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✓ Without the need for collateral

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An Education loan can offer up to 1.5 Crores at an interest rate starting from 8.55% per annum for your education in Ireland. You can get both secured and unsecured loans for Ireland. In order to apply for a Visa to Ireland, 7000 euros need to be presented as proof of funds towards the living expenses. You also need to pay the first-year tuition fee in order to start the immigration process.

Unsecured or without collateral education loan for Ireland

You can avail of up to 75 Lacs for higher education in Ireland, with a repayment period of 10 years. Generally, Unsecured loans are taken from private banks or NBFCs which require total simple interest or partial simple interest to be paid during the moratorium period. 



Loan Limit

Up to 75 Lacs

Expenses covered

Tuition fees, Accommodation charges, 7000 Euros as proof of funds, Cost of books, uniforms, Laboratory, Library fees 

Eligible courses

MBA, Master’s, Bachelor, Ph.D., professional and vocational courses 

Interest rate

Starts from 11%

Moratorium Period

The total duration of the course + 1 year 

Repayment Duration

Upto 10 years including the moratorium 

Repayment policies

During the moratorium period, simple/ partial simple interest is to be paid. 

Eligibility Criteria

    • The student must be a resident citizen of India
    • The student must be 18 years or older
    • The student must have received the admission through merit. 


Tip: Having a good financial co-applicant can help you get the most out of your unsecured loan. Also, try to aim for the top universities in Ireland as it increases your academic credibility.

To know more about the eligibility of your financial co-applicant or to check if your university is on the prime list of institutions of any of the lenders you can reach out to the WeMakeScholars team.

Top Banks that offer Unsecured Education Loans for Ireland

  • IDFC First bank 
  • Axis Bank 
  • ICICI Bank 
  • Avanse 
  • Auxilo
  • Incred 
  • HDFC Credila 
  • EliteScholars
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How to get an unsecured student loan for Ireland?

Step 1: Visit our website and request a callback from our financial officers. 

Step 2: You will shortly be contacted by one of our FOs to analyze your profile to check your eligibility to get an unsecured education loan. 

Step 3: After performing a thorough analysis of your profile, you will be informed about all the lenders you can take an unsecured loan. 

Step 4: After choosing a lender from the list of lenders, you will be provided with a checklist of documents. 

Step 5: You will then be sent a link to the WMS-secured document portal. Upload all the required documents in the encrypted portal. 

Step 6: After you submit your documents your profile will be logged in and you will be told the result of your application in 2-6 days. 

Step 7: You then need to sign the loan agreement and receive your sanction letter.

Issues faced by students when approaching the banks directly for an unsecured loan

  • When a lender is approached directly, alternative unsecured education loan products are not explored. 
  • A comparison of all the possible lenders is not provided. 
  • Students often end up feeling confused about the application process as it is not explained clearly. 
  • No help is provided post-loan sanction. 

Benefits of going through WeMakeScholars for an Unsecured Education Loan

Here are some benefits you get when you process your unsecured education loan with us!

● Automatic 0.5% reduction in ROI: As, WeMakeScholars is an initiative funded and supported by the Ministry of IT, Govt of India under the Digital India scheme you automatically receive a 0.5% reduction on your ROI on your unsecured education loan.

● Negotiation: We can further reduce the ROI by upto 2% by negotiation in addition to the 0.5% reduction depending on your profile and the university. There have been many cases where the interest rate was reduced from 14% to 12% upon negotiation.

● Cashback: Upon disbursement of your loan you’ll receive a cashback of Rs. 3000 as a thank you for supporting the Digital India campaign. 

● Profile Analysis: You will be provided with a list of all the possible lenders after a thorough analysis of your profile. This won’t be the case when a lender is approached directly. 

