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A VISA interview for going abroad to study is a make-or-break hurdle for students. If you fail in this, there is no way you are going abroad for the time being. Hence you should not take the interview casually and prepare yourself well. A Visa interview is basically conducted to understand you, not test your knowledge. The interviewer wants to know your intentions behind your visit to their nation. It is undertaken to make sure that you are going for education only and not for any other purposes.

Try to be clear and honest before the interviewer and arrange beforehand all the documents that the interviewer requires. In this article, we are going to list 50 questions that are commonly asked in the Visa interview to help you prepare for the interview. For our ease let us consider that you are going to the US and you need F-1 Visa.

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Questions that are commonly asked in the interview with answers.

Below are a few very basic commonly asked questions asked in a student Visa interview with an approach that you will need while answering the given questions. Do read and adapt the approach given below to be confident of clearing the interview.

1. Why are you going to the United States?

This is the most common question that the applicants are asked, and also among the very first question that the interviewer may ask. It is also a very important question that the interviewer will ask, as this will lay a foundation for the upcoming questions. Be very clear and confident in answering it. If you fumble or take a long pause while answering this question, the interviewer might assume that you are lying.

The simple and straightforward answer that you can give to this question is obviously that you are going to the US for studies and nothing else. You shouldn’t say that you will do a part-time job there, as they don't allow that for students. The next question that may follow is Why can’t you study in your own country? Why do you specifically want to go there?

2. Why can’t you study in your own country? Why the US?

The answer to this question which most people give or the possible answer that you too might behave is to praise the United States. But we would suggest you, not do that as that might give the interviewer impression that you want to settle in the United States. Instead, praise the University you are going to or known professors of those Universities. 

You can even give reference to notable lectures given by a particular professor of that University. This will give the interviewer an impression that you know the University really well and you are looking forward to getting a quality education from there.

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3. How are you going to manage funds for your education?

Give a clear explanation of your funds and present proof of funds if the interviewer requires it. Do not say that you will work in the US and pay fees. Before going to the interview have a clear view of the funds you will require and how you will manage them.

4. Where did you complete your previous education? Your academic records?

The interviewer along with this question may continue with your academic records to know more about you as a student. Be honest with the experiences of your school, do not lie as the interviewer is very experienced and will find out if you lie. 

5. How many colleges did you apply to? How many rejected you?

The interviewer wants to understand your caliber as a student with this question. Do not lie, just be honest and tell if you have been rejected by any colleges.

6. What is the occupation of your sponsor?

The interviewer wants to be sure that your sponsor, be it your father, mother, or brother, will be able to fund your stay and education. Also, tell him/her how is he going to transfer your money.

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7. How many members does your family consist of and what do they do?

This question is to know If you have a sponsor from your family like your father or brother, then how are they going to manage expenses for themselves as well as for you? 

8. Do you have any loans in your name or your sponsor’s name?

Tell the Interviewer honestly if you have got any loans in your name or your sponsor’s name. Also, explain how you will repay them as well as fund your education.

9. Do you have relatives or friends currently in the US?

Again, do not lie and just say yes if you have any relatives or friends in the US. You can also let him know if you will visit them after going to the US.

10. What are your plans post-graduation?

Tell him/her that you plan to complete your education and then come back to your home country. Do not say that you plan to stay in the US.

These were some of the very important as well as very frequently asked questions in the interview for a student Visa. Below are some more questions categorized accordingly to help you in the interview. You can give answers to the following by just being honest and confident. The interviewer should never think that you are lying or trying to hide something.

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Questions with regard to College or your University

  1. What is the name of the University you are applying to? Why did you choose that particular University?
  2. Can you name the professors you are in contact with at the university you are planning to go to?
  3. What inspired you to apply to the University, that you have applied to?
  4. Are you planning to continue your education in the US after completing this particular course?
  5. How were you as a student in your school or college? Did you participate in any extracurricular activities there?

Questions regarding your finances

  1. Who is paying for your education?
  2. What is the monthly or annual income of your sponsor?
  3. Is your sponsor your education fully or did you apply for any loan?
  4. Show us your bank account statement.
  5. How much does your University cost for a year?

More topics related to Study Abroad Visa

Questions about your relatives and family members?

  1. Do you have any siblings? If yes, how many?
  2. Does your sibling work or study?
  3. Does any of your siblings work in the US?
  4. Would you too like to work in the US?
  5. Did your parents complete any studies? Which one?
  6. Are you currently in a relationship?
  7. In which country or city do your parents live?
  8. As we can see that you have siblings(if you have one), how will your parents manage their expenses as well as yours?
  9. Do you or any of your family members have a criminal record?
  10. Do you have any relatives or friends who are studying at the same university where you are planning to go?

Questions about your work or job

  1. If you work, why do you plan to leave your current job in order to go abroad to study?
  2. Please show us your CV or any other paper which shows your work experiences.
  3. What is your salary at the moment?
  4. Do you also have savings?
  5. Do you plan on working while studying?

Some more general questions asked at the interview

  1. I think you want to immigrate to the United States, or are you planning on going back home?
  2. Tell us everything you know about education and the education system in the US.
  3. What are your expectations after having completed your studies and returning to your country?
  4. What are your plans after having completed your studies in the US?
  5. How can you prove to us that you won’t stay in the US after the completion of your studies?
  6. Is it your first time in the US or have you visited before?
  7. What are your career goals back home after your studies? Or are you planning on going somewhere else?
  8. Can you tell me why your GRE/TOEFL scores are so low?
  9. What are your plans if your student visa is not approved?
  10. Are you planning to go home during your summer vacation?
  11. We can see you got a scholarship(if you have got), why do you think they gave it to you?
  12. Tell me some positive things about the United States, why do you like the United States as a country? 
  13. Can you explain to us why you changed your field or career(if you did)?
  14. Why should we give you the possibility to study in the United States?
  15. Do you think you deserve to get an F1 visa?

How to answer the above questions?

The above-given questions are some of the very basic questions that you can answer without any help. What you need to keep in mind while answering the above-given question is the intention behind your interview. The interviewer's intention is just to make sure that you go for studies alone and not for any other thing. Just align your thought process with this and you will be good to go. Have a clear mind and believe that you are going only for studies and nothing else and present an honest face. That will work wonders for you.

Have a calm mind while going to the interview and have a clear approach and be confident. Also while you are preparing for the interview, you also need to be aware of the funds that you will require including the fees and living expenses. Studying abroad can be expensive, but you will have an education of the highest quality. It can seem tough for an aspiring middle-class student to dream of it, but that is not really the case. Aspiring students need not worry about the expenses for education as we at Wemakescholars totally believe that education is a basic right and so shall be higher education. Wemakescholars helps aspiring students pursue an education of the highest quality by applying for an Education Loan through us. We connect students to suitable lenders who provide education loans and also help in the whole process until the loan is repaid. So do not wait until it's late, check your eligibility for an education loan today and request a callback from our team to get started with your dream of abroad study.