The field of engineering is one of the best in the world. Engineering has evolved so much throughout history that it can be found in every area today. The modern world cannot function without engineering. The roots of engineering can be found in fields such as medicine, technology, and agriculture.

Suppose you are pursuing a high degree in engineering. In that case, you have an excellent opportunity to be successful because many of the worlds top countries, like the US, China, and European countries, give students scholarships. So if you are keen to study further after you graduate from college or university, you should apply for these scholarships.

These scholarships contribute not only to the advancement of the engineering field but also to the building of a unified culture throughout the world. Students of different cultures, countries, and religions get together and share their unique cultures, values, ideas, and experiences, which help to build tolerance among the people.


If we are to select the best scholarship for any field, it would be the Fulbright scholarship. It US- based, fully-funded scholarship back by the US state department. The main objective behind this scholarship is to increase the mutual understanding between people of different regions. Students of engineering are strongly recommended for this scholarship.

This scholarship covers tuition fees, airfare, living expenses, health insurance, and the cost of textbooks. Those keen to do some research in the field of engineering are strongly preferred. If you have done your Master’s and want to do a Ph.D., it is the best scholarship you can ever get.

The process of applying is straightforward. Every year there are advertisements shared through the embassy and website as well. You just need to follow the instructions. A special GRE test for all the applicants is held that includes analytical writing, verbal reasoning, and quantitative reasoning.

Quantitative reasoning

Among the three tests, quantitative reasoning is complex for many students because it has arithmetic, mathematics, geometry, algebra, and data analysis. But it should not be difficult for engineering students because, throughout their graduation, they study these things. Before giving the GRE, you are advised to provide an online math assessment so that you know whether you can pass the GRE’s quantitative reasoning or not.

Commonwealth Scholarship

Like the US, the United Kingdom also provides scholarships to students of underprivileged countries. It is also a fully-funded scholarship for those who want to pursue higher education (Ph.D. or Master’s). Those who want to do new research are favored more. But only students of the 53 commonwealth countries are eligible for it. So if you are living in a commonwealth country, you can apply for it.

Scholarship recipients receive a monthly stipend of 1000 euros, a round-trip ticket from their country to the UK, and airfare from the UK back to their country. They are also provided with half airfare if they want to go to their home in mids of their degree. The scholarship gives the scholar 250 euros if they live with the spouse at the same address in the UK.

Alongside the UK, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand also gives commonwealth scholarships. These costs are different in the UK.

Take flight with Embry-Riddle Scholarship

Aerospace and aviation have attracted so many people in such a short period. The advancement in aerospace is unprecedented. More and more people and institutions are coming to it. Students fascinated by aviation, astrophysics, aeronautics, and any other related engineering fields need to apply for Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University scholarship.

This scholarship supports students who want to do research in the fields of aerospace. A winner of this scholarship will be given 1000$.

STEM scholarship

There is a special US-based scholarship for women in the field of Science, technology, engineering, and math. The scholarship is available to both graduate and undergraduate students. It provides girls students with 3000$ stipend.

If you are a woman pursuing your higher education in any of the fields mentioned above, you are advised to apply for this scholarship. It is specially designed for women to complete their education without any financial hurdles.


There are different types of scholarships available for students of engineering. Some scholarships are general for which every student can apply, like Fulbright, etc., but there are scholarships designed for engineering students. You should try to apply to all of them to secure your future and ambition.

These scholarships not only give you financial security but also gives you a diverse range of experiences. You are exposed to different cultures, religions, and ideas. So you must try one.