Education is the most important thing for a country to develop and become a superpower. That is the reason primary education is considered a fundamental right in India. Not only in India, but education is given paramount importance in almost all countries. But unlike primary education, higher education is not a fundamental right in India. But that doesn’t mean it is not important. Higher studies are the foundation for the career of students, as these will enable students to get jobs. But we all know how expensive it is to get quality higher education. Also, It is well known that problems always give rise to some sort of solution. One of the best solutions to managing expenses for higher studies are Scholarships!

What exactly are scholarships? Many students do not have a clear idea of what exactly a scholarship is. They confuse it with fellowships. Scholarships are not fellowships, they are financial aid that is provided to you to help with your education. Scholarships are provided in the form of money directly to you or it can also be sent to your University and then they deduct the scholarship amount from your total fee. You then need to pay the fee amount that is left after deducting the scholarship amount. We have also curated an article -- "The difference between scholarships and fellowships" for your better understanding. In the article below we will discuss the benefits of attaining a scholarship.

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Benefits of a Scholarship:

Earning a scholarship covers your partial or your full education expenses. Along with that, it brings some more benefits too. Below we discuss some major benefits of a scholarship:

Gives you a debt-free life: Renowned colleges across the world that provide quality education charges way too high an amount of fee. Students looking for a brighter future by attending such institutions lose hope by seeing the fees. That is where scholarships help. Merit-based scholarships provide academically excellent students with an opportunity to study in renowned universities. Scholarships either cover the full fee or partial fee of the student at the university. This provides students with quality education without borrowing money from banks or institutions and getting into debt. 

Improves your performance in studies: The students who go abroad to study by taking an education loan or with their own funds will want to save money by doing part-time jobs to clear off their loans. The part-time job will leave them with less time to devote to their studies, which will affect their academic results. But when you are going through a scholarship, you don’t need to think about saving money during your studies. When you are not into any part-time job and concentrating just on your studies, you will have greater results in your academics as you will concentrate fully on your studies.

Gives an edge in your career: Achieving merit-based scholarship is not everyone's cup of tea. You need to be very good in academics and also need to perform the best in tests prescribed by the university. Merit-based scholarships are generally given to very few students from a bunch of students. A merit-based scholarship is like a star that you include in your resume. Corporates generally look for people who are best among a group of individuals. By winning a merit-based scholarship you are proving that you can be the best among a group of students. Academic excellence is also considered when you are going for jobs, that is where your record of winning a merit-based scholarship will work wonders for you. This will surely give you an edge over other applicants while going for job interviews.

Distinguishes your achievement: You winning a scholarship will serve as proof that you are academically excellent and also stand out in a group of individuals. The providers of different scholarships will provide you with more scholarships because of your history of winning a merit-based scholarship. This will help you to cover almost all the costs that you may incur while studying if your previous scholarship covered only part of your expenses. This way you can use winning a scholarship as an achievement to get more scholarships, jobs, or internships.

Opportunity for international exposure: when you win an abroad education scholarship, you have an opportunity for international exposure. You will meet people from different parts of the world with different cultures, ways of living and different ways of thinking. When you meet such people your way of seeing certain things will change or broaden. This will help you deal with different kinds of people in the future.

Promotes philanthropy: As you are going through a scholarship. You would feel thankful to the providers of the scholarship. So you might also think of sponsoring future students by providing them scholarships once you are settled in your life. These philanthropic views may transmit to the next generation too, to whom you will provide scholarships.

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