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An Introduction to Auxilo Education Loan

The option of an unsecured loan education loan is a huge boon for students planning to study abroad. There are about 4 Non Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) in India who provide an education loan without collateral to students looking to fund their abroad studies. Auxilo Finserve Pvt Ltd is the newest NBFC to enter the ‘Non Collateral Education Loan’ sector. The Auxilo Education Loan process is known for its speed, even in unconventional cases for the benefit of the students.

This article will educate you on all the relevant Auxilo Education Loan details.

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Auxilo Education Loan- Basic Overview

Key Pointers Regarding Auxilo Finserve Education Loan Details of Auxilo Education Loan for Abroad Studies
Rate of Interest 11% - 14% depending on the profile of the student. (Contact WeMakeScholars for the automatic reduction in Auxilo ROI)
Processing Time 7 to 10 days maximum with WeMakeScholars
Processing Charges 1%- 1.5% of the loan amount
Accepted Co-applicants Close Blood Relatives only (To know some special cases, click here)
Preferred Countries for education loan without security in Auxilo USA, Germany, Canada, Ireland
Preferred Courses Masters and Diploma courses in the STEM field
Loan Margin 0%
Loan Tenure 10 years
Maximum Loan Amount for education loan without collateral in Auxilo Rs. 40- 45 Lacs

The unique aspect of an NBFC Education Loan is that the terms and conditions are not fixed. This makes the role of a third party negotiator even more vital to get the best education loan package. Contact WeMakeScholars to get your non collateral education loan at the most advantageous terms.

Did you know that non collateral education loan providers are very particular about the course and destination of higher studies? Read more about it here!

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Auxilo Education Loan- Eligibility Criteria

What are the basic eligibility criteria that are considered in the Auxilo Education Loan Process?

To be considered for an Auxilo Education Loan,

The applicant:

  • Must be a citizen of India
  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Should have received admission from one or more universities abroad

  • The Co-applicant:

  • Should be a blood relative of the applicant
  • Should be in active service
  • Should be earning taxable income

  • Auxilo Education Loan- Preferred Countries and Courses

    According to Auxilo Education Loan guidelines, what are the ideal courses and countries to get a collateral free education loan?

    Preferred Countries to get Auxilo Unsecured Loan Ideal courses, according to Auxilo Education Loan Eligibility Criteria
  • United States
  • Germany
  • Canada
  • Ireland
  • Masters and Diploma Courses in

  • STEM field
  • Management Field
  • A collateral free education loan is generally given to students who have higher chances of employability and foreign citizenship. This is the primary reason why Auxilo Education Loan for abroad studies is given mostly to the above mentioned countries and courses.

    Are you planning to study in a country which is not mentioned in the list above? The financial team at WeMakeScholars will try their best to arrange an education loan without collateral in Auxilo for you based on your profile. Have a word with them for free here!

    Auxilo Education Loan- Documents Required

    What are the Auxilo Education Loan documents and when must they be submitted?

    Documents that must be submitted to get collateral free education loan for abroad studies from Auxilo Finserve
    By the applicant Basic KYC documents + Academic documents + Copy of Passport
    By the co-applicant Basic KYC documents + Income Proof Documents

    Curious about the process of getting an unsecured education loan for overseas education in India? Watch this video!

    Auxilo Education Loan- Maximum Amount

    What is the maximum amount that can be sanctioned, according to Auxilo Education Loan rules?

    Auxilo Education Loan guidelines have set different benchmarks of maximum loan amounts for different countries. Here is a rough estimate:

    Countries that meet Auxilo Education Loan Eligibility Criteria: A Rough Estimate of Maximum Auxilo Unsecured Loan:
    The United States of America Rs. 35- 40 Lacs
    Canada Rs. 15- 20 Lacs
    Ireland Rs. 15- 18 Lacs
    Germany Rs. 12- 15 Lacs

    The Auxilo Education Loan Application Form is now available in a digital format. To get your Auxilo Education Loan apply online here!

    Auxilo Education Loan Rate of Interest

    What is the Auxilo Education Loan Interest Rate in 2022?

    Auxilo Interest Rate in 2022 for Abroad Studies 11% - 14%

    The rate of interest for Auxilo Finserve Education Loan depends mostly on the following factors:

  • The academic profile of the applicant
  • The financial profile of the co- applicant
  • In the Basic Overview Section, it was mentioned that WeMakeScholars can bring about an automatic reduction in your Auxilo Education Loan Interest Rate. Remember?

    Here’s how that happens:

    WeMakeScholars is an organization which is funded by the Digital India Campaign of the Central Government of India. Therefore, as a rule, we only associate with the digital offices of the NBFCs.

    As per the terms of the association, the students connected through us get an automatic reduction in their interest rate by 0.25%. However, due to the strong relations we maintain, we can negotiate with the digital department of Auxilo Finserve Education Loan to further bring down your Auxilo Interest Rate. Since we process hundreds of unsecured education loans every day, we will know for sure whether your Auxilo ROI and other terms and conditions can be shaped even further for your benefit.

