Every student has fantasized about studying abroad at least once in a lifetime. But what if you can make your dream come true one day? What if you have that zeal to seize the opportunity? Did it ever occur to you where you will study? Which country would it be?

If you are contemplating the same thing, my friend, we are on the same boat.

There are thousands of universities offering a wide range of courses with exciting employment opportunities. Yes, it is true that studying abroad is a great add-on to your profile as it overall develops social, academic and language skills of an individual. These parameters add an unparalleled depth to your university experience too. But is there a specific country you personally would like to explore like I do? Do you want to traverse through the best country for education for Indian students like I do?

If yes, then you have landed on the right blog. Let’s explore the best country for studying abroad together. But before that, refer to these top countries to study abroad before landing on one conclusion. 

Top Countries to Study Abroad

Here, I’ve compiled a few best countries to study and the reasons which you can refer to before picking up your dream destination. 

#1 - USA

What is the first thing that springs to mind when you think about the USA? Is it the advanced technology or the famous TV shows with some crazy music? Umm. it’s both for me. I know you'll probably think of me as raving bonkers, but it's “THE USA”. USA has all the captivating technology and great education system which has left a major imprint on the entire world. The higher education system globally attracts thousands of international students to study in the USA.

You’ll get to discover the largest economy in the world or maybe soak up the sun on the California coast or maybe end up taking a road trip (who knows). The USA is a land of opportunities for everyone, especially for students. It adds a perfect blend of academic experience and extra curricular activities for the students. Therefore, if you have decided to go to the USA, then my friend, I suggest you must give it a shot as it is one of the best countries for education for Indian students.

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#2 - UK

Are you one of those who wants to pursue their higher education in the UK? Then I must tell you, it’s a great dream destination. UK universities have an impeccable international reputation and ranks among the best in the world indeed. 
Apart from Christian Bale, Emma Watson, and Robert Pattinson, the UK is famous for a lot more things that a student can imagine. Students can experience high standards of education where knowledge is imparted by highly trained professionals or faculty. UK universities are continuously monitored by QAA (Quality Assurance Agency) where they ensure the standards of education are maintained and students can boost their potential by improving critical analytical skills.

What if you want to study animation, gaming, fashion, or any other non-stem course? You do not have to worry about this as the UK offers a wide range of courses for international students. You can explore the whole UK while studying in the country.

Are you interested in studying in the UK? Then you must be aware of the fact that though the UK is one of the best country for studying abroad, it may cost an arm and a leg to self-fund your higher education. Therefore, education loan is one such option which most of the students opt for. If you happen to look for an education loan, then connect with the team at WeMakeScholars to get an unbiased education loan opinion. They will also help you with the entire education loan process. 

#3 - Canada

Do you know famous celebrities like Ryan Gosling or Jim Carrey? If yes, then you probably are watching a lot of TV shows. Fun apart, do you know they hail from the land of maple syrup and ketchup chips. Yes, it's Canada, one of the best country for studying abroad. Canada constantly ranks as one of the best countries in the world for study abroad. It is majorly known for the quality of life of the people who reside in Canada.

Most of the students like to study in Canada because of the lively universities. Canadian universities have multiple events and fests happening throughout the year. Each university has its own events and parties as the universities aim to educate as well as socialize students by compelling them to participate in different cultural events.

Canada truly engulfs all the ingredients required for a student to be groomed flawlessly. So, if you are looking to pursue higher education in Canada, make sure you check out the scholarship opportunities at from time to time. And if you are looking for an abroad education loan to fund your study abroad, connect with your financial officer as they will help you finance your higher study in Canada loan with the best education loan lender available in the market. 

#4 - Australia

Every country has its own intrinsic features, but do you know what Australia is famous for? Australia is known as the “Land Down Under” as it was discovered when explorers were looking for the land under Asia in the Southern Hemisphere.

Australia has emerged as one of the safest and the best country for studying abroad. It is a home for thousands of international students from every corner of the world. If you are one of a kind who likes to step outside of your comfort zone and are ready to experience a multicultural setting, then there's no turning back, Australia is your dream destination. Australia has some of the top ranked universities in the world and provides a world class education. 

Australia has some of the very specific student visa norms as well as pretty expensive education courses. If you are looking for an education loan, then there are certain parameters financial institutions are very particular about. To know whether you are eligible or not, get in touch with the WeMakeScholars team. 

#5 - Germany

Everyone knows why students want to study in Germany. Who would like to miss an opportunity to study for free? Yes, you read it right. Germany offers free education for domestic and international students. Though students would have to pay a small fee to cover administration and other costs per semester, the fees are comparatively lower than any other country in the world. 11 out of the 16 states in Germany have no tuition fees at all, while some states require a maximum of only 500€ per year.

So, if you gotta make hay while the sun shines, you should go to this country of ideas i.e. Germany. But kindly note that students who are willing to study in Germany are required to deposit their one year’s living expenses into an account before applying for a German student visa. So, if you are willing to get an education loan, get in touch with the team at WeMakeScholars. The financial officers will help you with all the country-specific requirements.

My Opinion 

In my opinion, I feel Canada is one of the best places to study abroad for Indian students. Canadians are very accommodating and welcoming. Canada is among the top countries to study abroad. Canada offers an exceptional standard of education for students. It has also gained global recognition over years. Studying from a Canadian university also adds a great value to a student’s profile as the degree is considered equivalent to the degree procured from other top countries like USA, Australia etc.

Apart from that, if you come from a technical domain, then you have an added advantage. This is because there are a number of employment opportunities available to you, and students who acquire knowledge and skills of the subject do not generally encounter any issues during placements too. 

And as “it’s Canada”, I’m sure, you must have or had a relative in Canada from India. That’s like a cherry on the top. So, you do not have to struggle to know people around you or have to encounter any issue to make new friends because it’s like a second home for Indians. 

So, if you are looking to know more reasons to study in Canada, then I would recommend you to read this article - Top 10 Reasons to Choose Canada for Higher education. It will give you a clear idea on why you should opt for Canada over any other country to study.


These are the few best countries to study abroad. Finally, I have always believed that fantasy and dreams can be turned into reality. So, here I am - opening the doors to acknowledge something new and continuing to dream beneath the threshold of consciousness. I’ll not let any financial distress or any reason become a hurdle to stop my dream of studying abroad. If you also want to fund your dream, you should connect with the financial team at WemakeScholars. They will help you make your dream a reality. 

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