Sir Ratan Tata Trust

Bombay House, Homi Modi Street, Kala Ghoda, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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Sir Ratan Tata Trust (SRTT) came into being in 1919 with a sum capital of Rs 8 million. Established in accordance with the will of Sir Ratan Tata, the Trust is now one of the oldest grant bestowing foundations in India The Trust has, for more than a century, been instrumental in development processes, providing grants to institutions in the areas of Rural Livelihoods and Communities, Education, Health, Enhancing Civil Society and Governance and Arts, Crafts and Culture. The Trust provides grants and partner with organisations that engage in innovative and sustainable initiatives and with the potential to make a visible difference. It also provides grants for endowments, has a separate programme for small grants and gives grants to individuals for education and medical relief. SRTT is headed by Mr. Arun Pandhi (Chief Development Manager and overall in charge of all Programmes) and B. S. Taraporevala (Secretary and Chief Accountant and overall in charge of all administrative and financial matters) The grants offered by the Trust can be broadly classified as: Institutional grants Endowment grants Small grants Individual grants