    To ensure that your Auxilo Education Loan terms and conditions are most beneficial to your profile, get in touch with the WeMakeScholars team today!

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    Auxilo Education Loan- Collateral Documents

    Why do some students pledge collateral with NBFCs that generally provide collateral free education loans?

    Pledging collateral is a rare occurrence with NBFC education loans, however, pledging collateral helps in:

  • getting a loan sanctioned when your profile is comparatively weak
  • bringing down your Auxilo Education Loan Rate of Interest
  • To find out what kinds of property can be pledged to get an Auxilo Education Loan for abroad studies, speak to our team of unsecured education loan experts here!

    Auxilo Education Loan Processing Charges

    What are the Auxilo Education Loan processing charges?

    The processing charges to get an Auxilo Unsecured Loan is usually 1% to 1.5% of the loan amount. The amount will be charged only after the sanction letter is issued and when you have decided to go ahead with the Auxilo Education Loan Process.

    In addition, the student must also pay Auxilo Insurance Fee which is 1% of the loan amount sanctioned.

    Auxilo Education Loan Processing Time

    What is the Auxilo Education Loan Processing Time?

    The Auxilo Education Loan Processing Time is usually 7 to 10 days through WeMakeScholars. As the team at WeMakeScholars will connect you to the Digital team of Auxilo loans, the Auxilo Education Loan processing time is cut short by half.

    Accelerate your Education Loan in Auxilo for overseas education by getting in touch with WeMakeScholars!

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    Auxilo Education Loan Repayment

    What is the Auxilo Loan Repayment Policy?

    According to the Auxilo Education Loan Terms and Conditions, repayment of the principal amount begins six months after course completion or after the student gets employed- whichever is earlier.

    Until then, the student only needs to partially pay the interest on the amount used by him.

    Auxilo Education Loan Repayment methods are flexible and negotiable.

    Loan Margin for Auxilo Loan

    What is the loan margin for Auxilo Unsecured Loan?

    According to Auxilo Education Loan details, the loan margin is 0%.

    Loan Margin is traditionally charged in government bank education loans. In both public and private banks, with every disbursement, the student has to first pay a certain percentage of the required money to the bank, after which the bank will activate the disbursement request and credit the money to the students' account.

    The Auxilo Loan Process has completely done away with this inconvenience. For an Education loan in Auxilo, the loan margin is nil, the students can freely withdraw the required amount from his Auxilo Loan Account without putting any money from his end.

    Are you on the lookout for an extraordinary NBFC education loan? The Online Application form of Auxilo Finserve can be submitted in no time! Fill the Auxilo Education Loan Form online here!

    Auxilo Education Loan- Special Cases

    What about Auxilo Loan Applications that require special consideration?

    The terms of getting an Auxilo Education Loan without collateral is flexible. Many times the financial officers at WeMakeScholars have negotiated with the Auxilo Loan team to grant unsecured education loans to students who would normally have been rejected.

    However, these are some pointers that must be kept in mind while processing your Auxilo Loan Application:

  • Multi-city cases are acceptable. Difference in the locations of the applicant and co- applicant is not a problem during Auxilo Education Loan processing.
  • Preapproval of education loan is possible to show proof of funds. Many universities/ embassies/ visa authorities require the student to deposit a certain amount as proof of funds. In USA, it is common for students to show their financial credentials to get the i20 document. Auxilo student loan makes this possible for the students.
  • Additional co-applicants are accepted. Usually, only close blood relatives (like parents or siblings) are accepted as the co-applicant. However, if your primary co applicant’s profile does not fully meet Auxilo Education Loan requirements, you can add an additional co-applicant to boost your Auxilo Education Loan Application. This additional co-applicant can be an uncle or aunt; sometimes even in- laws.
  • Have some doubts regarding Auxilo Loan Eligibility? Wondering whether your profile meets all the Auxilo Education Loan requirements? Speak to our team for a free profile assessment today!

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    Auxilo Education Loan Customer Care

    Is there an Auxilo Education Loan Contact Number to reach out to if some issues crop up?

    When you start your Auxilo Loan process with WeMakeScholars, you are immediately assigned a dedicated financial counselor who will be following up with your Auxilo Education Loan application from start to finish. Your WeMakeScholars Financial Counselor will provide personalized education loan help. With time you will realize that when WeMakeScholars is in the picture there is no need for a separate Auxilo Education Loan contact number or Auxilo Customer Care either!

    Why WeMakeScholars?

    Why should I get my unsecured loan for abroad studies through WeMakeScholars?

    WeMakeScholars is funded and supported by the Government of India. It that processes education loans for over 10 financial institutions- including several public banks and NBFCs. Over the years, it has evolved into one of the most trusted names in the field of education loans. WeMakeScholars is the best source where you can get unbiased guidance on the various education loan options available to you.

    To have a free discussion with our experts regarding education loan without security in Auxilo, or anything related to education loans, click here!

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