Stanford University, is a private research university and one of the world's most prestigious institutions, located between San Francisco and San Jose in the heart of California's Silicon Valley, It is undoubtedly one of the world's leading teaching and research universities. Since its opening in 1891, Stanford has been dedicated to finding solutions to big challenges and to preparing students for leadership in a complex world.

Out of its six schools of excellence, the engineering school is one of the prime promoter of quality education and their electrical engineers are as hot as it gets. Electrical engineers make the technologies and systems that communicate, store and process information. They harness the fundamental forces of nature to serve everyday needs, whether this involves creating a computer based on carbon nanotubes, implanting sensors deep inside the human body or inventing next generation memory chips.

Many Indians have excelled in their fields within the walls of Stanford and proudly call it as their alma mater and today we have Padmapriya Duraisamy from Stanford University with MS in Electrical engineering to speak a few words with WeMakeScholars for future aspirants about how the world changed over for her.


WMS - What necessary documents should be ready in advance before applying for US Universities?

Padma - Recognition Letter, Statement of Purpose, Resume, Transcripts ( possibly in sealed envelopes in case where University requested for hard copies) and degree completion certificate (if completed) are the prerequisite documents one has to keep ready while applying at SU.

WMS - Can you briefly comment on the admission requirements at your university?

Padma - Please try to include your score with CGPA, GRE along with other requirements. I think it is a combination of GPA, Projects, Value Recommendations and how you present yourself in your SOP that makes the cut. GRE and TOEFL are not that important in the scope of decision making for a candidate. Since, I have known people with <100 in TOEFL and around 320 in GRE who made it in because of excellent research and a decent GPA (>9) after all SU looks for credibility of a candidate and preparedness in right mixture to be presented.

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WMS -  Important tips to consider to get admit in your university and when to start search for good US universities?

Padma - Work more on your SOP and perfect it, matters a lot. Make at least 3-4 revisions before crafting your final draft. Start talking to people for guidance and enquire with others about what the University generally expects of you from the particular course you are applying for, start as early as July proportionately if you wish to make good progress with applications. Make sure GRE and TOEFL are done by September and approach professors for recognition letters around the same time. You could start working on SOP by October and make sure that you submit before deadline to ensure everything goes well by the end. Make sure recognition letters make it too  and if you are mailing hard copies post them in advance so that they reach in time.

WMS - Could you briefly list down the steps you followed to get through and your personal experience in detail?

Padma - I Started preparing for GRE in December and took it down to paper in March (was supposed to be in January but it got cancelled). One or two months worth of preparations should do for GRE. Interned in May- July and took TOEFL in Aug (around 1-2 weeks of preparation should be enough). Shortlisted universities and started working on SOP by October. Mailed professors about funding by the start of November but none replied as well as there were no scholarships to apply for.  Submitted and mailed hard copies according to deadline. There is a TOEFL India Scholarship which one can apply. around my time, it opened very late however it opens around January every year.

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WMS - Are you funded? Do you receive any Teaching assistantship (TA) or RA? If yes, Can you disclose an approximate amount?

Padma - I was not funded for my first quarter but found an RA from the second. Please, refer to this link for the amount.

WMS - How is the job prospect after masters and does any prior experience matter?

Padma - It would be good if you have worked or interned at a company before especially to get job/intern in same company here but it is not a must. Depending on the field, job prospects vary. Some require a PhD while MS suffices for others. It also depends upon the University and your academic performance there, Certainly you will find a job.

You are most welcome to share your experiences with Stanford University or any other relevant studies undertaken anywhere ! Please Use the comments section below...