Documents required for an education loan without collateral for Ireland

Below provided are the documents required to acquire an unsecured education loan for Seeking higher education in Ireland



Basic documents 

1. Education Loan form provided by WeMakeScholars FO 

2. PAN card and passport as identity proof

3. Any of the following as Address Proof:

      • Voter ID Card
      • Telephone Bill
      • Passport
      • Aadhar card 
      • Electricity Bill
      • Bank account statement

Note: If the current address and the permanent address of the student are not the same, two different address proofs are required. 

4. Bank account statement (6 months) of the co-signer (personal or salary)

If the co-signer is, 


- 1 yr business transactions


- 1 year of salary credits 

5. Liability and Personal Asset statement.

All the documents should be self-attested.

Applicant academic documents

1. 10th, 12th & degree mark sheets 

2. Proof of admission into the university/institution 

3. The cost structure of the course 

4. Scorecard of GRE, GMAT, or IELTS  

5. University ranking printout form 


Financial Co-applicant Income documents 


If Salaried:

1. Salary slips for 3 consecutive months 

2. Form 16 from the last 2 years 

3. Employer’s ID card  

4. ITR filed for the previous 2 years  

If Self-employed:

1.  Filed ITRs of the previous 3 years 

2.  P & L account and balance sheet of last 3 years 

3. Address proof of the business 

Other Documents

    1. A letter confirming that any extra charges not being covered by the loan would be borne by the co-applicant. 
    2. Any remaining loan statements from the preceding year.
    3. An invoice for expenses such as travel, laptop, etc has to be brought if a loan is being asked for it. 
    4.  Receipt for any transactions made in advance.
    5.  Letter explaining the gap. Sample- on Rs. 100 stamp paper. 
    6. If relevant, a letter explaining the lack of a co-applicant Income tax return
Getting your loan sanctioned doesn't have to be complicated - let us create a tailored document list to help you through the process.

Repayment Plan for Unsecured Student Loans in Ireland

The rate of interest for an unsecured education loan starts at around 11% and as we already know that for most unsecured loans full simple interest is charged during the moratorium period. Considering these criteria the EMI payment schedule would look the following. 

Loan amount: 22,00,000

Rate of Interest: 11%

Repayment tenure: 10 Years

Grace period: 6 months

Repayment cycle


Interest portion

Principal portion

Loan Outstanding

End of 1st year





End of 2nd year





End of 3rd year





End of 4th year





End of 5th year





End of 6th year





End of 7th year





End of 8th year





End of 9th year





End of 10th year







Secured or without collateral education loan for Ireland

You can receive funding of upto 1.5 Crores at an interest rate of 10.25% for your academic expenses by going through secured loans, which are mostly offered by public banks, you don’t have to pay any interest during the moratorium period



Loan Limit

Upto 1.5 crores 

Expenses covered

Course fees, Hostel, and living charges, proof of funds of 7000 Euros, Cost of books, uniforms, Laboratory, Library fees 

Eligible courses

MBA, Master’s, Bachelor, Ph.D., professional and vocational courses 

Interest rate

Starts at 10.25% 

Moratorium Period

The total duration of the course + is 6 months 

Repayment Duration

Up to 15 years 

Repayment policies

Payment of interest during the moratorium period is not mandatory 

Eligibility Criteria

    • Applicant should be a citizen of India 
    • Applicant should be 18 or older 
      Should have received admission by qualifying for the required entrance exam 

  Types of Collateral

Immovable property: House, Flat, Non- agricultural land 

Liquid security: Fixed deposit, Government bonds, LIC policies 

Value of collateral (In case of a collateralized loan)

Immovable property - 1.25 times the loan amount 

Liquid security - 1.1 times the loan amount


Banks that offer secured education loans for Ireland

  • State Bank of India 
  • Bank of Baroda 
  • Karur Vysya Bank 
  • Union Bank of India
  • IDFC Bank 
  • Axis Bank
  • ICICI Bank
  • IDFC Bank
  • HDFC Credila 
  • Incred 
  • Avanse 
  • Auxilo

How to get a Secured education loan for Ireland?

Step 1: Start your education loan process by requesting a callback from us.

