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Since you're reading this, I'm assuming you have a seed sowed of going to Harvard for your higher studies and living the Ivy League dream! Harvard is the dream college of the vast majority of students worldwide, not just in the United States. There are other excellent institutions, some of which are even better than Harvard. However, the Harvard craze in students' minds is insane.

People frequently associate the greatness of any institution with its age. The greater the institution's reputation, the older it is. Harvard University was founded in 1636, making it the country's oldest higher education institution.

Is Harvard the Best University in the World?

Harvard University accepts the top students from throughout the world. This not only benefits Harvard but kids get to know about diverse races, cultures, and languages. It has an impact on their thinking and worldview, as well as helps to promote secularism and equality.

Yes, Certainly Harvard University is one of the best universities in the world. It tops the chart of 8 Ivy League universities because it not only offers academic excellence but also gives equal priority to extra-curricular activities like sports, conventions, etc. This results in overall performance improvement of the student. 

Other factors, however, make Harvard University the top educational institution in the world. And it is for these reasons that the top students from around the world flock to this university. Let us go over a few of them:

  1. Harvard's professors are all excellent scholars. Many Nobel Laureates and members of the Academy of Sciences work at Harvard University. Hence, being mentored by a renowned academic (such as a Harvard professor) boosts your chances of success tremendously.
  2. Harvard University offers a diverse range of academic degrees, including law, medicine, astronomy, sociology, and more. As a result, whatever a student's passion is, Harvard offers a course for them.
  3. Harvard University has the world's most significant capital of all universities. These massive outside donations enable the best equipment, libraries, and infrastructure to be purchased.

What are the courses that Harvard University offers?



1st Year Tuition Fees


2 years

USD 73.44K


(1 year-3 year)

USD 19.88K - 64.98K


(4 years)

USD 51.14K


(4 years)

USD 67.14K


(18 months-2 years)

USD 19.88K - 52.87K

B.E. / B.Tech

(4 years)

USD 49.65K

M.A.(5 Courses)

(12 months-2 years)

USD 49.45K


How much does it cost to study at Harvard University:

On Harvard University’s official website, the university has claimed that the cost of living in the Boston and Cambridge area is among the highest in the United States. Hence students must have approximately $30,000 set aside for a year's worth of boarding expenses.

Refer to the table below to understand how much each of your costs would cost if you get into Harvard according to education portals:


Approximate expenses



Food/Meal plans


Health Insurance




Approximate expenses


$1300 / month


$65 / month


$30 - $80 / month


$40 / month

Health Insurance

$1350 / year


Don’t worry, there are Scholarships!

Foreign students who meet the set criteria can apply for Harvard financial aid, which covers 100% of the applicant's demonstrated need. The university picks eligible students based on financial donations as well as jobs and student awards. The rest will be paid by a grant-based scholarship with no repayment requirements.

The following are the scholarships you can apply for to reduce your tuition burden. We have included the eligibility criteria to make it easier to understand what you perfectly fit into!


Requirements/ Eligibility

Horace W. Goldsmith Fellowship

  • Bachelor’s degree.
  • Minimum IELTS score of 7.5.
  • TOEFL score not below 109.
  • PTE score has to be a minimum of 75.
  • Experience of serving full-time leadership roles in a non-profit organization.
  • Relevant experience and an interview after being shortlisted.

Boustany MBA Harvard Scholarship

  • Students can opt for this scholarship only after successful admission to MBA courses at Harvard.
  • Outstanding academic background.
  • Selected applicants have to appear for an interview.

HGSE Financial Aid

  • Applicants pursuing a Ph.D., Ed.M. or Ed. L.D. in Harvard Graduate School of Economics is eligible for this scholarship

Need-Based Fellowships

  • A minimum TOEFL score of 109, an IELTS score band of 7.5, or a PTE score of 75.
  • Candidates should come with relevant experience.
  • Those shortlisted are required to sit for an interview.
  • Aspirants should have outstanding performance in either academic or professional fields.


Ways to reduce your cost of living

  • Buy second-hand course books
    Textbooks can be super expensive, and you may not need to keep them. Try renting textbooks from Amazon or borrowing them from your senior!
  • Live off-campus
    Living in dorms on campus costs a fortune when compared to accommodation off-campus. So always stay off campus to reduce accommodation costs. If you are confused whether to live off-campus or on-campus, we have a detailed camparison guide for you. You can read it and get more insight.
  • Thrift instead of buying new clothes
    Thrifting is the new trend. It's applauded and sustainable! Why spend money on new branded clothes, when you can find them 5x cheaper when you thrift them.
  • Cook instead of eating outside every day
    If you eat outside regularly or choose university meal plans, it is sure to make a hole in your pocket! So buy groceries at discount and cook yourself a hot meal!
  • Utilize student discounts
    Countries abroad love their international students and show amazing hospitality. They offer students discounts at restaurants, shopping centers, book stores, etc. So keep your student ID handy and grab those student discounts.
  • Always pay bills on time to avoid late fees.
    This is one of the very crucial points a student must adhere to. The late fee that is charged is very expensive abroad. Add a reminder on your phones and pay your bills on time!
  • Use public transport, or better, Walk.
    Don’t invest in cars or bikes to reach your university or any other place. Instead, use public transport (students travel for free in a few countries), buy a bicycle or, simply walk!

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