There is much growth over the years in the number of students opting for abroad education for various reasons. On average, each abroad education aspirant applies to 4-6 foreign universities or colleges. After applying, many universities and colleges require the student to submit hard copies of Original transcripts, Letters of Recommendation and other documents. Other than universities, WES evaluation is also done for which a similar set of documents have to be couriered internationally. So, it is pertinent that you choose a trusted and reliable courier service for this task. DHL is the one most students prefer because of its vast network of cities where this service is operable. In this article, we are discussing how to get DHL student offer of up to 40%.

Couriering through DHL is an expensive deal as you have to spend almost Rs. 1490 per packet when you go and book the shipment at any DHL store. There are a few online partners of DHL student offer where you get a 20-25% discount. But, the pan India partnership of WeMakeScholars allows us to offer the lowest rate DHL student offer and benefits like:

  1. Get up to 40% DHL student offer with the base price as low as Rs. 925 per package.
  2. The students will receive also an additional 50% discount if you apply for an education loan and received the sanction letter.
  3. This service will ensure the package is delivered within 2-3 days in most of the locations.
  4. Our team may also convince them to pick up from a location deemed as "Out of Serviceable range" by the DHL.
  5. The students can pay for this service by cash on delivery.

As discussed, when students apply to an average of 4-6 universities/ colleges, they have to spend over Rs. 5000. In case they apply for more, then it will reach Rs. 8000. Hence, this DHL student offer will definitely save a few thousands of rupees.

Know more and Get DHL Student Offer

This platform is created in partnership with DHL India and several students have taken advantage of this DHL student offer scheme. This platform is particularly designed to send documents and hence it is ideal for sending transcripts to the Universities/ WES.

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