This article will provide you a guide on 5 things to avoid in a university application.

Each article that you read on the internet regarding the things you need to do to get selected into your preferred college or university, bombards you with a ton of knowledge. All the knowledge in those articles tells you what things to do in your application to stand the best chance at the university. Still, students are unable to write the best application for a university.

After thinking a while about the possible reasons for repeated mistakes in the application of a student, we have decided not to feed any more content about tips for a successful application. 

Rather we decided on giving a brief to students on the mistakes they are making and tips to avoid them. This article will list 5 things to avoid in a university application for an aspiring student.

Here are the things to avoid in your university application!

1. Unprofessional Email Address: 

Ahh! C’mon who even notices an email address? Then you must also have a notion when you walk into an interview, the recruiters do not notice any minute details like your footwear, or your folded sleeves. Well, if you do have that notion, then we suggest you change it. As these minute details can differentiate you from a herd of people.

We suggest you don’t use weird email addresses like or Instead, be a bit professional and use an email address that looks natural, preferably your name and maybe surnames.

2. Misusing the additional information space:

The additional information column is separately provided for you to add any additional information that you couldn’t add to the rest of your application. Use this space wisely by not missing out on a chance on providing valuable information of any kind that you think can add value.

We suggest you do not add the information that is already in your application. Think of something that you haven’t added to your application but can impress the evaluators. For example, you can write about any achievement in your school and then elaborate on it.

3. Forgetting to sign forms

You have filled out your form and submitted it. But how do the evaluators know that the form is truly filled by you? It is the signature that is the testimony of your conscious attestation. A signature is what confirms that it was you who filled out the application.

Be calm and composed while filling out the application and do not forget to sign your application. It could be that in a haste you might forget to sign the application, then your application will be similar to no application as it won't be considered.

4. Being Nervous in Interviews:

Your application cannot cover all of your information. That is the reason colleges ask you to give an interview. Interviews are conducted to know you as a student and understand you better.

We advise you not to be too nervous about the interview. Try to keep the interview smooth without showing too much desperation. Talk naturally to the evaluator without any kind of fear. Also do not ask the interviewer too many questions.

5. Plagiarism:

Plagiarism is not a significant thing in India, but in the USA it is considered a crime. You can even end up in jail in the USA if you are found to be plagiarizing on your college assignment. 

Make sure that your assignment is 100% original. If you are inspired by reading some other article then also make sure to not exceed the boundary of inspiration and fall into plagiarism.

These were some of the very fine tips that you should keep in mind while filling out university applications. We hope that you find them helpful and get through the application. 

After application, how will I manage funds for university?

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