Paris, France

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Campus France is a public corporation of French industrial and commercial nature, created by the law n °  2010-873 of 27 July 2010 on the external action of the State, which aims to promote and promote abroad The French higher education and vocational training system.Campus France is under the joint supervision of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Minister for Higher Education.

Its missions include:

  1. The promotion and promotion abroad of the French higher education and vocational training system, including through the regular monitoring of foreign nationals who have completed all or part of their curriculum in the French education system or the French- French education abroad;
  2. The reception of foreign students and researchers, including visa assistance and accommodation, in support of universities, schools and other higher education and research institutions, and local and regional authorities;
  3. The management of scholarships, internships and other programs for the international mobility of students and researchers;
  4. The promotion and development of higher education through the use of new information and communication technologies.