The University of Edinburgh is a public institution founded in the year 1583, in the town of Edinburgh, Scotland. A total of 20 schools combine to make up the University of Edinburgh.

The University is also very hospitable to international students and that is the reason around 44% of the student population at the University of Edinburgh comprises international students from over 167 countries. These stats tell us how much importance the university holds in the opinions of outgoing students.

In the below article we will talk about the world ranking of the university, the requirements to get into it, and top courses offered at the university with an estimate of fees and we will also help you with the application process.

 QS and World Ranking of University of Edinburgh

Where does the University of Edinburgh stand in World Ranking? Let us see by looking at some of the rankings attained by the university of Edinburgh, which will help us, have a good idea about the quality that the University offers.

"The University is consistently ranked among the top in the UK and in the world. Currently, it is ranked 15th in the QS world ranking. Apart from that, according to US News, it is also ranked 7th for Arts and Humanities courses and 20th in the field of surgery. These rankings convey the quality of education that the university offers."


   Name of the Ranking

Ranked by


QS World University Rankings

QS Top Universities


World University Rankings

Times Higher Education


Academic Ranking of World Universities

Shanghai Jiao Tong University


Guardian University Guide

The Guardian


Best Global Universities

US News


Requirements to Study at the University of Edinburgh

Every university has some criteria requirements while admitting students and the University of Edinburgh is no different. Below we have listed certain requirements that the university expects from the students applying for admission.

Academic Requirements:

If you are applying for a bachelor's then you must have completed the 12th with a percentage that you can check on the website as it differs with the course, and the requirement differs for a master's. So please check the requirements according to your study level and subjects that you want to pursue by going to the official website of the University. 

English Language Requirement:

For proving your proficiency in the English language, you can write any of the two language proficiency tests like TOEFL or IELTS. The score or band required will totally depend on the type of course you want to pursue, so visit the official website to check the score requirement according to your course. Also if you have acquired more than 85% in English in your 12th, then you won’t need to write an English Language Proficiency test.

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Admission Tests:

You may require to write an Admission test if the course you are applying to requires it, so check the website before applying.

Personal Statement:

You will require to write a personal statement of 500 words highlighting your academic history or your work experience.


Check the program that you are applying to, as not all programs require references. Also if your degree does require references, choose appropriate people to write references for you, as it is a defining factor in getting admission to the university.

Programs with Fees:

The University of Edinburgh consists of as many as 300 undergraduates and about 200 taught post-graduate programs. But we won’t talk about all the programs, we will list the 10 most popular courses at the University of Edinburgh.


    Name of the Course

    Course Duration

Estimated Fee (P. A)


MA Business and Economics

4 years

22.26 lacs


BSc Biomedical Sciences

4 years

29.26 lacs


BSc Neuroscience

4 years

29.26 lacs


MA English Literature

4 years

22.26 lacs


BSc Applied Mathematics

4 years

22.23 lacs


MA Ancient History

4 years

22.26 lacs


BSc Astrophysics

4 years

29.26 lacs


MA Archaeology

4 years

22.26 lacs


MA Philosophy

4 years

22.26 lacs


MA History

4 years

22.26 lacs


Do the fees for the courses look a bit high? Well, We can understand that the fees can be a little high but we also know that you are tempted to go to the University after looking at the Rankings of the University. Again managing expenses is also important. Though we will advise you to concentrate on your goal of studying at such a University, and we at Wemakescholars will take care of the funding by guiding you through the process of education loan, and then connecting you to the suitable public or private lenders. You will just need to click on this link and request a callback from our financial officers who will get back to you with the best education loan offers wherein you won’t have to visit banks every alternate day. 

How to apply to the University of Edinburgh?

You will have to register and apply by filling out the UCAS application form. Follow the below steps before applying to the university through UCAS. Below are checklists before you begin your application through UCAS.

  • Choose your preferred degree and check through the website if the course is available or not.
  • Check the duration and fees of your preferred course on the official website of the University. 
  • After choosing the course, see the requirements of that particular course like your subjects in your previous qualification, see if references are needed, and check the language proficiency score required by that course.
  • Also check if the course that you have selected requires any admission test or not and then prepare accordingly.
  • Check the fees and funding options available for the course you are applying for. 

After checking all these details you can go to the UCAS website and start filling out the form, where you can choose more than 5 courses from more than 5 different Universities.

The University of Edinburgh has been popular among international students for its appealing environment and quality education. There are a ton of courses that we have mentioned above in the table which also rank among the top in the world. All in all, we can conclude that you should not miss out on studying at such a prestigious university. The value that a degree from such a university will add to your resume is unmatchable. So apply to the university today by reading all the instructions that we have provided above.