How to open a Blocked account ?

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Germany is the new hot spot for students planning to study in Europe. The no tuition fee structure and invaluable international experience is something that is drawing more and more students towards Germany. Currently, to study in Germany you need a student visa, and among the various other requirements to obtain the visa the most important is to prove that you have enough financial means to support your stay in Germany. The visa office asks the students to open a blocked account before they apply for the visa. So let me explain what is a ‘Blocked account’.

Blocked Account (Sperrkonto) is required for financing your study and living costs in Germany. This account is called blocked since you are required to show that you have enough money to survive in the country for a year and only a certain sum of money will be released per month for your usage. You cannot withdraw more than the set monthly limit. Certainly, you can transfer more money than what is required for the German visa.

Several banks in Germany offer this account (Deutsche Bank, Sparkasse Aachen and BW Bank) but since Deutsche bank is most widely used I will take you through their process.

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The two ways to open a blocked account is :

Through German consulate

  1. Download ‘Bank’s application form’ for Deutsche Bank from the bank website. (Alternatively you can also click here).
  2. Book an appointment by sending an E-mail to your local German Consulate for getting the required documents attested.
  3. Fill in the application form (Caution: Don’t write the place, date and signature. It needs to be filled at German Consulate.)
  4. On the day of appointment, go to the German Consulate with :
    • Two copies of duly filled in Bank’s Application Form.
    • Passport Xerox Copy & Original.
    • Any other ID proof, if asked in your country.
    • 2 passport size photos.
    • Admission letter from university (only if available).
    • Attestation Fee 20€ (payable in local currency in cash. Subject to current day’s exchange rate).
    • Appointment mail copy which you got reply about date confirmation.
  5. Once the documents get attested, courier them to the address on the Deutsche Bank’s application form.
  6. In around a week you will get a mail from the Deutsche Bank, confirming your account details. You can transfer the funds after you have received the mail.

For any further FAQ’s you can check the website.

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Directly through local branch of Deutsche Bank:

This process is easy and hassle free. In case you want to save the fees, courier charges and travelling expenses (in case if the Deutsche Bank is not in your city). But it is not mandatory to open a local DB account and take their services. The steps for opening blocked account through local DB is:

  1. Visit the nearest Deutsche Bank branch, you can visit any branch in India for that matter and inform them that you want to open the German Student Blocked Account, they will explain you the complete procedure.
  2. You will have to open a Savings Bank Account with the Deutsche Bank India, which always has a minimum balance requirement. This minimum balance is excluding the blocked amount of 7,908 €  (This balance needs to be maintained to keep your local DB account active.) The relationship manager will help you in filling up the form and also guide you through the procedure.
  3. You will need the following documents:
    • Passport Xerox Copy & Original.
    • ID proof as asked by the relationship manager.
    • 2 passport size photos.
    • Admission letter from university (only if available).
    • Minimum balance, in cheque or cash.
  4. The blocked account will be opened in 4-5 days and then you can transfer the money to your local DB account and they will transfer it to the blocked account.

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Additionally for India they have a new provision wherein you can contact any branch of Kotak Mahindra in India and request opening of a blocked account for student visa for Germany. You will have to present proof of opening of such account at the time of applying for your visa. After having arrived in Germany, you can request Kotak Mahindra Bank to transfer the full deposited amount into.

Try to start the procedure prior to your visa application process to avoid unnecessary troubles. I had personally faced a lot of issues due to lack of information, so I hope this information might be helpful for you. Comment below if you have any other queries. I will be happy to help. Wish you all the very best for the new journey.


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38 thoughts on “How to open a Blocked account ?

  1. hello,
    First of all thank you for sharing this important information. My question is which option is better to open block account in Deutsche Bank or in Kotak Mahindra Bank.

      • I think you should use the first option that is the best. The option from Kotak Mahindra wasn’t available when I was going through this process but if they don’t ask to have a bank account with them you can give it a try. Moreover I opened my account in local Deutsche bank and they transferred it which was quick and easy too but I didn’t want to keep money in their account. Still I had to for sometime and since it was below the required 1 lakh I had deductions every month. So act early and get it done through the consulate.

        • Thanks Akanksha !! But you replied late :-( I initiated the process with Kotak and facing tough time. Its been 10 days and they are yet to initiate the process. They have taken the cheque and other necessary documents. Everyday they need a new document and call me to sign and for doing other documentation. Because they have no experience of opening a blocked account. They are learning on me. Terrible !!! I don’t think I would be able to get Visa for this March intake.

          • I apologise my dear. Why don’t you abort the process and start with the consulate. It will be quick

          • Hey I got it done by Kotak itself. I have an appointment on 21st January. And the classes are supposed to start from March 1. Do you think I would be able to make it in such short span of time.

          • Hey! That’s good. It takes 4 weeks for the visa to arrive. So I think you would be fine. It might be hectic but I think you will be done by the visa.

