Make your profile outstanding with an MBA degree from 3 global campuses

Make your profile outstanding with an MBA degree from 3 global campuses


Event Description

This Webinar is about the modern method of pursuing MBA abroad, where you can pursue your MBA in 3 different Global Destinations. We present you two speakers, Shrivarshini Somasekhar a Hult student and Dr. Gurpreet Singh, the Head of Masters' Program at Hult.


Why Should you attend this Webinar?

This webinar showcases the student's perspective of pursuing MBA abroad. Shrivarshini Somasekhar has pursued dual masters in International Business and Marketing and Dr. Gurpreet Singh has been a great guide to the students who dream to study abroad, especially for their Masters degree. 

So this is the right opportunity to ask your questions on any topic ranging from where to start the application process, highlights of your profile which stodd out, what is the timeline to follow etc. 


Speakers background:

Shrivarshini Somasekhar is a Hult student and Hult Global Ambassador. Dr. Gurpreet Singh is the Head for Masters’ program at Hult for the South Asia region. He guides students on the career path and also provides assistance on all required parameters to successfully enroll and get admission to a One-Year Masters program at Hult. 


Date And Time

Timezone : (GMT+05:30) Chennai



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Shrivarshini Somasekhar

Shrivarshini Somasekhar

I'm a graduate student pursing a dual masters in International Business and Marketing. I have a bachelors degree in Business Administration and some of my internships at the UNICEF in New York and Standard Chartered bank in Kampala, Uganda. Six months ago, I worked for a cultural services company in Chennai, India as the program manager where I worked with top-multinationals established in creating and conducting trainings for employees and the management.

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