collateralized loans for the UK at an interest rate of 10.55%.



Loan amount

Up to 1.5 Crores 

Rate of interest 

10.55% p.a.

Moratorium period 

Course duration + 6 months 

Loan repayment 

15 Years 

Processing fee

10K + GST 

Repayment policy 

Payment of interest during the moratorium period is optional 


HDFC Credila education loan for the UK

HDFC Credila offers secured, unsecured, and partially secured loans upto 40 Lakhs at interest rates starting from 9.5%  



Loan amount 

Up to 40 Lakhs 

Rate of interest 

Starts from 9.5% p.a.

Moratorium period 

Course duration + 12 months 

Loan repayment 

10 Years 

Processing fee

10K + GST 

Repayment policy 

Partial simple interest is to be paid during the moratorium period


Avanse education loan for the UK 

Avanse provides unsecured, secured, and partially secured loans with no upper limit for higher studies in the UK (depending on the applicant’s profile) at an interest rate of 13.65% p.a. 



Loan amount 

Up to 45 Lakhs 

Rate of interest 

Starts from 11% to 14%

Moratorium period 

Course duration + 6 months 

Loan repayment 

Up to 5 Years 

Processing fee

1-2 % of the loan amount  

Repayment policy 

Partial simple interest is to be paid during the moratorium period



WeMakeScholars has launched an initiative under the name EliteScholars which aims to provide services to Indian students wanting to pursue further studies in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics (STEM) or Management (MBA) in the UK 

  • Key features of EliteScholars
  • Financial co-applicant is not required 
  • Receive the sanction letter within 4 working days
  • 100% of the loan requirement is met

Education loan for Masters in the UK

You can get a secured and unsecured loan in order to pursue higher education in the UK. Some of the most commonly pursued master’s in the UK include MA, MSc, MFA, and MPhil 
From an education loan for a Masters in the UK without collateral, you can receive up to 45 Lakhs. 

Education loan for MBA in the UK   

An Education loan for MBA in the UK provides upto 1.5 crores towards the tuition fee,  expenses, caution fee, and other academic expenses through a secured education loan. 

Specific requirements required for a student loan in the UK

Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS)

It acts as proof that a student has been offered an unconditional letter. An unconditional letter is an invitation offered to a student when they meet all the criteria required by the university.  

Generally, the following are mentioned in the CAS letter 

  1. Sponsor university license number.
  2. Title of your course. 
  3. Start and end date of your course. 
  4. The tuition fee for the course. 
  5. The amount you have already paid from the tuition fee.
  6. The amount that you have paid for the accommodation (if any).
  7. Scores of IELTS or TOEFL.

Academic technology approval scheme certificate (ATAS)

For a few STEM-related courses that are considered sensitive in the UK, you would need to apply for an Academic technology approval scheme certification or ATAS.

Both the CAS and ATAS certificates are only valid for 6 months. You need to apply for your student VISA within six months of receiving the CAS and ATAS. 

Universities recognized for Education loans in the UK

All the banks have their own list of institutes/ universities for which special loan products are available. Many institutes from the UK are available on the list. To know if your university is present in any of these lists talk to the financial officers at WeMakeScholars by requesting a call.

To gain valuable insights and guidance on this topic, we recommend watching our video on the complete guide to UK education loans. This comprehensive video will provide you information and resources to help you navigate the UK education loan process.

Don't compromise on your education - apply with us for a low-cost education loan and reach your potential.

Education Loan FAQs

  • Can I get a study loan for the UK?

    Yes, you can get a student loan starting from 10 Lakhs to upto 1.5 Cr to pursue your bachelor's or master’s by applying for an education loan through public banks, private banks, or NBFCs at interest rates starting from 10.55%. On processing your loan through WeMakeScholars you can get the interest rate reduced by upto 2%

  • Can I get an unsecured loan for the UK?

    Yes, you can avail of an unsecured loan for the UK by applying for your loans through private banks or NBFCs receiving upto 45 Lakhs as funding. Contact WeMakeScholars to know more about the lenders who offer unsecured loans.

  • Does the UK accept education loans?