Step 2: You will shortly receive a call from one of our financial officers who will enquire about your basic details and send you the common application form

Step 3: Based on the details provided by you, the financial officer will analyze your profile and give you a comparison of all the lenders you can get a loan from. 

Step 4: After you pick a lender to process your loan from, you will be given a checklist of documents, according to which you need to submit the documents to the bank branch nearest to you. 

Step 5: Your loan application result will be told to you within 15-20 days. 

Step 6: After which, you need to sign the loan agreement and receive your sanction letter.

Issues faced by students when approaching the banks directly for a secured loan 

  • The average sanction time for an education loan in public banks is around 2 months.
  • As most public banks are still not very technologically advanced most of the paperwork has to be done manually. 
  • Students end up taking numerous trips around the bank as there is no checklist of documents provided. 
  • Public banks usually face difficulties when they have to deal with a multi-city case as they do not have the proper expertise to handle it. 

Benefits of going through WeMakeScholars for a secured education loan

All the services provided by us at WeMakeScholars are completely free of cost as we are an initiative that is funded by the Ministry of IT under the Digital India scheme.

  • Convenient Process: From filling in the application form to receiving your letter of sanction, you can finish completing the whole process from the convenience of your own home when you apply for your secured education loan through WeMakeScholars.
  • Lesser processing time: We reduce the time it takes for your education loan to get processed from 2 months to 20 working days 
    Expertise: With the expertise of dealing with thousands of cases on a daily basis we are sure to find a solution no matter how complicated the case might seem. 
  • Multi-city cases: Multi-city cases are cases where the permanent living address and the current living address are not the same. Banks usually reject these kinds of cases. But don’t worry if that is your case. We have experience dealing with many multi-city cases.
  • Competitive interest rates: With multiple lenders on the platform, WeMakeScholars can offer competitive interest rates, which can save you money over the life of your loan.
Take a breather and let us handle your education loan disbursement process - apply through WMS and sail through the loan process

Documents required for an education loan with collateral for Ireland

In order to avail of a secured student loan you need to have all the applicant and co-applicant documents previously mentioned and the following property documents.

1. Property Title Deed 

2. Registered Sale Agreement / Gift Deed / Will

3. The original receipt of registration for the above-mentioned agreement

4. If applicable, a Letter of allotment by the Municipal Corporation / Authorized Govt. Authorities like MHADA, CIDCO, HUDA, DDA, JDA, GIDC, etc. 

5. Link documents for 30 years or Past chain of sale deed establishing title or EC is required.

(If you own the property for more than 30 years, then the previous sale deed is enough.)

6. The newest property tax bill and Latest electricity bill bearing the same address 

7. A Copy of the municipality-approved building plan or plot layout.

Each city has its own list of document requirements. To know more about the city-specific documents required for a collateralized loan contact us by requesting a callback from the WMS team.

The repayment plan for Secured education loans in Ireland

Considering that the interest rate for secured loans starts at 8.55% and that you are given an option to not pay anything during the moratorium period the following Amortization table has been made. 

Loan amount: 60,00,000

Rate of Interest: 8.55%

Repayment tenure: 15 years

Repayment cycle


Interest portion

Principal portion

Loan Outstanding

End of 1st year





End of 2nd year





End of 3rd year





End of 4th year





End of 5th year





End of 6th year





End of 7th year





End of 8th year





End of 9th year





End of 10th year





End of 11th year





End of 12th year





End of 13th year





End of 14th year





End of 15th year






Let us handle the education loan disbursement process so you can focus on your studies with our post-sanction help.

