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MLIS Library & Information Science

Catalog id : 0509
 Course Level
Masters / PG
Full Time

1.5 Years
 Start month

 Tuition fee

31011.74 USD
15909.74 USD

Application fee

International 110 USD
National 90 USD
The Department of Classics
Scores accepted
IELTS (min)7
TOEFL-IBT (min)85
TOEFL-PBT (min)560
GRE (avg)315
GMAT (avg)704

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About this course

Areas of Study

The department offers several specializations and certificates within the M.L.I.S. program. Specializations include Archival Studies, Informatics, Library Studies, Media Archival Studies, and Rare Books, Print and Visual Culture. SeeSpecialized Competence under Course Requirements, below, or consult the department for more information.


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Eligibility Criteria

  • The general requirement for admission for a U.S. student is a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution, comparable in standard and content to a bachelor’s degree from the University of California. A scholastic average of B (3.0 on a 4.0 scale) or better is required or its equivalent if the letter grade system is not used—for the last 60 semester units or last 90 quarter units of undergraduate study and in any post-baccalaureate study.
  • Degrees which are not considered comparable include those granted on the basis of work completed at institutions which are not fully accredited and those granted on the basis of non-academic prior learning, test scores, or other than organized supervised coursework in academic subjects.
  • An international student whose post-secondary education is completed outside of the U.S. is expected to hold a degree representing completion of at least four years of study with above average scholarship from a university or university-level institution.
  • Minimum scores in TOEFL(on the paper and pencil test must be at least 560 or at least 87 on the internet-based test.) and IELTS(7.0)
  • While work experience is not a requirement for admission, consideration is given to such experience in reviewing the total application.

Check further details on University website

Course Modules

The candidate will be offered the following graduate courses

  • 200. Information in Society
  • 201. Ethics, Diversity, and Change in Information Professions
  • 202. History of Books and Literacy Technologies
  • 203. Seminar: Intellectual Freedom and Information Policy Issues
  • 204. Scholarly Communication and Publishing
  • 205. Cyberspace Law and Policy
  • 206. Introduction to Economics of Information
  • 207. International Issues and Comparative Research in Information Studies
  • 208. Scholarly Communication and Bibliometrics
  • 209. Perspectives on Information Societies
  • 210. Global Media and Information
  • 211. Artifacts and Cultures
  • 212. Values and Communities in Information Professions
  • 213. Current Issues in Librarianship
  • 214. Informatics: Principles and Practices
  • 227. Information Services in Culturally Diverse Communities
  • 228. Assessment, Measurement, and Evaluation of Information Organizations and Services
  • M229C. Introduction to Slavic Bibliography
  • 233. Records and Information Resources Management
  • 234. Contemporary Children's Literature
  • 236. Approaches to Materialities of Texts and Media
  • 237. Analytical Bibliography
  • M238. Environmental Protection of Collections for Museums, Libraries, and Archives
  • 239. Letterpress Laboratory
  • 240. Management of Digital Records
  • 241. Digital Preservation
  • 245. Information Access
  • 246. Information-Seeking Behavior
  • 250. Techniques and Issues in Information Access
  • 251. Seminar: Specialized Literatures
  • M253. Medical Knowledge Representation
  • M254. Medical Information Infrastructures and Internet Technologies
  • M255. Medical Decision Making
  • 256. Information Resources for Business
  • 258. Legal Information Resources and Libraries
  • 259. Seminar: Information Access
  • 260. Description and Access
  • 262A. Data Management and Practice
  • 262B. Data Curation and Policy
  • 269. Seminar: Information Structures
  • 270. Systems and infrastructures
  • 271. Introduction to Computer Systems and Programming
  • 272. Human/Computer Interaction
  • 273. Communities, Information, and Civic Life
  • 274. Database Management Systems
  • 275. Community Media and Design
  • 276. Information Retrieval Systems: Structures and Algorithms
  • 277. Information Retrieval Systems: User-Centered Designs
  • 278. Information and Visualization
  • 279. User Experience Design
  • 280. Social Science Research Methodology for Information Studies
  • 281. Historical Methodology of Information Studies
  • 282. Design as Research Method
  • 288. Research Apprenticeship Course
  • 289. Seminar: Special Issues in Information Studies
  • 290. Research Seminar: Information Studies
  • 291A. Doctoral Seminar: Theoretical Traditions in Information Studies
  • 291B. Special Topics in Theory of Information Studies
  • 291C. Special Topics in Theory of Information Studies
  • 298A. Doctoral Seminar: Research Methods and Design
  • 298B. Special Topics in Methodology of Information Studies
  • 298C. Special Topics in Methodology of Information Studies
  • 375. Teaching Apprentice Practicum
  • 400. Professional Development and Portfolio Design
  • 410. Management Theory and Practice for Information Professionals
  • 421. Special Libraries and Information Centers
  • 422. College, University, and Research Libraries
  • 423. Public Libraries
  • 424. Storytelling
  • 425. Library Services and Programs for Children
  • 426. Library Services and Literature for Youth
  • 427. Young Adult Services
  • 430. Library Collection Development
  • 431. Archives, Records, and Memory
  • 432. Issues and Problems in Preservation of Heritage Materials
  • 433. Community-Based Archiving
  • 434. Archival Use and Users
  • 438A. Seminar: Advanced Issues in Archival Science -- Archival Appraisal
  • 438B. Seminar: Advanced Issues in Archival Science -- Archival Description and Access Systems
  • 439. Seminar: Special Collections
  • 447. Computer-Based Information Resources (Online Searching)
  • 448. Information Literacy Instruction: Theory and Technique
  • 455. Government Information
  • 457. Health Sciences Librarianship
  • 461. Descriptive Cataloging
  • 462. Subject Cataloging and Classification
  • 463. Indexing and Thesaurus Construction464. Metadata
  • 473. Information Technology and Libraries
  • 495. Teaching Assistant Training Seminar
  • 497. Fieldwork in Libraries or Information Organizations
  • 498. Internship
  • 501. Cooperative Program
  • 596. Directed Individual Study or Research
  • 597. Directed Studies for Ph.D. Qualifying Examinations
  • 598. M.L.I.S. Thesis Research and Writing
  • 599. Ph.D. Research and Writing

Check further details on University website

How to Apply

  • Choose a program that is right for you.Once you have decided to apply, check the academic requirements and proceed online.
  • If you are applying to UCLA as a graduate student for the first time, or if you have applied before but were not admitted, complete all parts of the application. For the graduate program, the application is considered only if it is applied through the link provided.
  • The decisions will be announced starting in February and continuing throughout summer. Then decide and accept the program.

Materials to Be Uploaded or Sent to the Department:

  • Transcripts- One official copy of yError! Hyperlink reference not valid.our transcripts should be sent directly from the registrars of the academic institutions you have attended
  • Fellowship Application for Entering Graduate Students
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Letters of Recommendation- 3
  • The Graduate Record Examination (GRE)

Check further details on University website

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