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More about Purdue University courses:

 Admission requirements to Purdue University:

  • The minimum academic requirement for admission at Purdue University is 3.0/4.0 GPA (A=4.0).

  • GRE and GMAT are required for several programs at the graduate school of Purdue University. There is no minimum GRE or GMAT requirement for admission into Purdue graduate school. Further details can be found on the Graduate Program Requirements Web page

  • Admission into Purdue graduate school entirely depends on the whole application package including a letter of recommendation, test scores, resume/curriculum vitae (CV).

  • International candidates are required to submit IELTS (International English Language Testing System) or TOEFL(Test of English as a Foreign Language)

  • There is an application fee of $60 (U.S. dollars) for domestic students and $75 (U.S. dollars) for international students.

  • International students need to pay an $80 expense every semester as a Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) fee.

  • If a recommendation provider has not yet presented the letter of recommendation to the admission committee, the student can alter the provider name in the list. For more queries contact [email protected].

Funding details of Purdue University:

a) Scholarships: 

  • There are around 576 scholarships offered by various bodies like government, ministries, foundations, trusts etc. available to apply at the graduate school of Purdue University.

b) Other funding sources:

  • Graduate School of Purdue University provides assistance to students in finding off-campus employment. The below link provides complete details  

Practical Training (Off-Campus Employment) Options for F-1 Students

Click for more information.

  • David M. Knox Fellowship is available for graduate students from diverse backgrounds.

It provides one year support from graduate school with an amount of $20,000 per year minimum. Apply here.

  • The main difference between assistantships and fellowships and updated vacancies for graduate students can be found here.

  • The process of applying for a funding in graduate school can be found here.

  • Division of Financial Aid is entirely dedicated to providing the graduate students about the available funding opportunities.

  • Graduate school incentive grant is intended for students who apply for several fellowships outside Purdue. The award limit is one student per year. Apply for the Graduate school incentive grant here.

  • Other Graduate school awarded Grants of Purdue University can be found here.

  • All the information related to fellowships at Purdue University can be found here.

Other useful links of Purdue University:

  • Graduate School of Purdue University provides some services at free of cost to help graduate students in reaching their professional goals. You can check the OFFICE OF PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT for further details. 

  • Center for Career Opportunities provides students with each and every detail for applying to a job in an organization by helping them in making CVs and resumes.

  • There are nearly 40 international student organizations specifically for international students.

  • International center at Purdue University is a group intended to monitor the international cooperation between students of different countries.

Quick contacts of Purdue University:

  • For any queries regarding admissions, Contact Dyane Roesel,

Assistant Director of Graduate Admissions.

  • For any queries about the fellowships for graduate students 

Contact Melanie Morgan, Ph.D.

Associate Dean of the Graduate School.

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