Gung Ho! Pizza

Beijing, China

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Gung Ho began in 2010, when the pizza game in Beijing was very different from today. Founders Jade Gray and John O’Loghlen looked at the industry and thought they could do a little better. So they created a new kind of pizza, healthy wholewheat flour, rustic thin crust, fresh gourmet toppings in new unique combinations. Then they wrapped it all up in a color no food company would ever choose – bright pink.

The choice of color was more than just a random selection. It represents the Gung Ho attitude, the desire to not just stand out from the crowd, but to stand apart from it, to go in a different direction. The off-the-wall marketing, collaborations with local brands, the eagerly anticipated pizza box cover designs – 16 of them now, all by local artists – all stem from the need to do something for the fun of it.

But pizza and marketing are not the only thing we’re known for. We’re also well known for our Green sustainability program. Headed by our environmental manager, the Gung Ho! Green Team has switched to recycled paper for menus and packaging, cutting energy and water use, and reducing waste by 42.6% in 2013.

But perhaps what Gung Ho is best known for is our commitment to service. To quote founder Jade, “Service is all about great people. If you can’t get great people, you can’t do great service. We spend a lot of time finding these amazing people and taking care of them, help them develop and grow. At the end of the day, we’re not a pizza company, we’re a people company.”



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