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Europe is an appealing destination for students and it is one of the most preferred destination to study abroad, due to its well-deserved reputation as a center of academic excellence.

According to the Data from India's Ministry of External Affairs reveals that from  4,44,553 Indian students going abroad more than 1.6 lakh Indian students were enrolled in European countries as of July 2021.

There is more than one way to describe Europe, the land of gorgeous glacier-topped mountains and crystal-clear lakes, historic chateaus and charming chalets, aromatic wines, and luscious Fromage (cheese).

Europe is one of the world's most liveable continents due to its strong combined economy, relatively stable political environment, and excellent infrastructure.

Why study in Europe?

For students, particularly those aspiring to study abroad, Europe is a particularly attractive destination, thanks to its well-deserved reputation as a hub of academic excellence. It is home to some of the world’s best and oldest universities, including

  • University of Oxford (UK)
  • University of Cambridge (UK)
  • University of Copenhagen (Denmark)
  • University of Munich (Germany)
  • University College London (UK)

But what makes Europe such a desirable destination for academic aspirants?

Why should you study in Europe?

Read on and we’ll tell you why!

Here are 5 reasons why Europe should be on top of your list to pursue your higher education abroad:

  • Diverse educational institutions to choose from
  • Affordable Education
  • Globally reputed for Academic Excellence
  • Rich culture, captivating history, and unrivaled academic heritage
  • Future-oriented: Dedicated to innovation, research, and technology

How much does it cost to study in Europe?

However, do you want to study in Europe but are concerned about the cost? Read on to learn about the average costs of tuition and living expenses in top European countries like Germany, The UK, France, Italy & Sweden!

Remember that the figures below are averages. Check the details provided on your university's website for exact tuition fees, and keep in mind that estimated living expenses will vary depending on the city you study in and the type of lifestyle you adopt!

Cost to Study in Germany:

Germany, also known as Deutschland, is famous for its highland landscapes and rich heritage. In addition, it provides high-quality technical education being one of the top destinations for students pursuing an MS degree.

  • Tuition Fees
    Tuition fees at public universities in Germany range from €80 to 750 per semester, depending on the university. Private universities charge even higher tuition. The majority of the courses here are taught in English, but learning basic German is highly recommended.
  • Cost of Living
    The annual cost of living (including rent, food, and entertainment) is estimated to be around €10,000. Health insurance can cost as much as €80 per month.
  • Visa expenses
    Non-EU students must obtain a student visa in order to study in Germany, which costs approximately €60.
  • Airfare
    An Economy class ticket to Germany costs between €500 and €750 per person.

The UK:

The United Kingdom, home to Queen Elizabeth and her corgis, is the second-most popular destination for international students after the United States. It binds England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales together.

  • Tuition fees
    For international students, the average tuition fee in the UK is around £20000 per year. Private universities may be slightly more expensive.
  • Cost of living
    The capital London has the highest cost of living, while Cardiff is the cheapest city in the UK. An international student's annual living expenses in the UK range between £5000 and £9000.
  • Visa costs
    A student visa to the United Kingdom costs between £300 and £400.
  • Airfare
    Traveling by air in Economy class costs between £440 and £550 per person


For those looking for low-cost education, France has much more to offer than fashion, art, cheese, and wine. It has significantly lower tuition fees than the rest of Europe.

  • Tuition fees
    The Tuition fees cost about €250 per year for a Master’s degree.
  • Cost of living
    France is relatively cheaper than the United Kingdom in terms of living as it costs about €400 per month for accommodation. Transportation pass for traveling can cost about €70 per month.
  • Visa Expenses
    As per French law, any foreign student wishing to study in France must be able to prove financial resources of €615 per month or €7,318 per year.
  • Airfare
    Economy class costs €600- 700 per person.


Italy, referred to as Bel Pease (the Beautiful Country), is famous for its beautiful cities such as Venice, Pisa, and Rome. It is well-known for both its cuisine and classic art.

  • Tuition fees
    Tuition at public universities ranges from €850 to €2000 per year. Private universities charge higher tuition.
  • Cost of living
    The monthly cost of living is approximately €750-1400. The most expensive city is Rome, while Bologna is the least expensive.
  • Visa expenses
    A student visa costs between €40 and €60.
  • Airfare
    A flight from India to Italy in economy class will cost roughly €500-650 per person.


Sweden, having the assemblage of thousands of coastal islands, is a land of scenic beauty. It is known for offering exceptional courses at very cheap prices.

  • Tuition fees
    International students pay between SEK 1,29,000 and 2,70,000 to study here.
  • Cost of living
    In Sweden, the average monthly cost of living is SEK 8000. Stockholm, which is situated on 14 islands, is the most costly city in the world.
  • Visa expenses
    In Sweden, a student visa costs around SEK 1000.
  • Airfare
    The cost of flying to Stockholm is SEK 430000.


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