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Every year, thousands of students dream of pursuing their higher education abroad. But for many, it just remains a dream as expense is a huge matter of concern. According to FoxBusiness, a report displays that the increments in costs have led to a 51% dropout rate. 

Imagine the situation of students i.e. the stress of achieving their goals with the struggle of finding sufficient funds to study abroad? Is it possible for students to fulfill their dream of studying abroad with skyrocketing expenses? 

If you ask us, then the answer is YES, IT IS POSSIBLE if you take the support of education loans to fund your study abroad. 

Yes, we agree that few countries are very expensive and it is very difficult to sustain in such places. But what if we say that it is possible to study abroad on a reasonable budget?

Yes, it is indeed possible to study abroad on a budget. Read on to find out more about the cheapest country to study abroad for Indian students. 

Cheap Countries to Study for Indian students

Here is a list of cheap countries to study for Indian students.

1. Norway 

Now if you think why are we suggesting Norway, well it’s because of a lot of things. 

The prime reason is that the majority of Norwegian universities are publicly funded and they do not charge tuition fees. This is applicable for all the students i.e. Norwegian students as well as international students.

Infact, the Norwegian Government aims to provide tuition fee-free quality education to all the students despite the student’s country of origin. 

Tuition fees is the major component which contributes towards the education of a student abroad. Other expenses include accommodation, books, travel, stationary etc. 


Well, half your expenses are cut here as there are no tuition fees applicable. Coming to living expenses, Norway is considered a little expensive. 

Tuition fees - Low or non-existent

Living Expenses - NOK 126 357 per year (around 10 lakhs)

But students can find different means to fund their living in Norway. For eg: Students can take the support of fellowship programmes, scholarship schemes, or student loans, where they can receive funding for their degree. Students can avail a study permit where they are allowed to work part-time for up to 20 hours per week. 

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2. Germany

We all know why Germany is considered as the cheapest country to study abroad for Indian students. It is because students do not have to worry about paying high tuition fees. 

Apart from that Germany is recognized as the higher education paradise. Students can find many worldwide ranked universities, a wide range of courses, globally approved degrees and top-notch staff and professors. So, who would not pursue education in a country which offers everyone with a reasonable budget? 


Well before heading towards Germany to pursue your higher education, you should correctly estimate the costs and ensure that you can cover them. In order to avail German student visa, students are required to display proof of funds i.e. you have to show proof that you have sufficient amount to afford yourself in Germany. 

Total estimated expenses to live in Germany - 861 EUR per month / 10,332 EUR per year (approx. 65- 75 K per month/ 8 - 9 Lakhs per year)

Students can either submit the proof of parental income or can deposit an allocated amount on a blocked account (Sperrkonto). Banks generally charge around 50 to 150 EUR (4k to 12k) to set up a blocked account.  

If you are willing to open a blocked account, refer to this article to get a clear idea - How to open a Blocked Account?

Estimated Tuition fees - Low or no tuition fees / Around EUR 1,500 per semester

Living Expenses - Around EUR 819 per month 

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3. Canada

Well there is no hidden fact that Canada offers flexible terms for international students who are willing to study in Canada. Every year, thousands of international students fly to Canada for higher education. The Canadian Government offers benefits like scholarships and bursaries especially for the students who are willing to pursue their higher studies successfully. 

As per the Canadian legislation, students are required to fulfil certain eligibility criteria in order to study in Canada. Students are required to deposit their one year’s living expenses into a GIC account. 


The Canada GIC process is a compulsory requirement for those who wish to study in Canada under the SDS (Student Direct Stream). To know why it is compulsory, read the article - Is GIC Compulsory for Canada: An Overview of Canada GIC Process

Estimated living expenses - CAD $12,000 per year

Estimates tuition fees - CAD $10,000 to CAD $15,000 per year 

Total estimated expenses - CAD $22,000 for your first year of study at an university

Estimated price of transportation - CAD $2,000 to CAD $5,000

You can also check out 18th Episode of Loanflix web series. This episode is a must watch for students willing to study in Canada. For further reference, you can refer to the video embedded below. 

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Students targeting to study in developed countries like the UK, US, Australia, and others can find the cost a little overwhelming. So, here are a few cheap countries to study for Indian students. Those mentioned above are a few where tuition fees are low and affordable or are even non-existent.

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