Study Abroad Education Loan

ICICI Bank Education loan online Application form

Below is the ICICI Bank online application form for overseas education loan. Please submit it with the most accurate information so that the processing can be on time, avoiding any delay.

The details submitted by the applicant in the ICICI Bank Online Application form is strictly confidential and can be accessed only by the lending financial institution/ processing partner. Once the application form is submitted, the lending financial institution will conduct a detailed analysis of the student’s profile. The applicant will be contacted the lending agency within 24- 48 hours after form submission. This ICICI Bank Online Application Form is valid across India, irrespective of your location.

Student details
Further Education Details
Loan Related Details
Co-Applicant Details

The above form is used to process Education Loan applications for ICICI Bank for Study abroad cases specifically. However, if thought suitable by the concerned Financial Officer, this form can be used to process a Student loan application in ICICI Bank for higher studies in India as well, on a case by case basis.

Regarding the study abroad applications, this ICICI Bank Education Loan Application Form is applicable only for some select countries abroad.

The data shared in this Online Application Form for ICICI Bank Education Loan is strictly confidential and is accessed only by the bank and the national digital partner for the purpose of education loan processing. The online Education Loan Application Form of ICICI Bank is not region specific and can be used for pan- India operations.

There are two stages in the documentation process of the ICICI Bank Education Loan Form.

The first part of the ICICI Bank Loan Form filling process requires the student to submit some loan details like the course of study, university, country, course duration as well as some basic KYC details of the applicant and co-applicant. Please note that the details submitted online in this Education Loan Form can be edited at a later stage of the ICICI Bank loan process. In the second stage of the ICICI Bank Loan Application process, the applicant must upload soft copies of some primary documents.

These are academic documents of the applicant (school and degree certificates, scorecards etc), KYC documents of the applicant and co-applicant (PAN, Aadhar etc) and also financial proofs of the co-applicant (salary slips and Form 16).

When students seeking an ICICI Bank Education Loan apply online, the majority of the documents are submitted in the digital mode.

Once these documents have been uploaded, your ICICI Bank Education Loan Application progresses to the next stage.

Your Online ICICI Bank Loan Application will be sent to the best regional branch after the initial stage of processing has been completed by the bank’s digital partner. If you are opting for a collateral loan, the required collateral documents must be submitted at this stage.

It is advised to take a printout of this ICICI Bank Education Loan online application form.