    Yes, UK banks accept education loans as a means to finance higher education in the UK.

  • Can I get an education loan in the UK from India?

    Yes, You can get an education loan to continue with your studies further in the UK by taking out a loan from one of the many public banks, private banks, and NBFCs available to you. To know more about the application process and collateral requirements, reach out to WeMakeScholars

  • What is the graduate route in the UK?

    By going through with the UK’s graduate route people from other countries trying to pursue higher studies in the UK can apply to reside in and work/ search for a job after the course or after graduating.

  • Is it worth moving to the UK from India?

    Most of the skilled and deemed professionals from all over the world agree on the UK is one of the best places to study and settle. The UK provides courses that have proven to meet the standards of today’s highly competitive marketplace. Know more about the cost of living and eligibility by watching episode 21 of loanflix

  • How much education loan can I get for the UK?

    You can receive up to 1.5 crores as funding for your education loan on going through with public banks

  • What is the 28-day rule for a UK visa?

    If the loan amount is disbursed into your account, you must demonstrate that the funds were there for 28 days in a row and that the 28 days fell within the 31-day window after your VISA application. The 28-day rule is not applicable if you are using your loan sanction letter. Apply for an education loan for the UK from WeMakeScholars.


University of East Anglia Launches Advanced MSc in Business Analytics and Management for Aspiring Professionals

The University of East Anglia (UEA) has launched an upgraded MSc in Business Analytics and Management, designed to provide students with cutting-edge knowledge and practical skills. Managed by experts at Norwich Business School, the program offers a variety of options, including developing a business plan, work placements, dissertations, or work-based projects with UK businesses. Eligible candidates can apply on the official UEA website

A standout feature is the business plan module in the third semester, where students refine their skills by creating a sustainable business plan and pitching it to investors. The curriculum covers vital areas like marketing, planning, budgeting, finance, and legal aspects, offering a comprehensive education.

UEA prioritizes experiential learning, providing practical opportunities for students to gain valuable insights and skills. By combining theory with real-world application, the university prepares students for success in the dynamic business environment. The program also equips students to effectively communicate their business offerings to investors and potential staff members.

Last Updated - 14/07/2023

UK Government's Second Ballot Opens for Young Professional Scheme: Indian Citizens Aged 18-30 Offered Work Opportunity

The UK government has announced the opening of the second ballot for the Young Professional Scheme, targeting Indian citizens between 18 and 30 years. Launched this year, the scheme allows Indian citizens with graduate or postgraduate qualifications to live and work in the UK for up to two years, with the flexibility to enter and leave the country during their visa's validity. 

About 3,000 places are available for the India Young Professionals Scheme visa in 2023, with the remaining positions to be assigned in the July ballot. Successful candidates must apply for their visa within a specified deadline after receiving an invitation. The scheme offers a valuable opportunity for young Indian professionals to gain international work experience.

Last Updated - 27/07/2023

UK May Ease Visa Rules for Indian Professionals in FTA

The United Kingdom is reportedly considering loosening visa rules for Indian professionals under its Free Trade Agreement with India. While discussions are ongoing, the UK's willingness to relax some visa requirements for Indian skilled workers has been revealed by anonymous Indian officials.

However, these potential changes are expected to be limited in scope, as immigration remains a sensitive political issue in the UK. Historically, the UK has been resistant to concessions on visa and immigration rules, largely due to concerns over controlling immigration levels, especially since the Brexit vote in 2016.

Past negotiations between India and the UK encountered obstacles, including disagreements over access for skilled Indian workers. UK Home Secretary Suella Braverman's reservations about visa relaxations further complicated matters. India has emphasized the need for both nations to honor their migration understanding and requested data on overstaying Indian business visitors.

The UK faces challenges in managing immigration, with record-high net migration and a substantial number of residence visas granted to Indian workers. Current discussions are centered on potentially offering time-limited business visas for highly skilled workers.

In recent months, the UK has implemented measures to restrict immigration and limit options for existing immigrants.

