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National :15 Jul 
International :15 Jul 
EU :15 Jul 

MSc Business Administration

 Course Level
Masters / PG
Full Time

2 Years
 Start month

 Tuition fee


Application fee

International 75 EUR
National 75 EUR
Faculty of Economics and Business Administration
Scores accepted
IELTS (min)5
TOEFL-IBT (min)87
GRE (avg)324
GMAT (avg)560

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About this course

The aim of the Master of Science in Business Administration of the Humboldt University of Berlinis to provide students with the necessary business knowledge and skills to permanently operate successfully in an international and ever-changing economic environment can.

We are convinced that this following skills are essential:

  • Generalist : As interested in a master's program you are faced with the decision either to specialize more deeply in an area or to put on a broad foundation. Technical requirements are subject to constant development. Therefore, is not recommended in our view, too much specialization in a continuously changing environment. Therefore, we have, analogous to a majority of internationally renowned universities, a general business master at.
  • Specialized knowledge : Nevertheless, detailed knowledge is indispensable. Accordingly, you can specialize as part of your studies in two fields of specialization of your choice. Choosing your depression areas is recognized in your degree certificate, giving you the opportunity to indicate your specialization in the labor market clearly.
  • Research expertise : The Business Administration has developed in recent years to analytically and empirically dominated discipline. Accordingly, quantitative methods competency is for you as future designers in industry and research is essential. Only those who are able to understand scientific facts and evaluate them will be able to apply it productively. Therefore, corresponding to the research orientation of the teaching not only Humboldt's ideal, but is also essential tools for your future success in a sometimes radically changing environment.
  • Internationality : Humboldt is an international ideal business is an international business and Berlin is an international metropolis. We have a large number of international students. The Humboldt-Universität has worldwide contacts with partner universities and encourages and expects the international student exchange. The events take place mostly in English.
  • Social competence : Technical competence will only be successful if it goes hand in hand with social skills manual. Social behavior can not be learned from books, but is practiced in daily life.Accordingly, at the Humboldt University, we rely on knowledge in seminars and smaller groups. We expect that the students see themselves as a group of like-minded and that they work together for your academic success.
  • Initiative : freedom of research and teaching is also freedom of the students in their choice of study areas. In this sense, our master's degree program provides students with extensive flexibility.However, this freedom requires individual initiative. Thus, we expect and encourage this in all aspects of academic life and look forward to working with you.

Check further details on University website

Eligibility Criteria

Evidence of the English language skills required (level B2) should be submitted in one of the following four formats. Although this evidence is only requested upon matriculation, for your own protection, you should make sure it is available when applying:

  • School certificates: Performance level averaging at least 5 points over the last four semesters of the university admission qualification (Abitur) (qualification stage) on the English advanced courseor 
  • Cambridge First Certificate in English (B-C) or 
  • International English Language Testing System (IELTS) Certificate (min. 5.0) or 
  • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL, www.ets.org/toefl/): internet-based test with min. 87 points, paper-based test with min. 560 points or
  • UNIcert® II-Zertifikat: 3,0.

It is absolutely vital for Bachelor students to have a good command of German language if studies at Humboldt are to be successful. Most of the courses for the undergraduate students are taught in German! Don't be afraid, even if the course is held in German, students may take the exam in English.

During the application procedure, students have to take an online language test (called "C-Test").This test is the only German certificate accepted. It may not be substituted by any other certificate!

  • Minimum Score: 61 points (out of 100), equivalent to B1-level in the CEFR
  • Applicants who scored 50-60 points will be required to take an intensive German language course before the term starts (e.g. Intensive Language course at HU).
  • If the student does not achieve at least ≥ 61 points afterwards, there is no opportunity to be enrolled at HU.

In certain cases (please contact us - only possible with special permit!) we can deviate from the strict German language requirement. We offer about 5-10 courses in English for Bachelor students, which limits the choice of courses dramatically!

Please note that this is an exceptional rule that does not apply automatically. You will be only able to use this option if you are advanced in your studies and if we agreed on a special case permit prior to your application.

So, especially if students are required to do a certain amount of credits, this may force them to take Master-level courses. These will obviously be more demanding.

For Bachelor students who have the permission to take English classes only, the same language requirements as for Master students apply (see below). Furthermore, a confirmation of your home coordinator that you are allowed to follow master coures is needed!

