Information technology is the fastest developing field worldwide, with multi-billion dollar companies investing in the innovation of software technology that will transform the way we live. Given its importance, the career prospects in the field know no bounds. From computer engineers to coders to software developers, every activity involves an aspect from IT.

However, the number of IT professionals is increasing annually due to the majority of the population opting for technology-related courses. So what must you do to stand out from the crowd and be recruited by top MNCs after your degree? We will help you advance on the top professional IT courses that will not only benefit you in the long run but also transform your analytical and technical skills.

No company will hire a person who doesn’t know what the fundamentals of information technology are. If you have completed your 12th with maths and science, you can sort through IT certifications and degrees that will equip you better into the work environment of the sector. These degrees go a long way in ascertaining your performance, pay scale as well as position in a company. 

Since many colleges are offering degrees in hybrid modes (online and offline) due to the pandemic, there is an added advantage of enrolling in top IT courses internationally as well as domestically. So even if you’re in student housing in Nottingham or living in student houses in Manchester, you can pursue the diplomas and certifications from world-renowned colleges without having to disrupt your physical setup. 

Top 10 Professional IT Courses

To enhance your competitiveness in the corporate sector and provide a cutting edge over other students, here is a list of some of the most popular professional IT degrees and diplomas that you must consider before selecting a major college -

1. Bachelor’s of Technology in Information Technology

One of the most sought-after IT courses internationally, B.Tech in Information Technology is an academic program in the field of computer science that spans over a 4-year degree course consisting of 8 semesters. The course comprises various technical aspects of computers like programming languages, algorithms, designing a program, computer software, maintaining databases, information security, etc. Graduates from this course have the chance to explore career opportunities at some of the top tech companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Microsoft, Apple, Google amongst others. The starting annual package of a B.Tech graduate ranges between 4-15 lakh rupees. 

2. Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Technology 

BSc in Computer Technology revolves around networking, software, databases, and pans over 3 years. In the duration of this program, students get to work on arranging and designing programs, installing security on information, and managing databases. The basic pay of a Bsc graduate is 2-4 lakh rupees.

3. Bachelor’s of Computer Application

BCA is a trending course in the technological field for those who are keen to explore more on programming languages and computer science. The degree is attained after three years and will provide you access to cyber security management, robotics, databases, etc. The starting pay after college is 3-4 lakh rupees.

4. Bachelor’s of Technology in Information Security

The degree for B.Tech in information security spans over 4 years. The course imparts knowledge in cyber security and forensics. The main aspects of the program include teaching you to protect networks, computers, and data from unsecured access. The average pay scale ranges up to 5-6 lakh rupees.

5. Bachelor’s of Information Technology

BIT is a popular course that offers insights into managing, operating as well as developing information systems. The degree usually spans over 3 years and 6 semesters. The degree is available in the world’s topmost universities. Given the trend of online studies, you can now pursue this degree at the comfort of your own home whether you’re residing in student apartments in Sheffield or student houses in Bristol.

6. Bachelor’s of Science in Information Technology

BSc in Information Technology is a thriving degree among many states globally with an annual package of 5-15 lakh rupees for freshers. The course lasts over 3 years and improves knowledge on networking, handling big numbers, and analyzing programs for different functionalities.

7. Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Information Technology

Although BBA is a management course, most of the employees in the IT sector have graduated with management degrees to help incorporate computer-related knowledge into organizational setup. After pursuing a management course in IT, students get exposure to e-commerce and trading, setting up virtual projects as well as technology management. The starting salary is around 5 lakhs for management graduates.

8. Bachelor’s of Engineering in Computer Engineering

The world revolves around computers today and B.E. in computer engineering familiarises students with the working and development of computer software, computer hardware as well as programming functions. The basic pay after graduation after a 4-year degree is 4-12 lakh rupees.

9. Diploma in Information Technology

Not all courses opted for in college are degrees. Diplomas in information technology are trending as they allow students to enroll in different IT courses for a shorter duration of time. Although the packages are not as handsome for freshers, diplomas are amongst the most popular courses in engineering and IT in international universities of Canada, Europe, etc.

10. Diploma in IT and Networking

A diploma in IT and Networking gives students a head start to explore the basics of IT including programming, networking, and managing the inter-computer exchange of data. The 1-year course is the best start to begin working on IT-related projects and career enhancement opportunities. Students who initially started with management or health studies can opt for these diplomas to facilitate better job performance.