Why should you apply for a study loan for abroad via WeMakeScholars?

Why should you apply for a study loan for abroad via WeMakeScholars?


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Welcome to the viewing of the latest episode of Loanflix. This 26th episode addresses a different topic. In this episode, we won’t be giving you any information regarding any of the aspects of the education loan process to study abroad. On the contrary, this 26th episode of Loanflix is dedicated to explaining how WeMakeScholars helps students with their abroad education loan process.

Loanflix is the most comprehensive web-series on abroad education loans. The motive is to empower students and their guardians so that they can take an informed decision about the education loan.

The below topics are explored in this 26th episode of Loanflix.

What is WeMakeScholars?

Did you know that WeMakeScholars started off as an online scholarship portal for those who wished to study abroad with scholarships? Know all about how WeMakeScholars was founded, what was our motive behind it, How we have helped thousands of students with their applications for a study loan for abroad, in the first part of this episode.

How WeMakeScholars makes the process easy for students seeking an education loan for abroad in India, especially from government banks?

Are you aware that, out of the thousands of applications for education loan for abroad, only a few hundreds are actually processed by government bank branches? It might come as a shock for you, but our team at WeMakeScholars has come to the aid of many such students who have not been able to get their study loan for abroad through government banks and today, we can proudly say that our team has been able to help close to 5000 students regarding their education loan for abroad studies.

Better experience of processing applications for student loans

Given the number of study abroad education loan applications sanctioned by our financial team throughout the recent years, it can be said that they possess more information about the current abroad education loan market than any bank or financial institution. Get to know how our team has managed to help students with their expertise on the abroad education loan process, in this part of the 26th episode.

How we cut short the education loan processing time for you?

Now that you have become somewhat familiar about how government banks tackle the entire education loan process, it must be obvious that their processing time can also take longer than usual. Know all about how the team of WeMakeScholars helps reduce the total time taken by government banks to process study loans for abroad applications.

Is your property located in a different city? We are here to help you.

The financial team of WeMakeScholars also makes a study loan for abroad possible in case of candidates whose property lies in a city which is different than the one they stay in. Know all about how we help resolve such cases and successfully help you get student loans for abroad.

How we help resolve various hassles faced by students who apply with government banks for an education loan for abroad in India.

As we reach the middle of this episode, you will get to know all about the various other hurdles that students usually have to face when they apply for an education loan for government banks and all about how our team helps resolve them. Problems like, not getting regular updates regarding your education loan process, or speeding up the legal process of your collateral, etc. are efficiently handled by our team, thus making your education loan process even easier.

How do we help ease the unsecured education loan process?

Generally, unsecured education loans do not take a lot of time to get sanctioned. One of the major hurdles faced by students is getting their abroad education loan application sanctioned for certain rare countries. Our team has also helped many students get their unsecured education loan applications processed even though the chances were less. 

How WeMakeScholars can play a crucial role in reducing the high education loan interest rates stated by NBFCs

One of the biggest perks of applying for unsecured abroad education loans through our team is that you get to negotiate your interest rates. It is common knowledge that the education loan interest rates of unsecured education loans are always on the higher side.  In this part of the episode, Damini tells you how we manage to convince our partner NBFCs to reduce their interest rates for specific cases.

Certain miscellaneous problems faced by students while applying through NBFCs and how we help solve them

Last but not least, Damini tells you about some very interesting ways in which the WeMakeScholars team has helped students get unsecured education loans.

The process of getting an education loan in India may seem like a tiresome affair. WeMakeScholars is your one-stop solution to problems such as the amount of time taken by government banks to process the loan applications and the stringent education loan repayment policies of NBFCs. So what are you waiting for? If you are looking for a study abroad education loan, request a callback today and avail our assistance.


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Damini Mahajan

Damini Mahajan
CoFounder & CEO, WeMakeScholars 

Damini is the Cofounder & CEO of WeMakeScholars.com. It’s a BITS start up supported and funded under the IT Ministry, Govt. of India. The organisation’s motive is to offer unbiased collateral/non-collateral based education loan support to students who are planning for studying abroad. As this initiative is under the digital India campaign, it's at free of cost. WMS works with 14+ banks (public/pvt) in India and help you get the best edu loan matching your profile.

Prior to launching WeMakeScholars, Damini had done her masters from the University of Sheffield, UK. Her education was funded under the Developing Solutions Masters Scholarship which covered her full tuition fee ($ 38,000). Damini is also a gold medalist in her Bachelors and also won the outstanding student award from the Vice president of India. 

She was the speaker at TiECon 2016 at Silicon valley, San Francisco in the social entrepreneurship segment. She was also covered in the Asian Entrepreneur magazine in the “Women on Top in Tech”, a global series of Women Founders, CEOs & Leaders in Tech. 

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