          • I see !! Do you have any suggestion for visa interview. I faced a rejection last time for Canada Visa so wanna be more careful this time.

          • Don’t worry, if you have got accepted by the university I don’t think that they will have any issues. Just have all the documents and be sure about why you are going to Germany. All the best!

          • Hello Sapna :) Can you share with me the process you went through in order to open a blocked account in Kotak Mahindra bank? And how much time does it take? It would be really helpful. Thanks :)

  2. Fisrt of all, thanks a lot for ur wonderful info… Coming to point, I got rejection from deutsche bank today on some issues. so, now I want to open my account in kotak mahindra. so, can u ppl explain me the procedure for opening a blocked account in kotak mahindra bank. And I also want to know, what will be the difference between these banks..? I presently live in hyderabad so, plz explain me from where should I start my process..? Thank u so much guys in advance..

    • Go go any branch of kotak, they will ask you to fill a form and you will be required to submit a copy of your passport, admission letter, pan card and a cheque of 9000 euros.

      • Thank u so much summit for ur valuable help.. It means alot… Does these details enough..? And how long they take to complete entire procedure to open an account…??

        • Yes, these are the only docs that I submitted. Kotak people will tell you if they need anything more. It should take around 6-7 days according to kotak people. Mine is still in processing phase so, can’t exactly tell about the time.

          • sumit had u opened ur blocked account, if not any progress in ur process..?

          • Hey Sumit, I have just applied to Kotak for the blocked account. Can you tell me how much time will it take exactly ? Is your process complete ? What documents did they asked for exactly till the end ?

          • Thanks for the quick reply. Did they ask for a stamp paper also ?? They are telling me it is going to take 15 days around.. i think they are just new so they dont know. Any suggestions ?

        • It’s just for precaution, because euro prices are fluctuating and it may happen that 8640 worth of rupees might not be sufficient when you arrive in munich so they usually ask for little bit more. You shouldn’t be worried as all this money will be transferred to your german account

  3. I have opened a blocked account in Kotak. Once I am in Germany will Kotak transfer my blocked amount to any account in any German bank or I will have to create a blocked account in Deutsche Bank once I reach Germany and then Kotak will transfer my money in it?

    • I did mine with Deustche bank so it was no problem but if I am not wrong Kotak will have a collaboration with a German bank, whose account you will be provided. I am sure they have that in their brochure. You will not have to create another blocked account again in Germany.

      • No Kotak does not have collaboration with any German bank. We are required to create a blocked account after reaching Germany and kotak people will just transfer the money.

  4. what if account block application gets rejected just before visa application. what can i do? will the embassy accept bank statements?

  5. Hi, I have just arrived in Germany and have a blocked account in Kotak Mahindra. When I went to Deutsche Bank to open a new blocked account they told me to get a couple of documents attested by Embassy. Is that the procedure to be followed or can somebody else assist me please?

  6. Hi Akanksha!
    Thank you for the beautiful piece you’ve written, I found it really helpful!
    I have just initiated opening a block account with Deutsche Bank and wanted to confirm about the VISA process:
    1. Invitation letter
    2. Blocked account
    3. Grades and certificates
    4. Health Insurance
    5. Passport size photo and passport copies

    Apart from these do I have to get attestation on Marks cards? and Will an invitation letter suffice? or an admission letter?

  7. can any one opine about whether visa processing by the applicant or through a reliable agency is better? if so can someone suggest an agency to process through Bangalore consulate?

  8. I got my acceptance letter on 27th March. On 30th March that my course begins on 18th April. Is it possible? Blocked account?Student visa?Housing within this short period of time? Pls advice

    • You need to hurry up. Since the blocked account might take a few weeks and same for the visa. It would be a rush I would advise you to write to your course coordinator about your situation

  9. If I open accout in kotak then they will transfer money to my new germnay acc . That means I have to open new acc in germnay in german bank. So its better to open account in a german ban (dutsche bank ) here in india .
    Am I right ?

  10. if i opened a blocked account with kotak mahindra, after arriving in germany , do i need to open another blocked account in a local bank or a regular savings account?

  11. Hey! Can anyone please tell me what is the process of opening a blocked account after arriving in Germany.

    I have blocked account at Kotak bank India and now need to transfer the amount.

  12. Hi Akanksha, Firstly, appreciate the information you’ve shared.

    My question w.r.t, recently a new requirement, ‘Evidence of the source of your funds (e. g. bank statements)” is being asked to be attested & submitted to Deutsche Bank to open a blocked account.
    How to do it? –> Is it okay to show my salary account statement with 8640 euros amount credited 1 week prior to sending account opening application since my cousin will help me with the money. Or is it mandatory to show the exact source of funds as either loan or monthly savings in my account statements over a long time which I couldn’t.

    Please let me know about the “Evidence of the source of your funds (e. g. bank statements)” for Deutsche Bank. Please respond at the earliest.

    I am going for Deutsche Bank because kotak seems to have posed many problems to several applicants as per my knowledge.

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