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National :15 Dec 
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MS Applied Economics and Management

 Course Level
Masters / PG
Full Time

2 Years
 Start month

 Tuition fee

29500 USD
29500 USD

Application fee

International 95 USD
National 95 USD
School of Applied Economics and Management
Scores accepted
IELTS (min)7
TOEFL-IBT (min)100
TOEFL-PBT (min)600
GRE (avg)317
GMAT (avg)700

World University Ranking

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About this course

The graduate field of applied economics and management (AEM) at Cornell's top-ranked Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management has an over 100-year tradition of producing top graduates through its rigorous but flexible program led by the School'sinternationally known faculty.

As a Dyson graduate student, you will work closely with the School's faculty on applied research to achieve our mission to promote inclusive and sustainable prosperity, both locally and globally. Our business is a better world. Our emphasis is on impact through people and ideas.

Throughout your graduate studies, you will be encouraged to take courses offered not only by the Dyson School, but also throughout Cornell’s world-class College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and the University’s 13 other top-ranked colleges and schools. Because we value and strongly encourage interdisciplinary exploration, we welcome faculty from other graduate fields at Cornell to take an active role in your academic training and research.

The Dyson School's supportive and collegial environment within an Ivy League university has long opened doors to academic and career success. The high quality of our graduate program and high caliber of our students have been recognized by an unsurpassed string of M.S. thesis and Ph.D. dissertation awards. Over the past 10 years, the Dyson School’s graduate students have won more Outstanding Master's Thesis and Ph.D. Dissertation Awards from the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association (AAEA) combined than students from any other university in the U.S.

With the solid academic training and research experience gained at the Dyson School, you will be in big demand. Our graduates obtain academic jobs in leading academic departments and public policy schools at top universities throughout the world, as well as positions in government, major development organizations, and businesses in the private and not-for-profit sectors.

We invite you to learn more about the graduate field of Applied Economics and Management at Cornell University.

Check further details on University website

Eligibility Criteria

English Proficiency 
Proficiency in English is required of all applicants. Applicants whose native language is not English must take the TOEFL test. Only students who have studied full time for two or more years at a college or university where English is the language of instruction and is located in a country where English is the native language are exempt from the TOEFL. If the TOEFL must be taken, the following minimum TOEFL scores are required to be considered for admission: Writing = 20; Listening = 15; Reading = 20; Speaking = 22. Please note: These are the minimum scores for admission. Applicants considered for assistantship support in AEM have a speaking score of 27 or higher.

Please note: We do not accept IELTS scores.

Accepted applicants who meet the English proficiency requirement with the minimum TOEFL scores noted above and who have a total score below 105 must take the English placement test given at Cornell during registration week. If the placement score indicates that the student needs additional formal training in English, such a course will be required during the first semester.

Check further details on University website

Course Modules

M.S. Degree Requirements

  • 2 registration units (2 full-time semesters of course study, a minimum of 12 credit hours each semester)
  • In the first two years of an M.S. degree program, students are required to attend graduate seminars, which are held once a month during the academic year; students must register each semester for AEM 7030 (required graduate seminar)
  • Master's thesis
  • Final oral examination

Each M.S. student must declare one major concentration from the graduate field of Applied Economics and Management (AEM) and one minor subject/concentration. The minor subject/concentration may be from a graduate field of study outside AEM.

Please note: The requirements listed above are general requirements of the graduate field of Applied Economics and Management. This is not a comprehensive list of the requirements for this graduate field. Students should check with their Special Committee chair for additional course requirements, and students should also check with the Director of Graduate Studies and the Graduate Field Assistant for additional requirements of the Graduate School. The complete list of Graduate School requirements is available in the Graduate Code of Legislation that can be found on the Graduate School website.

Required Courses

  • AEM 4110: Introduction to Econometrics
  • AEM 6080: Production Economics
  • AEM 6400: Analysis of Agricultural Markets

Suggested Courses
Quantitative Methods

  • Students with no previous statistics should take BTRY 6010: Statistical Methods I. Linear regression is taught in AEM 7100: Econometrics I. Linear programming and other advanced topics in mathematical programming are covered in AEM 4120: Computational Methods for Management and Economics.


