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Are you a student, wishing to pursue a career in Marine Engineering, but doubtful about your choice? If yes, then you should definitely read this article till the end. Marine engineering is another field under engineering which is concerned with innovation. This article is definitely for you if you are looking to read about career prospects in marine engineering. We will tell you the type of jobs that you can do after completing marine engineering along with your salary. But before this, we need to have a broader and very clear idea of what Marine Engineering truly is.

What is Marine Engineering?

 Marine engineering is a branch of engineering that deals with matters related to the design, innovation, construction, and maintenance of vessels in the sea and also navigation equipment. This includes ships, aircraft carriers, sailboats, submarines, tankers, etc. Marine engineers are also accountable for the ship's internal system which comprises propulsion, electrical, refrigeration, and steering systems. Below are some of the lucrative career opportunities that you may have once you complete your studies in marine engineering.

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Career prospects after Marine Engineering

Marine engineers possess critical skills and give importance to teamwork. Individuals with strong aptitude and innovative minds who are patient are fit to be marine engineers. There are plenty of job opportunities who complete marine engineering both in government agencies as well as private companies.

According to Data USA, 55.5% of individuals find jobs in the ship and boat building industry. 17% in the water transportation industry while 16.7% in architectural engineering and related industries. National security and international affairs constitute around 10.9% of employment for individuals with a marine engineering background. Based on these stats we narrow down 7 important job opportunities for marine engineering graduates.

1. Naval architect: A Naval architect works with a team that is responsible for designing or repairing underwater vessels or sea-worthy surfaces. They are responsible for establishing essential characteristics of a ship such as weight, size, and speed by studying design proposals and specifications. They generally are hired by the government in the ministry of defense. 

Average salary: The average salary of a Naval architect is around 6,40,000 per annum.

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2. Marine surveyor: The primary duty of a marine surveyor is to survey a ship and make sure that it is ready to sail the waters without any complications. A marine surveyor also checks the condition of equipment or machinery of a ship. This also includes components such as navigation, communication, and engine.

Average salary: The average salary of a marine or ship surveyor is 9 lakhs per annum.

3. College professor: The duty of a college professor is similar to that of any other professor which is to impart the gained knowledge to his/her students. A professor of marine engineering can teach aspiring engineers by picking a specific subject in the course. The job involves responsibilities as you need to be well versed with the subject so that you can give complete knowledge to aspiring marine engineers.

Average salary: The average salary of a professor of Marine engineering is 3 lacs per annum.

4. Transportation engineer: Transportation engineer specializes in the design and construction of waterways including seaports and canals. Proficiency in CAD and related tools is expected. Familiarity with DOT design processes and standards is helpful. They address problems in all phases including the design, construction, and maintenance of waterways.

Average salary:  The average salary of a transportation engineer is around 35,000 per month.

5. Marine engineering manager: Managing the ship for maintenance and operations is the main role of the Marine engineering manager. He is also responsible for implementing maintenance systems. He oversees if any equipment needs to be repaired.

Average salary: The average salary of a marine engineering manager is around 15 lacs per annum.

6. Marine technician:  The marine technician is a technician in regard to the working of ships or boats. A marine technician conducts inspection of ships and boats, sensing any kind of irregularities with them and ensuring safety. Marine engineers can enroll in technical schools offering training in marine engineering to kickstart their careers.

Average salary: The average salary of a marine technician is around 2.7 lakhs per annum which can go up to 9 LPA with experience.

7. Watercraft engineers:-  Watercraft engineers work in regard to the smooth functioning of a ship as they are the ones who replace or repair parts of a ship that help them function. Watercraft engineers repairs or replaces parts like platforms, hydraulic systems, or steering controls. To become a watercraft engineer you need a bachelor's degree in either mechanical engineering or marine engineering.

Average salary: The average salary of a Watercraft engineer in India is around 5 to 7 LPA.

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