Studying abroad is a dream many of us have but only a few of us are able to score that like a champion. Damini Agarwal is one such bright star who was able to bag a fully funded education with John Hopkins University and make her dream of studying in US a reality. She has been also awarded the TOEFL scholarship by ETS.  Here is what Damini says about her fully funded study in US and TOEFL scholarship:

How many universities you applied for?

I applied to a total of 13 Universities namely

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And out of these which all universities you got admission call from?

I got offers of admission from the following university and some even with scholarship.

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Which course and degree level you are going to pursue in US?

I am going to pursue my Masters in Biomedical Engineering.

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Can you tell us briefly about your profile?

I did my schooling from Birla High School Girls’ Section, Kolkata (now Sushila Birla Girls’ School). I scored 92.8% and 92.6% respectively in class 10th and 12th. My subject combination in class 12th was Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology, Computer Science and English. I did a Major in B.Tech- Biomedical Engineering and a Minor in B.Tech-Computer Science and Engineering from VIT University, Vellore. I graduated in 2015 with a CGPA of 9.65.

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What about your GRE and TOEFL score and any publications, etc you own?

My GRE score is 332/340 and AWA is 5.5/6, my TOEFL score is 120/120. In terms of research publication, I have a patent, and 2 paper acceptances in Scopus Indexed Journals.

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Can you highlight some major differences in the application form (or application process) among the different universities you applied?

Most of the universities have identical parameters in their application forms. However, the major difference lies in the word limits and the focus areas of the essays. Some prefer that you highlight the research experience alone, while others want a more comprehensive description of skills, abilities and goals. The biggest challenge is to customize it for each university to the best.

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What according to you matters the most to get admission in US?

I don’t think that there is one single parameter that decides the admission in US. It’s a system of balances. A lack of research needs to be supplemented by suitable extra-curricular, a low GPA by very good exam scores or an exceptional research. On the whole, I think the overall profile is what matters

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What is the best part of your profile which enhanced your chances of getting admission call from one of the top university in US?

In my opinion, my profile had the necessary academic and research background that helped me get an offer of admission from the top universities in the US. My areas of work and interest were aligned with those in the universities that I applied to, which probably contributed to me getting accepted there

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What made you choose Johns Hopkins University over others?

There were two main reasons why I chose Johns Hopkins University. First - it is the world's number one in Biomedical engineering, second - the university also gave me full financial support.

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Can you tell us about the TOEFL Scholarship you received?

The TOEFL scholarship supports applicants who exhibit:

  • an outstanding ability to communicate
  • demonstrated leadership skills
  • well-rounded extracurricular activities, especially including community service
  • innovative ideas as reflected in essays

10 students from across India are awarded this prestigious scholarship of US$7,000 for use towards higher studies.

The application for the scholarship takes place in a two-phased manner. In the first phase top 100 applicants are shortlisted. In the second phase 10 winners are chosen. The application takes place by means of an online form. The online form covers all aspects of you academic background, extra curricular and community service. It also requires a comprehensive recommendation from an accomplished individual who knows the applicant personally and professionally.

The deadline for the first phase of the application is sometime in October-November and the deadline for the second phase is by December. The scholarship results are declared in January and the official award presentation ceremony takes place in February.

It is essential to have a valid TOEFL score before applying for this scholarship. Anyone pursuing Bachelors, Masters or PhD in an institute listed in the TOEFL Destination Directory is eligible to apply for the scholarship. The scholarship, if awarded, not only supplements the finances for pursuing higher education, it also contributes to the overall profile by adding credibility to the work done by the individual in all facets of life.

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We wish Damini all the best for her endeavor in US and wish good luck to student planning to apply for TOEFL scholarship. For more information on relevant opportunities like this keep browsing .