Marine Engineering has been an amusing field with adventurous careers all around the world. Marine engineers are some of the most patient individuals who give importance to a collaborative effort. Marine engineers are basically individuals who design, construct or maintain ships, vessels, or water pathways. You can refer to this article to know more about marine engineering and its career prospects. Though in this article we are going to discuss various bachelor's and master's courses in marine engineering and their significance, a list of universities that are offering marine engineering with an estimate of fees, and how We make scholars will help you in getting quality education in the field of marine engineering.

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Bachelors and Masters in Marine engineering

The marine industry has been developing rapidly for the past few decades. It is expected that every year, human resources for the marine industry will increase by 8 to 10%. Naturally, the demand for courses in marine engineering is also increasing. We have listed down 3 bachelor's and 2 master's courses in marine engineering that are trending.

BS in Ocean Engineering: Ocean engineering is a field of technology, applied to the ocean environment that combines aspects of civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering with naval architecture and applied oceanography. Students studying BS in ocean engineering gain knowledge of the coastal process, ocean systems, and design technologies. The duration of the course is 4 years.

Average fees:-  The average fee for BS in Ocean Engineering is 28 lakh per annum.

B.Sc in Marine Engineering: This course teaches the students all about the machinery that is used in ships or vessels. It teaches students how to repair, design, or maintain the machinery of ships or vessels. Not only theoretical but the students are also taught practically. The teachers encourage students to gain practical knowledge of all the machinery. The duration of the course is of 4 years including training of one year. 

Average fees:- The average fee for B.Sc marine engineering is around 5 lakhs per annum. in Marine transportation: This course is pursued by individuals, who want to become marine deck officers. This is a four-year undergrad course designed in such a way that you learn meteorology, marine laws, and seamanship for becoming a marine officer. B.Sc in marine transportation is a course of average difficulty and can be pursued by average students too. The course duration for this course is of 4 years. 

Average fees: The average fee for B.Sc in marine transportation is 17 lacs per annum.

Master of Science in Marine Resource Management Program:  The aim of this course is to provide advanced engineering knowledge in the field of ocean engineering with different specializations offered. The students will learn to design equipment or ships or vessels in real-time. The course duration is of 2 years or in some cases 1.5 years.

Average fees: The average fee for a master's in marine engineering is 17 lacs per annum.

MSc in offshore engineering: Offshore engineering is an industry that has been thriving for the last 60 years. So, it is evident that the demand for professionals in offshore engineering is also increasing. This course of 2 to 3 years trains students in matters related to ships, vessels, or oceans. This is a very good way forward for individuals who want to grow in the field of marine engineering. 

Average fees: The average fee for M.Sc engineering is 22 lakhs per annum.

Best Universities for marine engineering

As we have discussed above, the importance and the demand for marine engineering is really high. But to excel in any field, you need to have quality education from a renowned university. Below we list the top ten universities in the QS university ranking for marine engineering. These universities are also well placed in the Times Higher Education ranking.

     QS Ranking

Times Higher Education Ranking

University Name

Fee estimate per annum




Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

48.6 lacs




Stanford University

43 lacs




University of Cambridge

29 lacs




ETH Zurich – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology





Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU)

27 lacs




University of Oxford

23 lacs to 40 lacs




the University of California, Berkeley (UCB)

39 lacs




Imperial College London

 32 to 35 lacs




National University of Singapore (NUS)





Tsinghua University

4 to 8 lacs



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