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Mohamad Salam

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I don't know how to apply for what i am shortlisting

I don't know how to apply for what i am shortlisting as after choosing master or diploma or course it is opening for me data about the course but no button option to press or link to follow for applications,  so whaf is the process i should follow to apply for what i choose

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Mohamad Salam

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WeMakeScholars Admin

WeMakeScholars Admin

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Hello Mohamad,

I have gathered that you are having an issue with the course section. I will be listing the process below, have a look:
- In the Course section, after selecting the filters( Degree level, Field of interest, Countries interested, Universities etc) you will be listed with the course filtered according to your mentioned parameters.
- After selecting the "View & Apply" Option mentioned to the down right corner mentioned for your course. You will be redirected to the course page, where you will be finding the info of the course in detail
- If you are planning to shortlist the course then click on the "Shortlisted" option mentioned in the course itself. You can shortlist the course before clicking "View & Apply" too. Either way the shortlisted course will be stored in the "Shortlisted & Applied" section
- You can find Shortlisted & Applied section on the Top right corner of the site, where your image or default image is placed. If you click the image then you will get a drop down of options of Shortlist & Applied, Profile, University planner etc.
- If you are planning to apply without shortlisting then just click on the "Go to Application" option mentioned in the your selected course page beside "shortlist" option.
- Once you click the "Go to Application" you will directly will be lead to University application page, where the process is explained in detail and the application link will be mentioned in the description or at the end of it.

Hope this helped, any more queries please feel free to ask.


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