Expenses covered for education loans in Ireland

Tuition fee: In order to receive the confirmation letter for Ireland, the student has to pay the first-year tuition fee before applying for the student VISA. This expense is covered by the student loan 

Living expenses: Living expenses of 7000 Euros have to be shown as proof of funds towards living expenses before applying for the student VISA 

Other expenses covered by the education loan for Ireland Include:

  • Accommodation fee 
  • Library fee
  • Laboratory fee
  • Examination fee
  • Cost of books 
  • Cost of uniform 
  • Miscellaneous expenses

Scholarships for studying in Ireland  

Name of the scholarship

Coverage offered by the scholarship 

The Naughton Scholarship

20,000 Euros (4-year degree)

15,000 Euros (3-year degree)

St. Vincent de Paul Scholarship

18,596 Euros 

Monex Scholarship Program

3000 euros 

Global Excellence Scholarship

100% financing of tuition fees 

MAWISTA Scholarships

6000 Euros 

Women on the MBA Scholarship

50% of the tuition fee is covered 

GMAT MBA Scholarships

Complete tuition fee funding 

AMBA 50th Anniversary Scholarships

7751 Euros 


Special education loan schemes in Ireland

Credila education loan for Ireland for girls

HDFC Credila offers Unsecured, secured, and partially secured loans up to 40 Lakhs at interest rates starting from 9.5%. By going through WeMakeScholars you can further reduce the interest rate by upto 2%



Loan amount 

Up to 40 Lakhs 

Rate of interest

Starts from 9.5% p.a.

Moratorium period 

Course duration + 12 months 

Loan repayment 

10 Years 

Processing fee

1% of loan amount + GST 

Repayment policy 

Partial simple interest is to be paid during the moratorium period



EliteScholars is an initiative started by WeMakeScholars whose aim is to provide students aspiring to pursue their higher education in Ireland. It primarily focuses on financing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) courses. 

Key features of Elite Scholars

  • No financial co-applicant required 
  • You will receive the loan sanction letter 
  • 100% of the loan requirement is met

Education loan for MS in Ireland

provides the master’s degree in courses and research-based programs. You will be able to get both secured and unsecured loans for an MS in Ireland at an interest rate of 8.55% p.a.

Education loan for MBA in Ireland

Ireland offers MBAs in many specializations such as HRM, marketing, finance, project management, healthcare, sales, etc. Both secured and unsecured loans which can finance upto 1.5 cr can be taken out for pursuing an MBA in Ireland

Why pay more for your education loan? Choose WeMakeScholars and we'll work to get you a better deal on your behalf.

Universities recognized for Education loans in Ireland

All the banks have their list of institutes/ universities for which unique loan products are available. Many institutes from Ireland are on the list. To know if your university is present in any of these lists talk to the financial officers at WeMakeScholars by requesting a callback from us.

You can watch this video to learn more about the eligibility requirements, doucmentation, interest rates and reapyment plans. will have a comprehensive understanding of the entire process of obtaining an education loan for Ireland. From eligibility requirements to documentation, interest rates to repayment plans, we will cover every aspect of the process. By the end of the video you will have a comprehensive understanding of the entire process of obtaining an education loan for Ireland. 

Education Loan FAQs

  • How much education loan can I get for MS in Ireland?

    An Education loan for MS in Ireland can finance upto 1.5 crores which include tuition fee, caution fee, and other academic expenses

  • Can I get a student loan for a Masters in Ireland?

    Yes, you can get both a secured and an unsecured loan for MS Ireland through public banks, private banks, and NBFCs

  • Is Ireland a good option for a master's?

    Ireland ranks high in graduates, research, and research fields. Making the country a very good choice to pursue higher education.

  • How do I qualify for a student loan for Ireland?

    The student has to be 18 years or older, must be a resident citizen of India, and the student must have received admission to their preferred university through a merit-based examination.

  • Is an Irish master's valid in India?

    Yes, a post-graduation degree obtained from Ireland is accepted in India and worldwide.

  • Is Ireland good for MS for Indian students?

    Ireland offers post-study work visa chances and high-quality education, making it a great choice for Indian students who want to continue their studies.

  • Does Ireland offer PR after masters?

    Ireland grants students who want to work after completing their higher education a two-year post-study work visa.


