In this article, we will discuss the 11 cheap Universities in Canada for International students.

Canada is a country that has a very high quality of education as well as a very high standard of living. Canada was ranked the No.1 by US news in the list of countries offering the best quality of life. 

It has the quality of education that most other countries like the USA, UK, or Australia have. The thing that separates Canada from the UK, the USA, or any other country offering quality education is that the cost of education is relatively low compared to those countries. Also, Canada is among the countries that are listed at the top for the best education system in the world.

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1. University of Montreal:

Location: Quebec, Canada.

The University of Montreal was established in the year 1878 and is currently ranked #88 in the prestigious Times higher education world university rankings. It is also in the top 100 universities in the field of life science and medicine in the world. It is among the cheapest university offering quality education.

Tuition fee: Between 10 to 16 lacs per annum.

Top courses: 

  • Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences.
  • Bachelor in Microbiology and Immunology
  • Bachelor in Anthropology

2. McGill University:

Location: Quebec, Canada.

McGill University is very famous among international students and 30% of the student body at McGill is of international students from about 150 countries. The McGill University of Canada is popular for offering the best education in life sciences and medicine and ranks 31st in the global 50 universities in life science and medicine. The university offers courses that are accepted worldwide and is also among the cheapest university in Canada.

Tuition fee: Between 13 to 36 lacs per annum

Top courses:

  • Master of Science in Psychology
  • Bachelor of Arts in economics
  • Bachelor of Arts in Environment

3. McMaster University:

Location: Hamilton, Canada.

McMaster University is known for being the hotbed of discovery and innovation and is also ranked as Canada’s most research-intensive university. The university is also ranked #80 in the world in Times higher education world rankings 2022.

Tuition fee: Between 16 to 22 lacs per annum.

Top courses:

  • MSc in Computer science
  • M.Sc in chemical biology
  • M.Eng in Civil Engineering

4. University of British Columbia:

Location: Vancouver, Canada.

The University of British Columbia is known for its approach and research on sustainability.  The UBC is ranked at #47 in the QS world university rankings in 2023. The University of Columbia is not the cheapest but is widely known to offer quality education in the field of biological science at a relatively lower price than most top countries. The University of Columbia offers a balance in expenses as well as quality education.

Tuition fee: Between 7 to 20 lacs.

Top courses:

  • Bachelor of Science in Pharmacology
  • Bachelor of Science in Biology
  • Bachelor of Science in mathematics

5. University of Toronto

Location: Toronto, Canada.

The University of Toronto is ranked 18 among the best global universities and is famous for research on insulin, regenerative medicine, and artificial intelligence. It is also quite famous for offering the best courses in the field of psychology and medical technology. The University of Toronto is definitely not the cheapest in Canada but looking at the quality of education, the fee is pretty low compared to other reputed universities in the world.

Tuition fee: Between 5 to 40 lacs per annum.

Top courses:

  • Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Applied Science in Computer Engineering
  • MBA

6. Memorial University of Newfoundland

Location: St. John’s, Canada.

The Memorial University of Newfoundland was established in the year 1925 and is among the cheapest university in Canada for international as well as domestic students. It offers a variety of unique programs and is the only university to offer a co-op program in Ocean and Naval Architectural engineering in the world.

Tuition fee: 7 lacs per annum.

Top courses:

  • Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering

7.  Simon Fraser University

Location: Burnaby, Canada.

Simon Fraser University has close to 170,000 alumni from 143 countries and is ranked #328 in QS world university rankings. The university is known to offer a wide range of courses to its undergraduate students and is one of the cheapest universities in Canada offering high-quality education. 

Tuition fee: 20 lacs per annum.

Top courses:

  • Master of Arts in Economics
  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Business Economics
  • Bachelor of Applied Science in Engineering Science

8. Brandon University:

Location: Brandon, Canada.

Brandon University is known for its school of music and is ranked consistently among the top in Canada for music. Brandon university is known for its education as well as extracurricular activities like sports and music. 

Tuition fee: 21 lacs per annum.

Top courses:

  • Bachelor of Arts [B.A] Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] Biology
  • Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] Computer Science

9. Dominican University College:

Location: Ottawa, Canada.

Dominican University College was established in 1900 and is known for its diverse culture that is based on relationships between communities. The University is great for students who want to have a deep understanding of life as the main focus of the university is the faculty of theology. It has one of the best curricula in all of Canada in Liberal Arts.

Tuition fee: 10 to 15 lacs per annum.

Top courses:

  • Bachelor of Arts [B.A] Philosophy
  • Masters in theology
  • Master of Arts [M.A] Philosophy

10. The University of Calgary

Location: Calgary, Canada.

The University of Calgary was established in 1966 and is one of Canada’s top comprehensive research universities. The University is included in the Times Higher Education top 200 universities. The University is known for offering quality courses in a variety of fields like Science, Medicine, Arts, and Business. 

Tuition fee: Around 7,84,857

Top courses:

  • Master of Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Arts in Economics
  • Bachelor of Arts in Economics

11. University of Saskatchewan

Location: Saskatchewan, Canada.

The University of Saskatchewan is ranked #510 among the best global universities. It is a top research university in Canada that offers a very high quality of life to its students be it domestic or international. The University is home to world-leading research in global importance areas such as food security, infectious diseases, and water. 

Tuition fee: Around 5,37000 per year.

Top courses:

  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Business Economics
  • BE in Mechanical Engineering
  • BE in Chemical Engineering

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