Planning to study abroad, but unable to choose between different countries? Well, we have with us, one of the best destinations to study for Indian students, which not only offers quality education but also provides it for free in its public universities. No, it's not the USA or UK, or Australia, the favorite destinations of most of the students. But it's the new favorite of outgoing students, that is Germany.

In this journey that we will take through this article, we will answer your question of why study in Germany. we will list some of the best universities that you can choose to study in Germany, and also will show how we at WeMakeScholars can help.

Why study in Germany?

Are you also confused about the bulk of students heading to Germany for their higher studies? I mean there are great destinations like the USA, UK, and Australia, then why Germany? Below are a few among many reasons for going to Germany for higher studies. Read the article till the end, to get an overview of the study in Germany.

1. Top Ranked Universities:-

Germany is known to offer quality education to students from around the world. There are great Universities in Germany offering quality education and ranked in the top 50 in the world. German universities don't just offer theoretical education, but also experiential learning and some of them are even among the oldest in Europe. For most students, the quality of education is enough to decide, but along with it, there are many more reasons to study in Europe, hang on to read them all.

2. No tuition fee:

No, I am not crazy and also not lying when I say public universities in Germany do not charge any tuition fees for higher education. But who offers higher education for free, in a generation in which education has become a top-notch business? Germany does! Public universities in Germany do not charge any tuition fees to domestic as well as international students. You will just have to pay administrative costs like student union fee, student contribution and a public transport ticket, which accounts for around 250 Euros per semester.

Excited? wait! I know these two reasons are enough for you to decide, but there are many more reasons for you to get to Germany for higher studies. Read them out and then we will also help you with the best universities in Germany.

3. Safe and stable country:

Don't we have sympathy for students who were stranded in Ukraine? Some even lost their lives, while some returned safely, though with a gloomy future as they could not complete their studies. In proportion to Ukraine and most other countries in the world, Germany is very safe.

Not only safe, but Germany is also politically and economically very stable and has been stable over the years. Germany was also ranked as the 3rd most stable and 4th in the best countries by the US news. So we can conclude that going to Germany is safer than most other countries.

4. International exposure:-

I know that each country that has international students offer diversity so does Germany. So why are we talking specifically about this? Let's talk about numbers. One of the most famous destinations, the USA accounts for 4.6% of international students among all of its students. 

How much percent does Germany have? You wouldn't even be able to take a wild guess as the percentage of international students to all students in Germany is 14% from over 75 different nations. That is a big number and so we can guess the type of international exposure and diversity that you will experience in Germany.

5. Sorted Expenses:

We discussed above that there is no tuition fee in certain public universities. But still, there are other expenses like living expenses, and travel expenses. These can be managed by working while you are studying. In Germany, you can work for 20 hours a week or 120 days a year. By working part-time, you can manage your expenses and if you are going to a private university, then you can also look for scholarships or funding to help you with your education. Apart from these, WeMakeScholars can also help you manage your expenses to attain higher education in your dream university, read on to know how.

List of 5 best Universities in Germany

As discussed above there are many reasons to study in Germany, one being the quality of education offered at top universities in Germany. So now as you already seem excited to get to Germany for higher studies, let's quickly get to the list of 5 best universities in Germany, so you can choose one for yourself according to your needs.

1. Technical University of Munich:

The Technical University of Munich is the first and only German University to be ranked in the list of 50 best universities in the world in the QS ranking. It has got 50th rank in the QS top ranking Universities and 38th in the Times Higher Education ranking. Though the best part about the university is it doesn’t charge tuition fees for most of its courses. It is the best University in Germany preferably for students who wish to pursue engineering.

2. Heidelberg University: 

The Heidelberg University of Germany is known for its expertise in the field of Medicine. The students who want to pursue medicine can head to Heidelberg University as it is ranked No.1 for studies in medicine in Germany. Though the University is not free but is no lesser than free as the fee is as low as 171.80 EUR.

3. Ludwig Maximilians University Munich:

Ludwig Maximilians University Munich is a public university in Germany and has been famous for its courses in Arts and Humanities, Psychology, and Life sciences. It is currently the No. 1 university in Germany in the fields of Psychology, Arts and Humanities, and life sciences. Also, as it is a public University, it doesn’t charge much. Usually, you will have to pay a nominal amount of approx 258 EUR to study at the university

4. Freie Universität Berlin:

The University was established with the support of Americans during the cold war. The University is famous for its studies, particularly in political science and Humanities. As it is a public research university you won’t be charged much for your studies. It has been consistently ranked among the top universities in the world.

5. Humboldt University Berlin: 

Humboldt University Berlin is ranked among the 78 best global Universities by US news. The university is a public research university located in Berlin Germany. The university is known for its studies in natural science, particularly in physics as the university is linked to the great scientist Albert Einstein. 




University Name

QS Ranking

Times Higher Education Ranking

Estimated Fees per annum


Technical University of Munich (TUM)




258 EUR


Heidelberg University



171.80 EUR


Ludwig Maximilians University Munich



258 EUR


Freie Universität Berlin



970 EUR


Humboldt University Berlin



315.64 EUR


How can WeMakeScholars help?

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