Already decided to study in Australia but are unable to select a university that will skyrocket your career?

Don’t worry you are not alone.

Each student faces the same dilemma when stepping into the next level of their study. Through this article, you can see if Monash University is good for you. This guide will give you a brief on the following

  • A brief on Monash university, 
  • Where the university stands among the top universities in the world, 
  • Some popular courses with fees, and 
  • How to apply to the university.

Monash University

The year was 1958, when the beautiful Monash University was established in the name of prominent world war I general Sir John Monash. The inaugural campus was decided to be set in the serene city of Melbourne, Australia, and later expanded to different parts of the world.

Its been close to 65 years since the inception of Monash university, which does not seem to be a long time considering the top-notch performance of the university. The University has been consistently ranked among the top 100 universities in the world delivering quality education to students from all around the world.

Monash university is a member of a group of 8 research universities in Australia and also a member of ASAIHL(Association of Southeast Asian Institutions of Higher Learning. Around 39% of all the students enrolled at Monash University are international students. 

All these factors do contribute to the legacy of the university which is been recognized as one of the best universities in the world.

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The university has been consistently ranked at the top in Australia as well as in the world and has contributed immensely to the quality of education in Australia. Below are some ranking metrics which define the reputation it has built all over the world.


Ranking Name

Ranked by


Top Universities in the world



Graduate employability ranking



Best Global Universities

US News


World University Rankings

Times Higher Education


Academic Ranking of World Universities

Shanghai Jiao Tong University



Monash University is open to students from a wide range of countries with different cultures and traditions. The university has an acceptance rate of 40% and you have a good chance to be accepted at the university provided you meet the requirements stated by the university.

  • Grade 12 with a minimum of 3 GPA in a relevant discipline to apply for undergraduate courses and a bachelor’s degree in a relevant discipline from a recognized university to get admitted for graduate courses.
  • SAT exam to enroll in an undergraduate course. 
  • Work experience is preferred for candidates applying for graduate courses.
  • A GMAT score of above 650 is required to apply for MBA courses.
  • Provide English proficiency tests of IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE.
  • Provide academic transcripts
  • Also, provide a letter of recommendation from your teachers and urge them to write a good one which can be the deciding factor in your admission to the university.

Note: The above given are basic requirements that can prefer according to the level of your study or the degree that you want to pursue.

Courses with fees:

Monash University offers close to 6000 courses across 10 faculties with expertise in the field of computer science and information technology. Below is the list of 10 popular courses offered at Monash University.


Course Name

Course Duration

Fee per annum(in INR)


Bachelor of Information Technology

3 years

25.75 lacs


Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Computer Science

4 years

23.98 lacs


Bachelor of Applied Data Science

3 years

25.36 lacs


Master of Business Administration

2 years

25.69 lacs


Master of Global Business

1 year-2 years

27.57 lacs


Bachelor of Economics

3 years

24.81 lacs


Bachelor of Architectural Design

3 years

22.6 lacs


Master of Information Technology

18-24 months

25.75 lacs


Master of Data Science

18-24 months

25.75 lacs


Master of Artificial Intelligence

18-24 months

25.75 lacs


How to Apply:

Monash University follows semester-based entries that are in the winter semester and summer semesters. Entry for the university is open in January and July. Below we go through a step-by-step process to apply to Monash University.

  • Choose the level of study that you want to pursue.
  • After the level of study, choose the specialization that you want to pursue.
  • Check the entry requirements for your chosen course by going to the official website of Monash University.
  • Register to the website by going to the official website of Monash university to check the details of your chosen program.
  • You can choose an agent to apply to at the university who will help you with the whole process of your application. If not, you can apply yourself by going to the website and registering yourself.
  • After applying you will hear the answer from the university directly or through your agent.

Note: There is also an application fee of 100 AUD to apply at Monash University.

Monash University is a very reputed university in Australia that has been known to deliver quality education throughout its existence. Students going to Australia must keep an eye on this university as the acceptance rate too is good. The fee can be a bit high for certain courses at the university. Though, if you look at the quality of education at the university the fee does seem reasonable. 

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