Royal Tropical Institute

Royal Tropical Institute (Koninklijke Instituut voor de Tropen), Patterson Avenue, Richmond, VA, United States

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The Royal Tropical Institute, Dutch: Koninklijk Instituut Voor de Tropen (KIT) is a foundation located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, that studies tropical cultures worldwide.

The institute's history goes back to 1864 when it began in Haarlem as the Colonial Museum, founded to house the collection of artifacts brought back from the Dutch colonies in the East (esp. Dutch East India) by Frederik Willem van Eeden (botanist). Its mission also included the scientific study of products derived from the colonies and improving trade and production.

The collection grew rapidly. In 1910, the Vereeniging Koloniaal Institute was founded in Amsterdam, and in 1926 the museum's collection was moved there. In 1931 it hosted the World Social Economic Conference organized by the International Institute of Industrial Relations.



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