MPOWER is the only lender in the U.S. that works with Indian and International students at more than 200 universities across the U.S. and partners with a wide range of graduate and undergraduate programs.

  • No collateral, co-borrower, co-signer or co-applicant needed
  • 10 year loan tenure with no pre-payment penalty
  • Top up loans available
  • College related expenses including off campus housing, text books and third party insurance
  • No EMI until graduation instead only small touch payments
  • Zero Loan Margin (i)
  • Build U.S. credit score and history
  • Credit decisions based on future earning potential
  • Fixed 11.99% interest rate for graduate students
  • Fast online, paperless process
  • Direct disbursement to schools
  • U.S. career strategy services

Maximum loan amount

  • Loans can be availed from $2,000 upto US $50,000 i.e maximum US $ 25,000 for each academic period.

Eligible degree programs

  • Applicable for MBA, MS, JD, PhD and other postgraduate programs and for last 2 years of Undergraduate across 200+ univeresities and colleges in the U.S.

Processing Fee

There is no fee to apply for a loan. If you are approved and choose to proceed with the loan, a 5.0% origination fee will be added to your loan balance and must be repaid over the term of your loan. You are not required to pay this fee upfront; instead you pay it back with your monthly loan payments.

You can cancel the loan up to 30 days after disbursement with no charge, penalty or interest

Origination fees are a common loan fee. It covers the cost of processing your loan and having the funds disbursed.

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