Check further details on University website

Course Modules

Compulsory Subjects (20 credits):

Master's thesis (20 LP). The Master thesis concludes your studies and represents an independent scientific achievement in this work, which is created in a period of 90 days and a circumference of about 100,000 -. Have 200,000 characters without spaces (about 60 pages of text without attachments) to , contact your acquired scientific methodological skills to independently to edit a current research problem. During your thesis, you are supervised regularly. If necessary, the results to present in a degree-seminar. The registration forms for the Master's thesis are available at the Student Support Centre. Carried an admission to the master work when the conditions defined by the examiner are met.
Procedure: get the Study Office registration documents from. the date of issue of the theme, the expected closing date and the subject to be processed is recorded and signed by the investigator / examiner on the registration form. This application must then immediately be issued in the audit or study office.

Senior scientific electives (90 CP):

From the technical electives flow 70 LP of bestbenoteten modules into the overall score.


Professional main electives A, General Management (18 credits): In this section we offer events from central and current areas of business administration. By selecting events from this area, students can complete their respective education specifically, and thus ensure that they possess broad knowledge in all currently relevant areas of business administration. At least 18 credits are to be provided from the following elective modules:

  • Marketing Management (6 CP)
  • Financial Accounting and Analysis (6 CP)
  • Broad taxation (6 CP)
  • Corporate Finance (6 CP)
  • Organization and Management (6 CP)
  • Business Analytics and Data Science (6 CP)
  • Economics and Entrepreneurship (6 LP, again only from 2019 in the curriculum)

Professional main electives B, Economics and Methodological foundations (18 LP): This area provides students with the necessary "tools" for scientific work. The students will be able to retrace the latest findings of modern business administration. In addition, they are able to independently contribute to the scientific development of this discipline in the context of the subsequent master's thesis and in the subsequent occupation. Here the students get the opportunity to expertise in econometrics, statistics and economics to acquire. Again, make choices sure that they can build on their individual knowledge optimally. At least 18 credits are to be provided from the following elective modules:

  • Applied Econometrics (6 CP)
  • Econometric Methods (12 LP)
  • Multivariate Statistical Analysis (6 CP)
  • Introduction to Advanced Micro Economic Analysis or Advanced Microeconomic Theory I (PhD level) (6 CP)
  • Introduction to Advanced Macroeconomic Analysis or Advanced Macroeconomic Analysis I (PhD level) (6 CP)
  • Game Theory (6 CP)
  • Competition Policy (6 CP)

Professional main electives C, Business Administration (30 LP): In the fields of the area of Business Administration and current research close special knowledge is conveyed. Students work primarily in smaller groups on current issues of business administration. At least 30 credits are to be provided from the following areas:

  • Accounting
  • Financial Economics
  • Finance
  • entrepreneurship
  • marketing
  • management

If in the area A more than 18 LP proved to Area C is correspondingly reduced.


Professional main electives D, economics (24 CP): Furthermore, to choose 24 CP from the module listing the Faculty of Economics (VWL, BWL, Quantitative Methods). This area is very suitable for the recognition of modules with an economic content (z. B. from a semester abroad).

Note: If completed more than 66 credits in the areas A to C, the region D is reduced accordingly.

Within the Master's program are two seminars mandatory, it must be at least a seminar at the Faculty of Economics of the HU are completed (the second seminar can be completed and recognized during a stay abroad).

Check further details on University website

How to Apply

The printed and signed application form, including all the necessary documents in paper form (as
officially authenticated copies), must be received by UNI-ASSIST by the deadline set for the course

1. Please note that an application cannot be considered unless UNI-ASSIST has received
all the required documentation within the prescribed period.

The following documents must be attached to an application:

  • authenticated copies of educational certificates obtained so far, including the secondary schoolleaving certificate together with marks received and, if applicable, university entrance examinationdocumentation, evidence of study areas and grades obtained in previous studies, or graduationcertificate;
  • enrolment certificate, if you are a student at another German or European higher education institution at the time you apply for a place at Humboldt, or certificate of exmatriculation (Exmatrikulationsbescheinigung) specifying the areas of study if you have previously studied at another higher education institution in Germany, EU, Iceland, Norway,Liechtenstein or Switzerland;
  • evidence of German language skills (see point 2);
  • German translations of all certificates (exception: documents in English);
  • CV starting with the beginning of school education up till now;
  • a current passport-sized photo;
  • the UNI-ASSIST receipt (proof of fees paid);
  • a photocopy of your passport (authentication is not required).

Check further details on University website

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