This article will outline the best education system in the world listing the top 10 countries.

People used to think that money is the most powerful weapon, but modern human believes that knowledge is the most powerful weapon, and rightly so, as with knowledge or with proper education a person can have a pool of money. In the 21st century, education is perceived to be the ultimate level of growth for a person.

Each person strives for the best education, but not every country has the best education system in the world. There are very few countries that have a very good education system that is structured in a way that prepares its students to face the world and excel in the field of their study. In the article below we will give you an idea about the countries with the best education system in the world along with the countries that have it.

Top 10 countries with the best education system

Each country has some or other flaw in its education system, no education system is perfect. But definitely, there are some countries with an education system that is far better than the rest.

We will talk about the countries that offer a very structured education system that prepares you for the future. The rankings provided below are based on the courses offered, the quality of teaching staff, and the availability of public resources for research.



Quality Index

Opportunity Index


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United Kingdom




































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1. United States of America:

The United States is a very famous destination for international students, as it offers a quality education that is not focused on a single aspect but on the overall development of an individual. Also, the education system in the USA is more focused on practical education rather than theoretical education like in most other countries.

The USA has one of the best education systems in the world and the universities of the USA offer expertise in all types of courses and specifically STEM courses. Computer science, Engineering, Business management, law, and arts are among the most popular courses offered in the USA.

Notable Universities of the USA:

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2. United Kingdom:

The UK is among the most popular destinations for international students and hosts around half a million international students. It is popular for its courses in Arts, literature, and Design, though it also offers good courses in STEM. 

Also, 18 UK universities are featured in the QS top 100 universities list, which again is proof of its expertise in education. The UK offers degrees that will get you a job anywhere in the world.

Notable Universities of the UK:

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3. Australia

Australians have been known as competitive individuals in every field, be it education or sports. Like their dominance in sports, they are also among the top in education by providing quality education to their students. The Universities of Australia have been excelling in diverse courses like Engineering, Administration, Architecture, Media, Business, Communication, and Art. Many of its universities are ranked among the top universities in the QS world university rankings.

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Notable Universities of Australia

  • University of Melbourne
  • University of Sydney
  • Monash University

4. Netherlands

The Dutch education system is known worldwide for its well-designed and cutting-edge curriculum with a range of facilities for its students. The teaching approach in the Netherlands emphasizes developing good cooperation between a teacher and a student. 

Along with theoretical education, Dutch universities also include practical elements in their curriculum. Also, the government has subsidized higher education, so students of any type of financial background can afford quality education in the Netherlands.

Notable Universities of the Netherlands

  • Univeristy of Amsterdam
  • University of Groningen
  • Leiden University

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5. Sweden

In terms of area, Sweden is a tiny nation but still has managed to build an education system that is in the top 10 of the Best education system in the world. The nation of Sweden prefers to have an education system that delivers quality practical education rather than giving importance to the grades of students. 

Also, Sweden has given the world some of the most useful inventions through its approach to forward thinking and research. The researchers of Sweden have contributed to the development of Bluetooth, Pacemakers, Skype, and Spotify. 

Notable Universities of Sweden:

  • Stockholm University
  • Lund University
  • Chalmers University of Technology

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6. France:

 France has been one of the best destinations for students as the education system in France is of the highest quality with a balance between practical as well as theoretical education. Education is considered one of the basic rights in France and hence education is structured in such a way that it provides the knowledge a student needs for his/her future growth.

Notable Universities of France

  • ENS Lyon
  • University of Paris
  • Sorbonne Universite

7.  Denmark:

Denmark has a whopping literacy rate of 99%, which is so good that it seems unreal. Denmark has given utmost importance to studies, as all the nations who want to progress do. Denmark also has some of the best universities in the world which offer expertise in various range of fields.

Notable Universities of Denmark

  • Copenhagen University
  • Technical University of Denmark
  • Aarhus University

8. Canada:

Canada with some of the best and most famous universities like the University of Toronto has made it on this list of the best education system in the world. The Universities of Canada specialize in the fields of Engineering, Commerce, and Arts. Also, a number of Indian students are heading to Canada not only for its great structure of courses but also for reasonable fees and living expenses.

Notable Universities of Canada

  • University of Toronto
  • University of Waterloo
  • University of British Columbia

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9. Germany:

Germany has one of the best education system in the world with courses ranging from Engineering to MBBS. Besides having a quality education system, Germany is also famous for offering free education in its public universities. Also, Germany provides a wide range of scholarships to its international students which helps them cover their expenses.

Notable Universities of Germany

  • Heidelberg University
  • Humboldt University of Berlin
  • University of Hamburg 

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10. Switzerland:

Education in Switzerland is known around the world for setting high standards of quality as it has got one of the best education systems in the world. A degree from the universities of Switzerland will get you a job anywhere in the world as they believe in teaching their students education that will help them in the real world and not just theoretical education. 

Notable Universities of Switzerland

  • ETH Zurich
  • University of Bern
  • Univeristy of Geneva

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