Ministry of Education and Science (Macedonia)

Ministry of Education and Science, Sv. Kiril i Metodij, Skopje, Macedonia (FYROM)

established Established :


The Ministry of Education and Science is a ministry of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, by virtue of section 23 of the Law of Organization and Acting of the Organs of State's Administration (Law Gazette of Republic of Macedonia no. 59/2000 from 21. July 2000). The Ministry does the work concerning: upbringing and/or education of any type or degree organization, financing, development and upgrading of the upbringing, education and science upbringing and education of Macedonian workers' children in foreign countries verification of different professions and/or profiles in the field of education pupils' and students' standards technological advances, IT, information systems, and technical culture international scientific and/or technical collaboration, etc. As sectors of the Ministry, exist the following institutions: Pedagogical Services Office Bureau for Development of the Education Authority for development and upgrading the education in the ethnicities' tongues National Educational Inspectorate



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