Helen MacPherson Smith Trust

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

established Established :


Helen Macpherson Smith Trust is an independent philanthropic trust established by Helen Macpherson Schutt (née Smith) in 1951. $110 million has been distributed in grants since HMSTrust was established, with a wide range of Victorian charitable institutions and a diverse range of projects benefiting every year. Helen’s vision continues to guide HMSTrust today. She was a life-long donor and supporter of organisations in Victoria including community service charities, children’s causes and medical institutions, and in her Will requested her Trustees consider ongoing support for “…such charitable institutions in the State of Victoria…”. While HMSTrust will honour the wishes of our benefactor in perpetuity, our Trustees must also ensure the grants program remains relevant and effective in a rapidly changing world. The grants program is designed to meet current community needs and expectations, but also to maximise the major social impacts and long-term benefits that can be delivered through strategic philanthropy.



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