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Application For 2019 Isn't Available? Where Can I Find Information About The Future Application Opportunity?

Application for 2019 isn't available?Application for 2019 isn't available? Where can I find information about the future application opportunity?
Online education loan application from

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bankhummer bankhummer

bankhummer bankhummer

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Hello! You're welcome. People should be aware of potential problems. Oh, in general, counterfeiters have a lot of ways. Most fakes in the CIS are made clumsily, literally on the knee. Fraudsters hope that most of the former citizens of the USSR did not really see dollars at all, and therefore they are not particularly worried about quality.

For example, most often banknotes are “nullified”. That is, they simply add an extra zero to an existing figure. And, bingo - from one dollar we get a ten, from a dime - a fifty, and from a dozen - a hundred. Therefore, it is important to remember at what value whose face is depicted. For example, a hundred is Benjamin Franklin. And at 50 bucks - Ulysses Grant. At the top ten - Alexander Hamilton.

The next option is to simply print the money on the printer. I don’t know who it is intended for, but this method has not yet completely died out. Naturally, there is no question of any security elements, holograms or watermarks - just a piece of paper. She doesn't even crunch like a dollar.

More cautious and advanced counterfeiters are trying to somehow imitate the look and feel in their hands. That is, they try to fake micro-printing, apply watermarks, weave fibers into the canvas and so on. Naturally, even the best handicraft equipment can not be compared with the US money machines. And the fake is still recognizable by individual elements.
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The largest is $ 100. This is the most popular banknote among scammers around the world. Few saw it (at least from the target audience of criminals), and if it is sold, it is very profitable. Due to the large percentage of fakes and the use of banknotes in the shadow business, they once even wanted to take out hundreds of rubles from circulation. They still argue. But 500 euros, by the way, still will not issue more.

Less often, but also fake 50 and 20 bucks. Mostly in countries where the population is predominantly poor and have not seen real dollars. Other banknotes are simply unprofitable to counterfeit. Although it is safer - nevertheless, people are more sensitive to large amounts of money and check them more carefully.
Fraudsters strive to work with people who will not particularly look at money. They are generally often good psychologists. Therefore, they will try to create a mild stressful situation during the exchange. Especially if the fake is very bad.

At risk are people who have never seen bucks in their eyes in life. So often deceivers are tearing themselves away near train stations and airports, especially in cities where people come from villages and villages. So they expect to play on financial illiteracy. Also, fakes are often given to drunk or sleepy people who react poorly to what is happening around.

If the exchange takes place at the street money changers, they will rush the person so that he quickly picks up the money and leaves. The more hastily the deal goes through, the less chance the victim will notice the fraud. Especially often fakes are sold in the dark - simply because nothing is visible, and even if you want to check the banknote, it will not work.

A separate type of sales is to mix more or less high-quality linden with real money. The method is used at a more serious level - for example, when calculating in dollars for an apartment, car or something expensive. If the amount is large, no one will check every banknote. And the chance to sell a fake increases markedly. By the way, this method is also found in small exchange offices without the appropriate equipment - the operator may simply not know that he took a fake from someone and let him go further.
Counterfeiting is a serious business that can easily argue with the drug business for profitability. Therefore, they are engaged in a lot of where. Fakes can be made literally in the basement of your home. But in a number of countries there are large "printing houses" of bucks.

In particular, banknotes from Iraq and Iran often come across. Speaking specifically about Russia, we have our own, native bucks from Chechen criminal gangs. In general, Chechen fakes are the most clumsy and simple, they are very easy to identify. The highest quality, in turn, are considered Iraqi fakes.

Why are they imported? Naturally to earn. As a rule, fakes are hunted by those who already have nothing to lose - that is, drug dealers and terrorists. The latter, in turn, earn money on the "linden" for the criminal needs of their organization - they buy explosives, weapons, recruit people, sponsor mercenaries, and so on.
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