Data Science is a study of Raw Data and making useful decision forecast from it for businesses using technology. It is a science that applies advance processing techniques to analyse different set of vast data and forecast the outcome for future.

We now have ways of acquiring, identifying, and analyzing data to influence future decisions and facilitate positive change in various industries, thanks to technological advancement!

Everything we make, acquire, sell, or consume leaves a digital footprint. Companies require data scientists to better efficiently create, produce, and ship their products. Cities are turning to data scientists to help them become more habitable. If this sounds intriguing, a data scientist position could be ideal for you. 

However, given the various paths to becoming a data scientist, you may be thinking if a data science degree is worthwhile. For your better understanding, we've outlined the top universities for you to pursue Data science, career prospects, and of course, the benefits and drawbacks so you can make a decision for yourself if MS in Data Science is for you!

Scope of Data Science

According to a recent poll conducted by Times of India, over 97,000 data analytics positions are unfilled in India due to a shortage of qualified individuals. In the year 2021, the usage of data analytics in practically every industry contributed to a 45 percent growth in overall positions related to data science. Data scientists are in high demand in India, as seen by the increased need for them. 

Here are a few significant industries i.e scope where data scientists are in great demand!

1. Manufacturing Industries

In manufacturing, data science is primarily used to improve efficiency, reduce risk, and boost profit. The domains where Data Science is utilized to improve productivity, procedures, and forecast trends are as follows:

      • Global market pricing
      • Supply chain and supplier relations
      • Demand and throughput forecasting
      • Sustainability and greater energy efficiency

2. E-commerce

E-commerce and retail are two of the most important industries that demand extensive data analysis. By tracking customer behavior and using data analysis effectively, e-commerce businesses will be able to predict purchases, profits, and losses, as well as manipulate users into buying products. 

3. Healthcare

Every day, electronic medical records, billing, clinical systems, data from wearables, and other sources generate massive amounts of data. This creates a significant opportunity for healthcare practitioners to improve patient care by leveraging actionable insights from past patient data.

Of course, data science is facilitating this! The healthcare business is being revolutionized by data scientists all around the world.

4. Banking & Finance

Financial organizations can better engage with clients by understanding their transactional habits thanks to data analysis. The transaction data that banks have access to is often used in risk and fraud management. The use of data science has resulted in better management of each client's personal data.

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5. Transport

Every day, the transportation industry generates massive amounts of data.

The implementation of Data Sciences has the potential to provide unparalleled insights into the development and management of transportation networks. The insights gained from this data are critical for gaining a competitive advantage, improving service reliability, and reducing risks.

Top universities for MS in Data Science ( with tuition fee )

Now that you know the scope of Data Science and are incited about pursuing it, let us give you an overview of universities you can rely on to get a degree in Data Science!



Average Fees

Northwestern University


30,000 USD - 40,000 USD

Cornell University 


60,000 USD - 80,000 USD

University of Wisconsin, Madison


40,000 USD - 50,000 USD

University of Warwick


28,000 GBP - 35,000 GBP

University of Edinburgh


28,000 GBP - 35,000 GBP

TU Munich


10,000 Euros - 15,000 Euros



60,000 USD and higher


MS in Data Science Eligibility:

Graduates with the following qualifications (with a minimum of 60% of marks or equivalent grade) from UGC Recognized Universities can apply for the MSc Data Science program.

  •  BSc. Statistics/Mathematics/Computer Science
  •  BE/B. Tech/BCA
  •  Any other Graduation with a minimum of two years of learning Mathematics or Statistics
  • A good GRE score (some universities)
  • Programming knowledge (Python/SQL/Java/C/C++/JavaScript/SAS)  is a pre-requisite for admission to this program.

Career Prospects, and Salary

Okay, I’m done with the course. What next? What jobs am I qualified for? Will the job pay me well?

We’re here to answer these questions of yours too! Read along to know what jobs will best suit you in case you decided to pursue MS in Data Science along with how much you'll get paid. Also, find the list of big-shot companies frequently hiring data scientists and related jobs.

Job Profile

Annual Package (in rupees)

Software Engineer

2,51,000 - 10,00,000

Data Analyst

1,97,000 - 9,12,000

Senior Software Engineer

4,64,000 - 20,00,000

Data Scientist

3,37,000 - 20,00,000

Sr. Software Engineer/Developer/Programmer

4,13,000 - 20,00,000

Senior Business Analyst

4,29,000 - 20,00,000

Business Analyst, IT

2,86,000 - 10,00,000

Senior Data Analyst

3,10,000 - 10,00,000


Does MS in data science worth in 2022? 

If you’ve made it here, let’s answer the real question!

We have mentioned the pros and cons below so you yourself can make an informed decision by analyzing them according to what you want and desire.



Exceptional Job Prospects


Professional Value

Time Taking

Portability and Flexibility

Requires vast knowledge


With the advantages and downsides outlined, data science is worth studying if you are willing to take on challenges and keep things interesting. It is the ever-changing technology that keeps your employment exciting, fast-paced, and exciting.

Another advantage of this lucrative and desirable career choice is that it allows you to stay current with trends and improvements. This area of employment is not going away anytime soon; in fact, it will most certainly morph into something altogether different in the next 30 years!

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