Do you know that applying for most of the scholarships programs is almost like a full-time job? And it really hurts when you fail if you are busy from morning to evening and manage to submit your documents in between. Today I am going to tell you about the 15 Things you should avoid to win a scholarship...

Let’s go!

1. Don’t expect quick results

You thought you applied for a scholarship program today and after one month you would receive an e-mail saying that you have been awarded. But in reality, this does not always happen unless you experience beginners’ luck. When applying for scholarships, think of at least 5 or 6 programs. Get more patience, more free time and apply for all of them. You will get at least one of them.

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2. Don’t lose trust in yourself

While you search for scholarship programs if you find that there are not many programs that suit your educational, professional, and future needs, don’t get discouraged. Also don’t get scared when programs ask you to write professional essays, recommendation letters, and advanced certificates such as IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, SAT and etc. Take time, organize your days, and educate yourself. Seek academic support. Use writing services or other Internet resources.

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3. Don’t get stuck in your past

Don’t live in the past together with your old memories of failures at school, college, university, job or even relationship with your girlfriend or boyfriend. Try not to think that if you failed a lot in the past you will never be successful in the future. Your past must not dictate your future. At least take a control of it. Past is a past. It is gone. There is nothing you can do about it. If you offended someone, ask for the God forgives and move forward.

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4. Don’t focus on your failures

When you finally apply for a scholarship program and fail, don’t you think “That’s it! I have arrived”. Instead, admit your failure, take a lesson and improve your weak areas. Never and ever give up very easily.

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5. Don’t be afraid of your future

Imagine yourself in a leadership position running your own business or projects and creating your own team which you wish to grow together into the future. Forget about a full-time office job, stable salary and a ‘nice’ boss. Create your own brand, own vision and lead.

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6. Don’t surrender very easily

Let me tell you this. Don’t apply for scholarships because many people you know are going abroad to study. In other words, have your own vision of how education abroad can help you and your country in the future. This will help you not to give up easily and wait for the other people come and push you move forward.

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7. Don’t think you are weak

Avoid thinking that because of poor grades you got back at the high school or college you are weak. Well, truth is grades can’t define you as a person. I am one example. I never studied at school very well and most of my grades were almost next to poor. But I always focused on knowledge and skills not the grades I used to get. But I achieved a lot in my life.

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8. Don’t think the world should reward you

Or let’s say you have excellent grades. And you think some kind of magic should happen one day and your life will change once and forever. You might probably think that “I am studying very well and there must be someone who notices me. He/she will reward my hard work”. But in reality that does not happen unless you step up and try to sell your own expertise yourself.

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9. Don’t let your fear overweigh your drive to success

Don’t be afraid and never say things like “What if I don’t pass? What if there is too much competition? What if fail my language or other exams later on? What if I can’t study when I am in X University?” And the list goes on. Be more positive. What if the God wants you to change your life? Think like that. And have passion. Dream, dream and dream of becoming successful and you will be successful, I bet.

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10. Don’t ignore your own potential

Don’t be ignorant when it comes to realizing your potential. You can do wonderful, amazing and mind-blowing things. You have no idea of what kind of potential you have because at schools your teachers judged you mostly based on your grades and as a result you think you know little. Listen! Nobody knows your better than you yourself. For example, I am a blogger. I have my own blog and I also blog at We Make Scholars. Based on grades I got at school I am not supposed to be here writing all of this.

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11. Don’t think you have something to lose

Well, yes if you wish to achieve something in your life then you will have to make sacrifices. You can’t have everything in this life. You should identify your values, goals and based on that make priorities. Then you will not feel that you have something to lose. Think much bigger. But yes in between you will have to spend extra hours, energy, money and so on but when you get the scholarship you will get paid off anyway. So I would not call that losing at all.

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12. Don’t work too many hours

If you work from 9 am to 5 pm every day it can be very hard to search and apply for scholarship programs but if you really want, you should be able to find time. For example, wake up earlier and work one hour on realizing your dream. Or after working hours come home, spend some time with your family, have dinner together and then from 10 pm to 11 pm work on your dreams.

Or just get a part-time job and create more free time for yourself.

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13. Don’t think your problems are unique

Never think that only you have life full of problems. I also used to think so. I always used to think “Oh my God why my life is so difficult and I have to overcome a lot of endless challenges”. But then I realized that other people have such problems that I thanked the God for having my own problems because they seemed nothing compared to others’. Anyway, remember that whatever that does not kill you that makes you stronger.

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14. Don’t see failure as a sign to stop

Don’t think that if you failed once, that is not your calling and you have to stop. That’s the totally wrong mindset. If you failed once, try again. If you failed again, try again. If you failed again, try another method of realizing your dreams or try totally different programs. Don’t get stuck with only one program. Don’t place all your eggs in one basket. 

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15. Don’t love your comfort zone

Get ready to take risks and face a lot of challenges. You will lose your peace. You will have to work twice harder and enjoy your life less and less. But at the end of the dark tunnel, there is always a light, remember.