With rising curiosity, we have enabled ourselves to a variety of fields of education. One such field is astrophysics, a branch of science that tries to know the nature or phenomena of astronomical objects. It deals with topics such as birth, life, and death of stars, galaxies, and other objects in space. In the below article, we will discuss the introduction of astrophysics, future scope after pursuing Astrophysics, subjects in this field, Jobs, and salaries for astrophysicists, and at last we will also help you with some quality universities around the world that offer a course in Astrophysics. 


It is a science that employs both the methods of Physics and Chemistry to understand the nature of the Universe. In simple words, Astrophysics is a science that is considered about what they are rather than where the heavenly bodies are. Astrophysicists study the nature of the Sun, stars, galaxies, planets, and the interstellar medium. Properties of these objects like density, temperature, luminosity, and chemical composition are studied by Astrophysicists. 

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Future scope of Astrophysics

Along with adventure, Astrophysics offers its professionals the opportunity to be involved with some of the most ambitious projects in the history of mankind. Astrophysics can offer you opportunities in governmental space agencies where you will be involved with mission control for various space missions or analysis of cosmological data. There are many private innovative space companies where you can work to design and develop various types of spacecraft. There are also jobs related to operating satellites where you obtain and transfer or sell data. So you have ample opportunities in Astrophysics which are exciting as well as involve you with very ambitious missions which can change the course of mankind.

Subjects for Astrophysics 

Astrophysics uses both Physics and Chemistry to study the nature of heavenly bodies, so the course includes topics from both subjects. The subjects for Astrophysics are:- 

  • Properties of Matter
  • Special Relativity
  • Oscillation of waves
  • Physics of field and matter
  • Astrophysics
  • Modern Physics
  • Practical Physics
  • Thermal Physics
  • Quantum Mechanics
  • Classical Mechanics
  • Linear Algebra and Calculus
  • Cosmology
  • Nuclear and Particle Physics
  • Thermodynamics
  • Statistics Physics
  • Galaxies
  • Dynamics and Relativity
  • Research Methodology
  • Positional Astronomy
  • Stellar Atmosphere
  • Celestial and Fluid Mechanics
  • Space Physics
  • Electromagnetic Waves and Radiating Systems
  • Astronomical Techniques
  • Plasma Physics
  • Lasers and Applications

Jobs and Salary after studying Astrophysics

Jobs in Astrophysics are filled with adventure and excitement. Excellent students of Astrophysics make a great career out of the learning that they have had. Some of the types of jobs that Astrophysics graduates can go for are:- 

  1. Astrophysicist:- Research and development is the primary job of an astrophysicist. The key responsibilities include analyzing the data and reporting a result based on the research they have conducted. Astrophysicists begin their career as an intern in some research institutes and with experience, they may obtain higher positions. With expertise and relevant experience, they may obtain a permanent job in Government organizations.

 Average Salary:- On average Astrophysicist's salary ranges from 20 lacs to 30 lacs  

            per annum.

2. Aeronautical engineer:- Aeronautical engineers manufacture technology to fly into outer space. They develop spacecraft, such as Rockets or Satellites to travel into space. They may also develop communication or navigation systems that may function even in space. They may be involved not only in manufacturing but maintaining the technology used to travel into space. 

Average salary:- The average salary for an Aeronautical engineer in India is around 7-8 lacs per annum and around 40 lacs per annum in the US.

3. Meteorologists:- Meteorologists work to understand or predict the climate on earth. The climate on earth is impacted not only by the activities on earth but by external factors like the sun. Meteorologist study and also predicts climate changes that might occur in the future. They also predict how the earth will respond to climate changes that may take place.

Average salary:- The average salary of a Meteorologist is around 25 to 30 lakhs per annum.

4. Astrophotographer:- Astrophotographers are high-quality technical photographers who use their skills of photography to click insightful pictures of planets or objects in space. People with great photographic skills who complete Astrophysics or Astrophysicists who develop great photographic skills can become astrophotographers. The photos clicked by the astrophotographers may aid government or research agencies in determining certain factors about space like the movements of planets or the presence of minerals on certain planets.

Average salary:- The average salary of an Astrophotographer in India is around 4 lacs per annum.

University Professor:- The professor of Astrophysicist like any other professor teaches students in colleges and also conducts research and publishes papers. Astrophysics professors always have to be, up to date with new discoveries about space. The job of astrophysics professors is a very important and responsible job because they are involved with setting the foundation for future astrophysicists.

Average salary:- The average salary of an Astrophysics university professor is around 50 lacs per annum.

Top 10 Universities for Astrophysics with Fees

Below we list the top 10  ranked Universities for Astrophysics around the world with an estimated fee per annum.


University Name

Fee per annum

Located in


   Harvard University

18,037 USD

The United States


California Institute of technology

26,591 USD

The United states


the University of California - Berkeley

18,831 USD

The United States


University of Cambridge

20,000 USD

the United Kingdom


Princeton University

18,685 USD

The United States


University of Arizona

11,000 USD

The United States


University of California - Santa Cruz

11,442 USD

The United states


Durham University

18,750 USD

The United Kingdom


University of Chicago

36,584 USD

The United States


University of Tokyo

4000 USD



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