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This association is to offer quicker and timely education loan assistance to study at Tel Aviv University.
Indian students admitted to any UG/PG/ Ph.D. degree can avail this support. Please submit the form to get help from the financial officer.
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About WeMakeScholars

WeMakeScholars (WMS) is an organisation supported by the IT Ministry, Govt of India with a motive to offer unbiased education loan support to aspirants. There is no charge incurred for this initiative as it is under the Digital India campaign. We are associated with 14+ banks (public/pvt) in India and help you get the best education loan matching your profile.

As of now, we have processed 3000+ applications of which 70%+ students got sanctioned. In case students have issues with the property documents, interest rate, processing time etc., the team will assist them end-to-end and guidance to find solutions.

Supported by the Government


WeMakeScholars is recognized as the top social impact initiative by Amitabh Kant, CEO of the NITI Aayog, Digital India along with Sam Pitroda, Former Advisor to the Prime Minister. (January 2016)


WeMakeScholars signing a MoU with Prof. Anil D. Sahasrabudhe, Chairman, AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education), Govt. of India to spread awareness on higher education in Indian colleges. (October 2017)

Advantages of applying for collateral/non-collateral education loan via WeMakeScholars

Incase of collateral based abroad education loans from public banks like SBI, the benefits are:

Best customer support and service: The WeMakeScholars team can offer you end to end support during and after your education loan processing. The financial officer can guide you and save much time and money for both you and your parents.

Better Negotiations for you: Our team can guarantee you the best ROI and also makes sure that you'll be charged nominal during the legal and valuation reports.

Multicity cases processing: If you are a permanent resident of a city A and if the property is in a different city B, then in such cases, the branches take a lot of time to issue sanctions. Applying through WeMakeScholars makes the process pretty simpler.

Cashback offered: You will be rewarded with a cashback on multiple disbursements to a maximium of INR 3000, as you are supporting the Digital India campaign by applying for your study abroad education loan via WeMakeScholars.

Incase of non-collateral based abroad education loans from pvt banks/NBFCs the benefits are:

Better Interest rate: It is always better to apply via WeMakeScholars than going directly to the private banks and NBFCs. This is because, you will be eligible to get lower interest rates with atleast 0.5% reduction, when compared to applying to them directly.

Best customer service with end-to-end coordination: In the education loan, negotiation plays a vital role. Lenders can reject your case without any proper explanation too. In all these situations, the WeMakeScholars team can assist you in all the ways to get the loan sanction as WMS is directly associated with the Head office of all the banks and NBFCs.

Approval of deviations: Many a time, deviations are to be taken for cases to get it sanctioned. Like if the GRE score is lesser than the bank's minimum requirement etc. WMS tean cab assist with upto 45 lacs. The rate of interest will depend on 3 parameters icluding the student's profile, co-applicant profile and the university student is going to. The rate of interest ranges between 10.9%-13.9%.

Cashback offered: You will be rewarded with a cashback on multiple disbursements to a maximium of INR 3000, as you are supporting the Digital India campaign by applying for your study abroad education loan via WeMakeScholars.

Irrespective of the bank, you get referral reward of upto ₹3000 for every successful referral. Now, you have a reason to share with friends too. Refer now!



Google Reviews

4.9 2.7k+ Google reviews

The immediate one word that comes to my mind is "AWESOME", my experience was simply great and hassle free, thanks a million to Mr.Krishna A, for his extra ordinary support for every thing, will be indebted to him, always.
He has made things so easy and comfortable for me and my Dad, he was always there for us in every situation, this being our first Loan experience, we never felt like. I strongly recommend those who are pursuing any such loans can just get in touch with Mr.Krishna, without a doubt....thanks again, Sir.

- Rohan Mahipat

Really helpful and excellent service. Always ready to help out, clearing most doubts with ease. Helped me get a loan from an BOB , while helping with loans after the disbursement process as well from bank. Special Thanks to Mr. Ruben Colaco for helping me out and clearing all my doubts very patiently ... Would highly recommend to any prospective student especially looking to take loans from Govt. banks they will really help out in best way possible...

- Sonali

WeMakeScholars made my loan procedure much simpler and hassle free. The staff were kind enough to follow up continuously with me on phone calls starting from shortlisting the right loan provider as per my requirements to the approval of my application. This shows their devotion towards serving the needy. As I was not much familiar about the application process, they guided me well and I could weigh the pros and cons thoroughly. Ultimately, all this leads to a faster loan approval. I would strongly recommend getting in touch with WeMakeScholars for education loan process and application. I am sure you won't be disappointed! Cheers!

- Rupesh Rajendran

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