Ireland emerges as a top choice for Indian students pursuing higher education in IT, Medical, Data Science courses abroad

In recent years, Ireland has gained popularity among Indian students seeking higher education abroad. According to data from the Ministry of External Affairs, approximately 5,000 Indian students were studying in Ireland in 2022, a number that the Irish government claims is closer to 6,500. Fields like IT, data science, pharmaceuticals, engineering, and business management are preferred by Indian students, but there's a growing interest in marketing, design, medicine, nursing, tourism, sustainability, filmmaking, and equine sciences.

Graduates from Irish universities, including Indians, can pursue jobs across sectors, with opportunities in ICT, engineering, healthcare, teaching, and media. Ireland's allure lies in its high-quality education, affordable tuition, industry-linked courses, internships, and post-graduation employment prospects, particularly in the thriving tech industry. It's often dubbed the "Silicon Valley of Europe."

Ireland offers various scholarships, reducing tuition fees by up to 50%, with some institutions granting full fee waivers for exceptional international students. The Irish Government provides merit-based scholarships, covering one year's tuition and a €10,000 stipend for living expenses.

The focus on Indian higher education is shifting from what it lacks to the enriching experience of studying abroad. While Irish universities currently have no plans to establish campuses in India, there's potential for collaboration under India's National Education Policy. Cooperation agreements between Irish and Indian universities are expected to grow, fostering educational partnerships.

Last updated - 29/08/2023

Education in Ireland Roadshow 2024-25 Promises Opportunities for Indian Students

Education in Ireland (EI), representing Irish Higher Education Institutions, has announced its 2024-25 academic year roadshow for Indian students. From September 30 to October 8 this year, 17 Irish institutions will tour five major Indian cities to engage with students.

The initiative, part of EI's #themakingofyou campaign, showcases Ireland's top-tier education and vibrant culture. Ross Curran of Enterprise Ireland notes that about 6,000 Indian students choose Ireland each year for its education and career opportunities.

The Study in Ireland Education Fairs will be held in Delhi (Sep 30), Pune (Oct 1), Mumbai (Oct 4), Chennai (Oct 7), and Bengaluru (Oct 8). The Irish Visa Office will also be present to guide students through visa applications and conduct seminars.

Participating HEIs:

  1. Dundalk Institute of Technology
  2. Maynooth University
  3. South East Technological University
  4. Trinity College Dublin
  5. University College Cork
  6. University of Galway
  7. University of Limerick
  8. Dublin Business School
  9. Munster Technological University
  10. University College Dublin
  11. RCSI University of Medicine & Health Sciences
  12. Dublin City University
  13. National College of Ireland
  14. Griffith College
  15. Technological University of the Shannon: Midlands Midwest
  16. South East Technological University
  17. ICD Business School

This roadshow promises Indian students a glimpse into Ireland's world-class education and career prospects, making it an attractive destination for future academic pursuits.

Ireland's Rising Popularity: Over 4,700 Indian Students Choose Irish Universities

In the academic year 2022/23, Ireland remained a popular choice for Indian students seeking international education, with 4,735 Indian students enrolling in Irish institutions, as reported by ApplyBoard.

Ireland witnessed a significant increase in its international student population, with 33,480 students enrolled in its universities, marking a 12% rise from the previous year, according to the Irish Higher Education Authority (HEA).

This data emphasizes the growth of international education in Ireland for 2022/23, driven in part by a 17.8% increase in Indian student enrollments, positioning India as a contender to surpass the United States as the leading source of international students for Irish institutions.

STEM subjects continued to dominate student preferences, representing 43% of all international students. Additionally, one in five international students pursued healthcare-related programs like nursing, social work, medicine, and childcare, reflecting the increasing demand in this field.

Master's programs also gained popularity, constituting 29.5% of international students, up from 20.8% in 2016/17. This rise can be attributed to Ireland's Third Level Graduate Scheme, offering extended work opportunities for master's graduates. Ireland's diverse academic offerings and opportunities continue to attract students from around the world.

Last updated - 30/10/2023