  • Elective courses are selected that meet the student's career objectives. Those commonly taken by M.S. students include:
  • AEM 6050: Agricultural and Development Finance
  • AEM 6070: Advanced Financial Analytics with Applications in Agriculture and Development
  • AEM 6125: Impact Evaluation in Developing Countries
  • AEM 6300: Policy Analysis: Welfare Theory, Agriculture, and Trade
  • AEM 6320: Open Economy Analysis:  Theory and Applications
  • AEM 6390: Research Methods in International Development
  • AEM 6450: Sustainability Marketing
  • AEM 6510: Environmental and Resource Economics
  • AEM 6580: The Economics and Psychology of Sustainable Business
  • AEM 6600: Agroecosystems, Economic Development, and the Environment
  • AEM 6630: Asset Pricing and Management
  • AEM 7670: Topics in International Finance

M.S. Students on a Ph.D. Track
If students are on a Ph.D. track, suggested courses are:

  • MATH 2210: Linear Algebra
  • MATH 2220: Multivariable Calculus
  • MATH 3110: Introduction to Analysis
  • MATH 3230: Introduction to Differential Equations
  • BTRY 6010: Statistical Methods I

To be considered for Ph.D. admission, students should have two 3000- or 4000-level math classes, one of which is required to be in real analysis, and they should have a grade of B or better in all of these classes.

Example of an M.S. Program of Study

Year 1
Fall Semester

  • AEM 4110

AEM 6080

  • AEM 6400
  • AEM 7030: Graduate Seminar (required)
  • Math class (see above)
  • Electives (see above)

Spring Semester

  • AEM 6050
  • AEM 6300
  • AEM 7030: Graduate Seminar (required)
  • AEM 7100
  • Electives (see above)


  • Begin thesis research
  • Math class (see above)

Year 2
Fall Semester

  • AEM 7030
  • AEM 8900
  • GRAD 9001 or GRAD 9002
  • Electives

Spring Semester

  • AEM 7030
  • AEM 8900
  • GRAD 9001 or GRAD 9002
  • Final thesis examination

Check further details on University website

How to Apply

Application Requirements
To apply to the Graduate School at Cornell University, students must submit all of the following items to be considered for admission and financial support the subsequent fall term. Late applications will not be accepted.

  • The Cornell University Graduate School application form
  • Undergraduate transcript(s): students who have already earned an M.S. degree should also submit a graduate school transcript; all transcripts should be uploaded into the online application form; students who are subsequently admitted and accept the offer of admission will be required to submit an official paper transcript prior to matriculation
  • Two letters of recommendation from persons who can appraise the academic potential of the applicant
  • Results of the GRE examination (Institution code = 2098); there are no minimum GRE score requirements; applicants you will be competing with for admission typically have 85% and above in each category
  • For the M.P.S. in Applied Behavioral Economics and Individual Choice (ABEIC),the GMAT can replace the GRE
  • Results of the TOEFL, if required (Test of English as a Foreign Language) (Institution code = 2098)
  • Applicants can obtain the application form electronically through the Graduate School website, which provides detailed information on application requirements and procedures. Cornell University expects all applicants to complete their application materials without the use of paid agents, credentials services, or other paid professional assistance. The use of such services violates University policy and may lead to the rejection of application materials, the revocation of an admissions offer, cancellation of admission, or involuntary withdrawal from the University.

Application Deadlines 
Ph.D., M.S., and M.P.S.-Agriculture and Life Sciences. To receive full consideration for graduate assistantships or fellowships, complete applications must be submitted by December 15 for the subsequent fall term. To ensure your application is complete by December 15, we strongly encourage all applicants to submit their online application and supporting materials at least two weeks in advance of our deadline. Late applications will not be accepted.

M.P.S. in ABEIC. If you are applying for the M.P.S. in Applied Behavioral Economics and Individual Choice (ABEIC), your application will be reviewed on a rolling basis, with decisions made by February 15 for any application received before December 15, and within 8 weeks of submission for any application received after December 15. The final application deadline for the M.P.S. in ABEIC for the subsequent fall term is April 15.


Check further details on University website

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