In this article, we invite you to familiarize yourself with the basic steps of writing an essay, as well as tips that will be useful to anyone who collects a package of documents for an international scholarship. 

It is no secret to anyone that it takes a lot of work to get funding. To get started, set aside enough time to write your essay. For each person, this process takes a different amount of time - someone spends a week on this, and someone - a whole month. Even if you are confident in your abilities, you should not start writing an essay the day before the deadline. This approach is a failure in advance. It's a lot of work to write this document. In this case, it is better to turn to essay writing services, just write to the author "Hi, please write my essay for me" and then the problem will be solved by itself.

But if you want to do it all, use the following tips:

  1. The first and main task is to formulate a question to which the text will answer. Study the characteristics of the organization that provides funding, determine its values. Don't be lazy. Organize the information point by point. You can also contact the institution directly and ask what the essay should be about or how the main topic should be covered.

  2.  Having determined the topic of the essay, start collecting material that will serve as the basis for the document. Formulate a simple question for yourself, the answer to which needs to be found in your biography. For example, how your experience in entrepreneurship will help international business in the future. To answer this question, you need to structure your experience - in the form of a list, a map, or in any other format. Try not to miss anything, be specific and write it down.

  3. Then, move on to the second part of the question: in this case, it is your contribution to the future of international business. Identify existing problems in the industry. Compare these two parts, i.e. analyze how your experience will help you cope with difficulties. Be very specific.

  4.  Experience is experience, but to get ahead of the competition and get a scholarship, you need ideas. Cool and fresh. At this point, move on to the brainstorming session. Structure the process for quality results. Identify a simple question that needs to be answered within your area. For example, the difference in time, cultural characteristics, how the work process differs. During your brainstorming session, be sure to write down all ideas on paper or a voice recorder so as not to miss anything.

  5.  After that, you need to highlight the main idea, which will become your main trump card. Refer back to the Q&A technique. To do this, formulate a simple question that captures the essence. Example: "How is it useful to study business etiquette in your country?" This will give you the main message of your essay.

  6. Record in a draft what you analyzed, remembered, and thought of. Create a complete and clear picture. Avoid complicated phrasing, write your story. Tell us who you are and why you are doing all this at all. Personalization and clear language will play in your favor when the commission reads the essay. She gives money to living people.

  7. Finish the first draft and set the document aside. Air out for a few hours do other things. Meet up with friends, tidy up the apartment or garden, exercise, run in the park. Don't think about the task, switch over and rest.

  8. After a break, carefully read the essay, evaluate its content. Analyze whether you have taken into account everything and whether you managed to convey the main idea. Do you like the text? Give the document to a friend and ask for an honest rating. Do not expect praise and do not be afraid of constructive criticism, at this stage it can be useful. Don't use cliché and boring templates. Your essay should stand out with a colorful, active, engaging speech that will attract a sponsor.

  9. Carefully read the essay for errors, evaluate its content, analyzing whether you have taken into account and conveyed everything in your story. Think about it, do you personally like it? After completing the review, submit the document for evaluation to another person and ask for an honest and complete answer. Do not be afraid of constructive criticism, at this stage it can be useful.

  10.  It would seem that it could be more commonplace. But candidates get carried away with the preparation process and forget about the last date for receiving documents. You spent a lot of time and energy on your essay, remember the deadline for applications for the scholarship. Otherwise, all the work was in vain.


And at last but not the least. You can read examples of the essays written by other candidates to understand the structure or logic of writing the text in a better way. But don't plagiarize! It is now very easy to prove the fact of illegal borrowing of material. It won't do you any good, but it can create many problems.