The average length of a college application essay is 500 words and those words can mean the difference between acceptance and rejection. You'll spend days studying and writing your essay, but admissions officers will only read it for a few minutes, so you need to grab their attention right away. The theme is a crucial component of the college application process. The essay allows the applicant to show off their writing style and highlight a key trait or skill that was not discussed in any other part of the application. If you're not confident enough to produce a good essay, you can get cheap custom writing essays from EssayBulls.

Following are the few tips to write the best college application essays for international students:


While writing college application essays, you should choose an essential topic for you, whether it is an experience, influential person, or extracurricular in college. Anything that has had an impact on your life is a good material for personal application essays. Admission officers generally ask two questions:

1) Can you write well?

2) Are you a good candidate for the college?

To demonstrate this through your essays, you need to choose a topic you are passionate about. And it doesn't necessarily have to be academic. For instance, if you are impacted by any disease or an accident in some way that has formed your upbringing or your personal story can be an excellent choice of a topic. In short, you are supposed to focus on the "YOUR" account.


Many candidates could write a synopsis about how they want a tournament in school or about the summer they spent travelling around Europe. Such topics might sound cliché without discussing a learning lesson. Side by side, “describe what you learned and how it changed you”. This could demonstrate growth in your skills, how you became better, a better student or an achiever.


Most college essays have one common goal in common to induce you, to tell the reader about yourself to portray who you are. However, many authors tend to focus on the personal a bit too much, either recounting their story with too many details in a way that adds unnecessary length to their essay or forgetting that these applications essays need to focus on aspects that show your excellences as an academic candidate. So, if your story begins with how you won the science fair with the well-researched project, fill in the details of how you accomplished this. You can even recount your love for a particular field or program but try not to extend this story into the second or third paragraph. Rather connect the lessons from your personal story to your work as a student, your growth as a thinker, your development as a team player. This can show the reader how you are a valuable candidate for the college.


This bit of strategic thinking ought to be easy. As an international student, you are set apart from the vast majority of Americans who apply to American universities. However, merely stating, "Well, I'm not from around here," is insufficient. Instead, you should focus on the optimistic aspects of your own society. You don't need to go into great detail; a sentence or two should suffice to get the admission board's attention. Remember that you are a complete person with a lifetime of experiences, not just an international student with an interesting background. Take some time to consider what else distinguishes you from the hundreds of other students writing college admissions essays.


When reading college admissions essays, keep in mind that one of the admission board's goal is to find students who will enrich the educational experience of other students in a different way; how can you help other students learn? One of the major goals of education is to expand people's experiences so that they become aware of their own intellectual limitations and then develop beyond them. As an international student, you provide other students with the opportunity to learn about different cultures.


You've generated far more ideas than you can possibly include in a single essay at this point. Now you must narrow down your objectives to just three or four – the ones that will make you the most appealing to the college admissions committee. Regardless of the prompt, you must include those three or four concepts in your college admissions essay. The idea is to present a few key ideas rather than a haphazard list of all your ideas. A tightly focused essay will be much more successful than one that is broad and vague. Reading and responding to the prompt may seem self-evident, but the obvious is often overlooked. Take your time to read and reread the essay prompt so that you can respond completely.