Last Update- 24/08/2023

Record Number of Indian Students Choose UK for Higher Education in 2023

In the year ending June 2023, the UK witnessed a significant surge in international students, with Indian students leading the way. A total of 3,287,404 visas were granted, marking a 58% increase compared to the previous year. Of these, 498,626 were sponsored study visas, reflecting a 23% rise.

Indian students secured 142,848 of these sponsored study visas, which is a 54% increase from the previous year. This growth in Indian student visas has been consistently rising since June 2019. Following closely were Chinese nationals, with 107,670 sponsored study visas.

The majority of visas, a significant 91%, were allocated to higher education institutions, including universities. Other institutions, such as tertiary, further education, and independent schools, also benefited.

A noteworthy change was the increase in visas granted to dependents of students, rising from 17% in the previous year to 24%.

The "Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies" (CAS) system played a pivotal role in facilitating this influx, simplifying the process for students to study at approved UK institutions. Introduced in October 2020, the Student visa replaced the Tier 4 (General) Student visa, providing a streamlined pathway for students aged 16 and over to pursue their education in the UK.

Last Updated - 05/09/2023

Odisha's Berhampur University Partners with UK's CEFAS for Marine Science Scholarships

Berhampur University in Odisha has partnered with the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) to launch the Ocean Partnership Program (OCPP).

This collaboration includes support from the UK's Centre for Environment, Fisheries, and Aquaculture Science (CEFAS), which will provide scholarships for a minimum of five students from Berhampur University's Marine Science Department.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has a minimum two-year term and can be extended as needed by ACU and Berhampur University.

These scholarships will aid research in marine pollution, sustainable seafood, and marine biodiversity. ACU, on behalf of CEFAS, will cover tuition fees and living expenses for the selected students.

Berhampur University's Vice-Chancellor, Geetanjali Dash, expressed her enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, "We've signed an MoU with ACU for OCPP implementation. We'll also explore further collaborative research and student-teacher exchange programs."

This partnership promises to advance marine science research while promoting academic exchanges, further establishing Berhampur University as a regional hub for marine science research."

Last Updated- 07/09/2023

UK to Raise Student and Tourist Visa Fees Effective October 4

The UK government, led by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, has announced a significant increase in visa fees, set to take effect from October 4. UK Tourist Visas for stays under six months will cost an extra ₹1,543 (£15), affecting travelers worldwide, including Indians. UK Student Visas will also become ₹13,070 (£127) more expensive for applicants globally.

The fee hike extends to work and tourist visas, with an anticipated 15% increase for most visas and at least 20% for priority visas, study visas, and certificates of sponsorship.

The increase applies to various visa categories, including health and care visas, citizenship applications, visit visas of different durations, and work and study visas.

To break it down:

UK Student Visa Fees: Rising to ₹50,428 (£490) for applicants outside the UK.
UK Tourist Visa Fees: Increasing to ₹11,835 (£115) for stays under six months.
UK Work Visa Fees: Skilled worker visa applicants will pay £718 (₹77,147) for certificates of sponsorship of three years or less.

The fee adjustments aim to support the National Health Service (NHS) and public sector wage increases, raising over £1 billion. The government argues that this is necessary as fees have not been updated to reflect rising costs.

Last  Updated - 20/09/2023

British Council Calls for Applications: Study UK Alumni Awards 2024 to Honor Global Achievements

The British Council has opened applications for the 2024 Study UK Alumni Awards, celebrating the achievements of UK alumni worldwide. These awards encompass four categories: science and sustainability, culture and creativity, social action, and business and innovation. Eligible applicants can vie for recognition on both global and national levels.

Winners of the Study UK Global Alumni Award will receive an opportunity to enhance their international presence, expand their professional networks, and participate in a career-boosting networking visit to the UK. The deadline for application submission is October 22, 2023.

Several countries, India included, will host national ceremonies to honor their finalists. The global award finalists and winners will be revealed in 2024.

The British Council highlights the UK's enduring popularity as a study destination for Indian students. In recent times, the number of Indian students in the UK has significantly increased, with 142,848 sponsored study visas granted to Indians in the year ending June 2023—a 54% surge compared to the previous year, according to the UK Home Office data.

Last Updated - 17/10/2023